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There are many ways you could make money online, and BTC trading is one of them. You can trade BTC directly by buying low and selling high.

But the most lucrative way is reportedly through automated trading systems such as Bitcoin Digital. With Bitcoin Digital, you could reportedly turn a small investment of USD250 to over $100k within months of trading.

But is the trading system really that profitable? We have conducted rigorous legitimacy tests on Bitcoin Digital and prepared this review to help you decide.

Do not sign up with Bitcoin Digital before reading to the end. Remember that crypto trading is a high-risk endeavour and invest wisely.

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Our Rating

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  • Takes advantage of artificial intelligence to bet on small price movements
  • Leverage of up to 5000:1 available through CFDs
  • Get started with as little as $/£250
  • Good reviews on Trustpilot and other platforms
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All trading carries risk.

bitcoin digital review

Bitcoin Digital Review Summary

We have conducted a comprehensive background check on Bitcoin Digital and concluded that it’s legit. This trading system is highly reputable, given the thousands of positive individual consumer reviews on the internet.

Bitcoin Digital is rated extremely well by users on TrustPilot. The majority report that it’s easy to use and they are happy with its performance. Bitcoin Digital is also top-rated on customer service and safety.

Trading with Bitcoin Digital is easy. Register for free on their website and deposit at least $250 through a matched broker. Bitcoin Digital connects with over 15 brokers in the background. These brokers execute orders as instructed by the trading system and also handle transactions with Bitcoin Digital clients.

Trading robots are usually not registered as financial institutions and hence must rely on brokers as the bridge to the markets. All Bitcoin Digital partner brokers are well regulated and hence safe. Regulated brokers usually observe deposit protection measures such as deposit segregation and regular external audits.

Bitcoin Digital trading platforms are secured through RSA encryption. This level of encryption is among the best. The robot also has a stand-by cyber response unit to address potential threats. Regarding data privacy, this trading system reportedly adheres to measures such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Try Bitcoin Digital here or keep reading for more. Keep it in mind that crypto trading carries risk and hence only invest what you can afford to lose.

What exactly is Bitcoin Digital?

If you are new to auto-trading, you are probably struggling to wrap your head around the concept of Bitcoin Digital. Bitcoin Digital is simply that enables users to trade bitcoin hands-free.

This means that once you register and deposit the required trading capital, the underlying algorithms will do the rest for you. Bitcoin Digital trading algorithms use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze market data and generate insights from them.

The algorithms can study hundreds of historical charts within a microsecond and identify patterns that may repeat themselves in the future. This trading approach is known as technical analysis. It takes Bitcoin Digital a second to analyze the charts that a human can analyze in a week in manual trading.

The speed and accuracy at which this bot analyzes this data makes it highly profitable. Bitcoin Digital can reportedly multiply investments threefold in a single day of trading. Some of the reviewers allege using this robot to earn up to $1 million in profits.

Bitcoin Digital also uses a subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML) to read news and generate insights from them. The robot can filter news and hence avoid fake news. It can also determine the news that is likely to have a huge impact on asset prices and act on them.

Bitcoin Digital can reportedly place over ten trades within a fraction of a second. It uses high leverage, as provided by the underlying broker, to capitalize off small price movements.

bitcoin digital trading featuresHow Profitable is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital is said to have the potential to double or even triple investments in a single day of trading. As mentioned above, this bot uses powerful AI technologies to bet on small price movements.

This trading approach is known as scalping and can be insanely profitable when applied with high leverage. Bitcoin Digital partner brokers offer leverage of up to 5000:1. This means that a user with just to $250 in the capital can place huge positions.

bitcoin digital live profit resultsOf course, leverage also magnifies risk. Bitcoin Digital helps you control this risk through tools as the Negative Balance Protection, Take Profit, and Stop Loss. The video tutorial on the Bitcoin Digital resource page explains how to apply these tools.

