BitPal App Review 2023 – Is it Legit and Profitable?



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Bitcoin trading is arguably the most profitable online money making method in 2023. You can trade manually or through auto-trading systems such as BitPal.

BitPal is reportedly making users rich by generating daily profits of up to 60%. The average daily ROI with this bot is said to be 20%. This is incredible, given that only very few investment opportunities have such a high ROI.

But is BitPal legit or is it a Ponzi scheme? Read this unbiased and detailed review to find out.

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Very Good

  • Claims that 80%+ of users are profitable
  • Automates trading techniques such as scalping
  • Leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
Your capital is at risk.

What is BitPal?

As mentioned above, you can trade bitcoin manually or through automated trading systems. However, manual trading requires skills and is not as profitable as AI-driven automated trading. The BitPal trading system utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze the bitcoin market for tradable insights.

It’s said to be 100% automated, and therefore zero skills are needed to use it. Moreover, it’s alleged to be 20 times more profitable than manual trading. The high profitability is associated with its ability to study and glean insights from big data.

BitPal can analyze swaths of quantitative and qualitative data and generate highly accurate signals. It’s superfast and therefore beats the markets most of the time. The BitPal whitepaper claims that it’s 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets.

BitPal algorithms speculate on bitcoin through news trading, price trend analysis, and arbitrage trading. These three techniques are borrowed from traditional asset trading. Big investment banks and hedge funds mostly use these techniques to trade bitcoin derivatives.

As mentioned in the intro, BitPal is quite easy to operate. You should be able to use it even if you are completely new to trading. BitPal assigns all new users a dedicated account manager to help them navigate through the platform.

Also provided is a video tutorial and a demo to help you familiarize yourself with all the features before starting a live session. We insist that you take enough time on the demo before going to the live trading platform.


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BitPal Review – Reputation Score

We rate BitPal highly on reputation. This auto-trading system is among the best rated automated trading platforms on the internet today.

It has been around for two years now and already boasts over 100,000 active users. The user base could be extremely high if all registration requests are accepted. BitPal claims to receive up to 5000 registration requests daily.

Unfortunately, the trading platform only accepts less than 5% of the registration requests. You need to try your luck by visiting their site now and then. Grab the opportunity and complete the registration immediately if a slot is available.

BitPal should work well in most countries. This is because it’s available in all countries with regulations that support retail CFDs trading. You can’t use BitPal in the US due to regulatory challenges.

BitPal is reviewed extremely well by consumers and experts. The majority of individual consumer reviewers are happy with its profitability, safety, and ease of use. We have come across a few complaints indicating that it’s highly risky to trade with it.

This is not unexpected, given that it provides crypto volatility trading. BitPal minimizes the likelihood of making losses but doesn’t eliminate it. Start small to avoid the devastation of losing all your money in a single miscalculated move.

Advantages of Trading with BitPal

BitPal offers amazing opportunities to profit from bitcoin trading. Below are the reasons why you should try your luck with BitPal.

High alleged profitability – You could join the dollar millionaires list within months of ploughing the daily profits with this bot. Some of its users claim to turn a small capital into a fortune within a few months of compounding the daily returns.

Safe trading environment – We can confirm with 100% certainty that this trading system is safe. It’s secured through 128-bit RSA encryption and has a comprehensive data privacy policy in place. This policy is in line with the GDPR.


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Easy to use platform – Trading with BitPal should be a piece of cake. You need to watch the 10-minute video explaining the settings and do a demo test before proceeding to the live account. BitPal assigns all new users a dedicated account manager to walk with them through trading.

Seamless withdrawal process – You should receive your money within a few hours of making the withdrawal request. Click the withdrawal button on the trading dashboard to be taken to the assigned broker’s funds withdrawal page.

Regulated partner brokers – We can confirm that all BitPal partner brokers are well regulated and, therefore, safe. You are therefore assured of funds protection even in the highly unlikely event of the broker’s bankruptcy. Please note that BitPal mandates its partner brokers to handle all transactions.

Getting started with BitPal

As mentioned earlier, trading with BitPal should be a walk in the park for all, including complete beginners. This is because the entire trading process happens on autopilot. Follow the simple steps explained below to begin trading bitcoin with the BitPal App.

  • Register for free on the official BitPal website by clicking here
  • Authenticate the account by submitting the requested document through the assigned broker
  • Fund your BitPal account through the assigned broker. The minimum balance required is USD250.
  • Watch the BitPal video tutorial and test the various functionalities through the demo platform.
  • Start a live trading session by adjusting the risk management tools and clicking the live button.

BitPal will do all trading for you and send notifications to your phone. It’s extremely important that you run the bot when volatility is high. Experts recommend the EDT time zone since it comes with a lot of volatility due to bitcoin derivatives trading on WST.

Consequently, it’s a good idea to run BitPal between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM ET. You can continue with your daily schedule as the bot does the trading for you.

Tr Bitpal Now !

Very Good

  • Claims that 80%+ of users are profitable
  • Automates trading techniques such as scalping
  • Leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
Your capital is at risk.

BitPal Review – The Verdict!

We are happy with the level of transparency and safety observed by BitPal. This trading platform is not only legit but safe.

Moreover, it could be insanely profitable, as evidenced by the many positive reviews from individual clients. The tens of thousands of clients who have reviewed this trading system on sites such as TrustPilot indicate that it’s worthwhile.

BitPal was launched in 2019 and is arguably among the most popular auto-trading systems in 2023. This trading bot is driven by AI to implement tested and proven trading strategies. Most f these strategies are borrowed from highly successful hedge funds and Wall Street banks.

BitPal was founded by an ex-Wall Street investment banker and day trader. According to its whitepaper, it’s the first to apply HFT techniques in bitcoin trading. As stated earlier, BitPal bets on bitcoin price swings through the CFDs derivatives.

You don’t need to memorize all trading terminology since it’s not required in trading with this system. BitPal automates every trading step and is therefore extremely easy to use for complete beginners. The only thing you need to do is to watch the trading settings tutorial video and test the various functionalities on the demo.

Setting your trading account for live trading only takes a few minutes. BitPal could make you rich but do not assume that it’s risk-free. Only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.


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Does PayPal own BitPal?

No! BitPal is not in any way related to PayPal. BitPal is a trading system, while PayPal is a financial company for sending and receiving money online.

How much does BitPal cost?

BitPal is registration and license-free. This is amazing given that nearly all its close competitors charge annual license fees of up to $10,000.

Is BitPal regulated?

BitPal is a product of a fully registered UK company. Moreover, it collaborates with well-regulated brokers. Background checks on these brokers show that each is regulated in over five jurisdictions.

Does BitPal charge hidden fees?

You need as little as 20 minutes to set BitPal for live trading. The live trading process is fully automated, and hence you can proceed with other activities as the bot trades for you.

We haven’t come across any complaints about hidden fees. BitPal doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawals fees. You need to confirm if there is a charge on the side of the financial institution facilitating the transaction.