Bitcoin Mastery Review: Is it the Best News Trading Robot in 2023?



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Bitcoin Mastery Review: Is it the Best News Trading Robot in 2023?

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Bitcoin Mastery is a powerful news trading tool founded in 2017. It’s top-rated by users and experts on most review platforms.

Bitcoin Mastery supposedly applies AI technologies to identify tradable news and automatically convert them into trading signals.

Users are said to earn up to 80% in daily profits. Several users claim to earn fortunes within a few months of compounding daily profits. But is Bitcoin Mastery a scam or is it a profitable news trading system?

We have investigated this trading bot and found proof of legitimacy and profitability. This review offers a deep dive into our findings. Please read it to the end before signing up with Bitcoin Mastery.

Bitcoin Mastery Review summary

This review provides proof that Bitcoin Mastery is legit. Our review team has investigated it thoroughly and confirmed that it’s one of the best news trading systems out there.

Bitcoin Mastery uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to scan billions of webpages for tradable news.  NLP is a subset of AI that allows machines to read and understand natural language data.

News and social media posts from notable people are key drivers of BTC volatility.  Elon Musk, the world richest man has for the last few months caused insane BTC volatility through his tweets.

Bitcoin Mastery identifies such tweets within a millisecond of their posting and takes a position before the markets can respond. The high accuracy and speed at which this robot generates trading insights from volatility-driving news and comments make it a gem for news trading.

Bitcoin Mastery is backed by highly reputable brokers. All auto-trading systems depend on brokers to execute orders and handle transactions with their clients. Bitcoin Mastery partner brokers offer instant order execution systems to prevent slippage.

Slippage occurs when an order is executed at a different price than the ordered one. It can be positive or negative. However, the best way to avoid negative slippage is to avoid all types of slippage. Bitcoin Mastery applies leverage to trade small price movements. The high leverage increases both opportunities and risk. You need to be extra cautious when trading with Bitcoin Mastery since you could also generate losses.

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What exactly is Bitcoin Mastery?

Bitcoin Mastery is a news trading robot for BTC trading. The robot scans the internet for volatility-contributing news and takes positions before the markets can adjust to the new information.

Bitcoin Mastery is also equipped with algorithms that crawl billions of tweets within microsecond to identify volatility reading news. It’s arguably the best robot to trade Elon Musk Tweets on BTC.

A trading robot is a computer program equipped with intelligent algorithms to do trading research and automatically place trades on behalf of users. Bitcoin Mastery is an AI-driven news trading robot. Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed trading systems are usually highly accurate and fast.

Bitcoin Mastery uses the subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML) to adjust itself to changing data. This means that its performance remains constant in different markets. This robot trades volatility and hence performs extremely well during extreme market volatility.

Analysts, including Max Keiser of the Keiser Report and Ashton Kutcher, are upbeat about BTC keeping rising. A few months ago, Max Keiser predicted that BTC will be trading at $100k by the end of 2023.

BTC has already zoomed past $50,000 and may hit $75,000 before April.  But the most amazing thing for Bitcoin Mastery users is that BTC will remain highly volatile for a very long time.

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Who can trade with Bitcoin Mastery?

Bitcoin Mastery offers automated news trading for BTC paired against over 70 crypto and fiat currencies. This trading robot is popular with beginners as well as expert traders.

It’s also highly reviewed and recommended to investors looking for a passive online income. Bitcoin Mastery conducts all trading automatically and at an extremely high win rate. No trading experience is needed to use Bitcoin Mastery given that all trading functions are automated.

Bitcoin Mastery uses AI to identify news with impact on BTC volatility and place trades on them before the markets can respond.

You should be able to use this trading system successfully if you can read and follow its setup instructions. About 20 minutes are enough to set Bitcoin Mastery for trading. You can leave it running for up to 8 hours daily as you continue with your daily activities.

Bitcoin Mastery is available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Chinese, and Arabic. Moreover, it’s available in all countries that allow citizens to trade retail CFDs. Signing up with Bitcoin Mastery is as easy as explained below.

Register a free account

Visit Bitcoin Mastery official website and sign up for free. The process is quite straightforward and safe. Your data is encrypted through AES protocol and hence not accessible to hackers.

Bitcoin Mastery seems compliant with data privacy laws in most countries including stringent regulations such as the GDPR. After sign up, Bitcoin Mastery connects you with one of its brokers.

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Fund your trading account via the broker

Complete the sign up with them by submitting identifying documents and deposit at least $250 in trading capital.

You can fund your account through any debit or credit card or even wire transfer. Some of the brokers support e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and WebMoney and crypto wallets such as Bitcoin.

Deposits are free and instant. This allows users to start trading immediately after depositing the required trading capital.

Trade on Bitcoin Mastery Demo

Bitcoin Mastery demo allows you to test various functionalities without risking your trading capital.

The demo is equipped with all tools found in the live account and also $10,000 in virtual trading capital. It back-tests on historical information and therefore provides a perfect simulation of what to expect in live trading.

You should trade with the Bitcoin Mastery demo for not less than 30 minutes to fully master the functions of the live account. Pay special focus on risk control tools.

Trade on a live account

Live trading with Bitcoin Mastery shouldn’t be a challenge if you have taken enough time to practice on the demo.

Set the risk management tools as per the trading guide. It would be imprudent to assign more than 10% of your capital on a single trade.

Live trading starts at the click of the live trading button. Bitcoin Mastery trades for you as you sit back and enjoy doing what you love most. Remember that this is a high-risk trading system and hence invest wisely.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Mastery

Bitcoin Mastery is hailed by experts as a revolutionary trading system. Below are some of the reasons why you need to invest in this trading robot.

  1.     Bitcoin Mastery is free and available for all. Its close competitors require registration fees of up to $5000. Bitcoin Mastery only charges a small commission of 2% on profitable accounts.
  2.     Bitcoin Mastery is extremely beginner-friendly. You could earn the said profits from day one of trading if you apply the right settings and follow the provided trading guide.
  3.     Bitcoin Mastery seems to perform better than most auto-trading systems out there. It’s also reportedly ten times more profitable than manual trading.
  4.     This review can confirm that Bitcoin Mastery has implemented all the necessary data privacy measures.

Bitcoin trading is risky especially when conducted on high leverage. Take extra precaution by not staking more than 10% of your capital on a single trade. Also, put all your savings in a highly leveraged trading bot since there is a likelihood of losing it.

Trade Elon Musk Tweets using Bitcoin Mastery

We have investigated Bitcoin Mastery and it seems to be the best auto-trading system for speculating on bitcoin.

This robot is reportedly the best for trading Elon Musk tweets. As explained earlier, Elon Musk tweets on BTC are the key driver of volatility in 2023. Also, news such as Tesla investing billions of dollars in BTC will continue to push volatility to unimaginable levels.

Bitcoin Mastery allows you to take advantage of this volatility like a pro. Sign up with Bitcoin Mastery below but always remember that crypto trading involves risk.

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Is Bitcoin Mastery a con?

No! Bitcoin Mastery isn’t a scam! We have put it under rigorous testing and found substantial evidence to support its legitimacy.

Do I need to pay any Bitcoin Mastery trading fees?

Bitcoin Mastery is license-free. However, a 2% commission applies to all profits reportedly earned through the system.

Does Bitcoin Mastery have a trading app?

You can install the Bitcoin Mastery web-trader on your mobile device as a hybrid HTML5 app. Check your email after registration for the download link.