Bitcoin Digital news trading approach is hailed as the best in the automated trading industry. This robot’s algorithms use the subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing to comb the internet for tradable news. The robot does this at supersonic speed hence making it possible to implement trades before the markets can respond.

This reportedly translates to huge profits depending on the level of volatility. High market volatility often results in increased profitability. Bitcoin Digital is a volatility trading system. As mentioned earlier, this trading system trades volatility through a financial derivative known as a Contract for Difference (CFD).

CFDs trading can be on any tradable asset, including stock, commodities, forex, and crypto. Bitcoin Digital trades BTC related CFDs only. These are usually extremely volatile and hence come with increased potential. The risk is also high, and hence extra precautions should be applied when trading them.

Bitcoin Digital in the media

As stated in the introduction, Bitcoin Digital is highly popular. This trading platform is reviewed widely, both by individual consumers and experts.

Bitcoin Digital is a top ranking on Google Trends in the BTC related keyword category. This can only mean that a lot of people are searching for it on search engines. It supposedly has over 1 million unique visitors on its website daily.

Bitcoin Digital is rated top on TrustPilot after over fifty thousand reviews. This makes it among the most popular trading systems.

Experts also review it on most of the leading crypto publications and mainstream media. And like any other popular trading platform, Bitcoin Digital has attracted its fair share of fake news. Here are some of the unconfirmed claims we have come across on the internet.

Bitcoin Digital and This Morning Show

A rumour is going around on the internet alleging that Bitcoin Digital was featured in the This Morning show.

For the record, This Morning is a British Daytime TV program aired on ITV. The show features emerging issues in politics, business, technology, fashion, showbiz, and many more. Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield host it.

Rumour has it that Holly Willoughby has discussed Bitcoin Digital in the show. While it’s true that they have featured BTC related news in the show, there is no evidence that they have talked about Bitcoin Digital.

Neither Holly Willoughby nor Phillip Schofield has invested in bitcoin through the Bitcoin Digital robot. It’s not out of the ordinary for Bitcoin Digital to attract celebrity gossip given its popularity. Black hat markets often associate unrelated trending topics with getting link clicks.

Celebrity gossip should always be taken with a grain of salt. Always visit the Bitcoin Digital website to verify the information.

Getting started with Bitcoin Digital

Trading with Bitcoin Digital should be extremely easy, given that the robot is fully automated. Follow the steps below to start making money with this robot.

  1.     Register for free by clicking here. Bitcoin Digital handles all clients’ information in strict confidentiality.
  2.     Fund your trading account through any of the matched brokers. You must have a trading balance of at least $250 to trade with Bitcoin Digital.
  3.     Trade on the Bitcoin Digital demo accounts for the practice. Take your time to practice until you fully understand the platform.
  4.     Go live as instructed in the Bitcoin Digital trading video tutorial.

Bitcoin Digital Review: The Verdict!

We have analyzed Bitcoin Digital thoroughly, and it perfectly fits our criteria for a legit trading system.

This trading system is reportedly easy to use and comes with advanced features to help ordinary people trade bitcoin like pros.

Bitcoin Digital is said to have the power to double or even triple investments within hours of trading. However, like any other trading system, it comes at a risk. Consequently, traders are advised to only trade with what they can afford to lose.

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Our Rating

bitcoin digital logo
  • Takes advantage of artificial intelligence to bet on small price movements
  • Leverage of up to 5000:1 available through CFDs
  • Get started with as little as $/£250
  • Good reviews on Trustpilot and other platforms
bitcoin digital logo
All trading carries risk.


Is Bitcoin Digital a scam or not?

No! Bitcoin Digital is not a scam. This trading platform is highly reputable and operates at a high level of transparency.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Digital?

You can get started with a mere $250. This amount could grow to thousands of dollars within a few days of trading if the market conditions are favourable.

How do I withdraw my profits?

Withdrawals on this platform are straightforward. Fill the withdrawal request form and wait for a few hours for your money to reflect in your bank account. Bitcoin Digital offers up to 10 free withdrawals per month.