Author : Orlando Gutierrez

USDCAD rejects the 1.2600

Last week the USDCAD rejected the 1.2600 level and wee are looking for opportunities to go long. We are looking at a bounce of the weekly lows and a break above the POC of the volume of the entire move to the downside. We are targeting next key level to the upside. Clean and simple […]

20 hs

GBPNZD rejects the highs of the range

The GN rejected the 1.92 level and quickly dropped 250 pips and now is trading inside of a continuation pattern (triangle). Structurally speaking price is still trading inside of a bullish structure but the breakout of the continuation pattern (break of the lows) will bring sellers in and the immediate bullish structure will also break. […]

1 d

EURUSD continues its down trend at the open

The EU is still trading in a very structured market and now is testing a big inflection point. We have retraced back 76.4% of the last wave down and we have hit the 127.2% retracement of the first wave up of the pullback. This fibonacci cluster confluences with a historic key level and the top […]

1 d

Gold pullback ends at short term bullish targets.

**GOLD** Back in January 6th Gold broke with the mid term bullish structure started at the end of November 2020 on a 5 wave move (-8%) bottoming at around the 1800 level. Price has now pulled back around 50% or a negative 4% move to retest a previous base around the 1870 level. this level […]

4 ds

Ethereum falls 17% from all time highs

ETHUSD made all time highs 2 days ago and fell 17.45% to retest a key zone trading inside of a bearish structure. This bearish structure is consistent with a bull flag on an ABC pullback to reverse at the 1.272 of the BC wave. The Bitcoin sentix sentiment indicator is below 0 indicating a possible […]

4 ds

FTSE buyers relentless at the 6680 level (UK100)

The footsie is still holding the previous highs as support around the 6680-6700 level in confluence with the 50% retracement of the last leg up and the 1.618 retracement of the first leg down from the highs. Very thick level whilst trading inside an immediate bearish structure that, in the higher time frames could be […]

5 ds

EURUSD sells on a reversal breakout

The EU has broken with a reversal pattern on the daily-weekly whilst dipping lower inside a nice bearish structure. The idea is to sell into strength at the retest of the previous base (key level) Validation level: 1.2125 Invalidation level: 1.2170 Broker Benefits Min Deposit Score Visit Broker Over 100 different financial products Invest from […]

5 ds

BITCOIN prints a higher low after falling more than 15%

  After breaking with the mid term bullish structure we retraced back 61.8% of last week’s range and printed a new fresh higher low.Price is trading inside of a bullish flag and a break of the flag could catapult price to retest the structure highs at around the 37750 level which confluences with the 1.618% […]

1 w

USDJPY slides 50% from the highs

The USDJPY rallied last week 1.75% (180 pips) on some USD strength and whilst the DXY is still rallying we could see the next leg up in the UJ. Technically speaking we have pulled back from the highs 50% and are trading inside of a triangle (continuation pattern) which just retested the immediate bullish structure. […]

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Bitcoin pulls back inside of a flag to key level

Bitcoin has rallied more than 32% since it bounced from the $32,000 level on Monday all trading inside of a very structured move. We have pulled back to the previous broken level inside of a bullish flag printing massive hidden bullish divergence on the way. Should this flag breakout we could see BTC rally to […]

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