Bitcoin Storm Review 2021: Is This Trading Robot Scam or Legit?


Bitcoin Storm is a robot that enables users to conduct Bitcoin trading easily and at a high supposed win rate.

The platform offers a user-friendly trading interface. You don’t need to master complex platforms such as the MT4 to trade with this system.

Fully Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Robot


  • Trade the cryptocurrency markets in a passive manner
  • No one-time fee or monthly subscription
  • Claims a win rate of 90%

Bitcoin Storm is said to have an impressive 90% win rate and generate as much as $1000 in daily profits. The robot is said to be helping thousands of users gain wealth trading BTC.  But is it legit, and is it worth a try? Find out below.

What is Bitcoin Storm?

This is a tool that automatically performs all functions of a human crypto trader. It’s said to automatically conduct trading research and relay orders to partner brokers for execution.

Trading happens at supersonic speeds hence making it possible to take advantage of slight market movements. Like many other top trading systems, it performs at an optimal level when allowed to run uninterrupted for at least 8 hours daily.

The trading robot’s algorithms are borrowed from trading techniques applied by some leading Bitcoin traders globally. Bitcoin Storm boasts of high accuracy and reportedly can generate as much as $1000 in profit every 24 hours. This is from a deposit of as little as $250.

Based on the results of detailed investigations that we carried out, the trading tool is legit. Most Bitcoin Storm reviewers allege that it’s highly profitable. We have experimented with a demo account and discovered that it is user friendly.

Therefore, you can successfully buy and sell Bitcoin even if you have absolutely no skills or experience. Additionally, the system is secure and has excellent customer service.

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Is Bitcoin Storm a scam or legit?

From the analysis we conducted, there are absolutely no reasons to suggest that Bitcoin Storm is a scam. It has excellent reviews on top consumer feedback platforms such as TrustPilot. The reviewers allege that this trading bot is extremely profitable.

We have done rigorous tests on Bitcoin Storm demo and confirmed that it offers the best trading technologies. It appears to have been specially developed with the interests of the novice trader at heart. The risk management features are well laid out to help you test different risk levels. a

Risk management tools allow you to control your emotions and get the most out of this trading system. The system offers a comprehensive set up guide, explained in layman’s terms, to easily help users find their way around.  

Most of the reviews suggest that users of Bitcoin Storm can freely withdraw their money. You can withdraw all your returns anytime you want. Fill the withdrawal form and wait for your funds to be processed.

How does Bitcoin Storm make money?

Bitcoin Storm works with some of the world best robot brokers across the globe. These brokers act as the robot’s intermediary to the markets.

Our investigation established that the partner brokers are reputable and well monitored. Most of these brokers observe stringent measures instituted by tier-one regulatory bodies. Some of the world’s best regulatory bodies include the FCA, ASIC, CYSEC, and FSB.

Typically, partner brokers receive deposits from users and also help them to make withdrawals. Since trading robots are not classified as financial institutions, they are not legally allowed to handle deposits from clients.

That’s why they outsource the two important functions to partner brokers. Since partner brokers are of good reputation and are properly regulated, the safety of your money is assured.

How to trade with the robot

Surprisingly, trading with this tool seems to be very easy. No knowledge or specific skill is necessary to trade with this system. Furthermore, a comprehensive guide is available to assist with the setup and the actual trading process.

The software is only accessible in countries where its partner brokers are available. You can find out if the system is available in your country by visiting the official Bitcoin Storm website.

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Surprisingly, this process is safe and straightforward. Visit the official website and complete a simple registration form. Provide your official name, working email and active phone number. You will be asked to verify the email and phone number.

The trading system is compliant with some of the world’s most comprehensive data privacy measures.  Bitcoin Storm is encrypted and hence safe from data leaks. This trading robot has been tested and certified to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Once your registration is approved, the robot matches you with a local broker. You will need to provide the partner broker with additional details and verify ID.

The software’s partner brokers allow deposits through all debit cards, credit cards, Bitcoin, electronic wallets (for instance Neteller and Webmoney) and wire transfer. The reviews posted by users suggest that deposits are processed almost instantaneously, and no fees are levied.

Demo trading

Demo trading prepares you for live trading. The Bitcoin Storm demo is only available to registered users.

It includes all the functions of the live account and hence helps you prepare fully. Remember that Bitcoin Storm trades automatically. The demo helps you test different levels of risk to determine what works best for you.

The demo account reflects what you should expect in actual trading since it trades using historical data. It comes with $10,000 in virtual money to give you a clear picture of what live trading is like.

Live trading

It appears that trading on a live account with Bitcoin Storm is rather clear-cut. You are only required to choose your preferred risk level and go live. There is no need to actively monitor your account since the robot is completely automatic. It is recommended that the robot runs uninterrupted for 8 hours or more daily for maximum output.

Find out when the market volatility is highest and ensure that the program is running at that time. There are several Bitcoin-related assets traded on Wall Street. That’s why it is among the top 10 determinants of crypto volatility.

Fully Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Robot


  • Trade the cryptocurrency markets in a passive manner
  • No one-time fee or monthly subscription
  • Claims a win rate of 90%

Bitcoin Storm profitability

Fear and greed are two emotions that lead to failure in trading and long term investing. Bitcoin Storm helps you control these emotions through tools such as Stop Loss and Take profit.

Bitcoin Storm makes use of sophisticated techniques in AI and ML to conduct trading research. The techniques enable it to scrutinize large volumes of data and generate insights instantaneously. Furthermore, this is achieved with extremely high supposed accuracy levels. Accuracy and speed are the most vital elements of success, and the trading tool capitalizes on them.

Thirdly, the trading robot’s partner brokers provide impressive leverage- 1: 1000. Consequently, a minimum investment of $250 can result in trades amounting to $250,000. High leverage increases the trading outcome, whether positive or negative.

Consequently, the high leverage could push your success to unimaginable heights or cause devastating losses. Bitcoin Storm applies the Negative Balance Protection (NBP) feature to help users minimize risk.

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Is Bitcoin Storm Legit?

Yes. There is enough evidence to suggest that there are people who have made money with the platform. It would be a great idea for you to try it out as well.

How do I withdraw my profits?

Members of the platform can withdraw money at any time, easily and fast. The withdrawal process is simple and straightforward. The average waiting time for funds to reflect in your bank is two days.

Is Bitcoin Storm a Ponzi scheme?

No! It appears to be founded on real technologies. According to available evidence, it is powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

How much profit can I generate with the robot?

From an initial deposit of $250, members are reported to earn up to $1000 daily. Prevailing market conditions determine your earning potential.

How much seed capital should I invest?

The general rule of thumb is to start small and increase the account balance by reinvesting profits. For a start, you must deposit at least $250.