Best Applications for Forex Traders: Four of Them


Top Applications for Forex Traders

Trading in Forex has become easy, as you can be up to date with quotes, market news, charts, and trading accounts through forex applications.

The forex market is very volatile, and due to this reason, it is very vital to have useful applications to help you with the latest news, happenings, trading ideas and signals on how to make profits daily.

Almost all forex brokers have their applications; some of them are very popular among traders today. Other forex trading applications give free, quick access and updates on price quotes, news, and charting. Moving forward, here are the four best applications for forex traders today.

NetDania Stock & Forex Trader

One of the best trading applications today is the NetDania & Forex Trader. This application provides quick updates on forex ‘interbank’ rates and price quotes on different commodities in the market.

Not only that, this application offers the latest news from popular sites such as Market News International and FxWirePro – including streaming charts. The app is easy to use, and it’s versatile. You can also set prices on particular stocks, currency pairs, or commodities. You can also modify the menu as per your very own needs. You can download this application on Android and iPhone smartphones.

Bloomberg Business Mobile Application

The Bloomberg business mobile application offers a wide variety of services, but you need to have an active subscription Bloomberg services. This application is an excellent choice for traders who want to have access and be up to date with current market price data, portfolio tracking tools, and of course, the latest market news.

The menu of this application can be customized, and the application’s Watchlist feature allows forex traders to note their present market positions in commodities, stocks, etc.

Thinkorswim Mobile

TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim Mobile stands among the most widely used trading applications by forex traders. This application allows traders to trade currencies, commodities, stocks, futures, and options.

However, using this application gives you the eligibility to watch live charts (the charts streaming) that have lots of known technical indicators.

Furthermore, users of this application also can have up-to-date news on businesses, financial markets, and stream CNBC broadcasts. You can also use this application to track your position, accounts, orders, make changes to trading orders/alerts — all through the app.

The application also has a community feature dubbed ‘myTrade community,’ which helps users connect with other traders around the world. More importantly, users can also try out their particular trading methods with the paperMoney trading simulator function on this application. Thinkorswim Mobile is available on iPhone and Android phones.

Trade Interceptor

Lastly, one of the most popular trading applications available on both android and iPhones. This application provides different functions such as the eligibility to trade currency pairs, binary options, and commodity futures. The app is straightforward to use and has an interface that gives quick analysis and technical trading tools.

You can also get access to live, streaming price quotes, and price charts. Trade Interceptor also allows you to set price alerts, news releases, and real-time market news.