Author : Orlando Gutierrez

USDCAD testing the low of the bullish structure

Key Support: 125.50 Key Resistance: 1.2610 – 1.2750 The USDCAD has pulled back -2.2% from last week’s highs right to the 50% and the low of the bullish structure. Price is currently trapped inside of a range below the weekly pivot whilst printing good bullish divergence should this be the next higher low. Last week/this […]

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Defi Coin continues rally after breaking with the $1 level

Key Support: 1.20 Key Resistance: 1.50 After breaking with the $1 level last week (signal was also sent last week), Defi Coin has continued with its bullish move topping at around  per Coin. That’s a nice % bull run right there. Price has pulled back inside of a continuation pattern to retest the level and […]

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Defi Coin’s dip buy on a 150% rally

Key Support: 1.12 – 1.00 Key Resistance: 1.27 – 1.40 We have been telling you for more than 2 month about this coin. When we first presented it to you it was at presale at $0.10 per coin and now Defi Coin is trading at $1.14 per coin. Before we go through the buy signal […]

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V-Shape recovery in the SP500

Key Support: 4310 Key Resistance: 4335 – 4380 After dropping 3.27% at the beginning of the week the SP500 has recover almost all of those losses and now it’s setting up for more bullish momentum to all time highs. Our opportunity comes on a break of today’s highs with a 75 tick ADR on a […]

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GBPJPY inverted head and shoulders

Key Support: 148.40 – 149.55 Key Resistance: 151.00 – 151.50 The GBPJPY has dipped from the break of the 151.50 earlier this week about 2.10% or 316 pips right to a massive level on the daily (BIG BUY ZONE). At the bottom of the move the GBPJPY has created an inverted head and shoulders on […]

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EURAUD prints new monthly high!

Key Support: 1.60 Key Resistance: 1.6150 The EURCAD printed an inside week last week after a massive +2.30% (+357 pips) week the week before. This is extremely bullish and we are looking to monetize on a break of that week´s highs. The short term is looking very bullish with price trading inside a very structured […]

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USDCAD under pressure as DXY weakens

Key Resistance: 1.2550 Key Support: 1.2500 – 1.2450 The USDCAD rallied yesterday on the Bank of Canada monetary report and rate decision to keep it at 0.25% and continue its asset purchasing program. This is bearish for the currency and the reason the USDCAD rallied. In the long term, the USDCAD has dipped more than […]

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USDCAD dip buys in play

Key Support: 1.2450 Key Resistance: 1.2515 – 1.255 The USDCAD has rallied 4.88% from the June 1st lows. That about a 585 pip move from low to high. After hitting those highs around 1.2590 on July 8th we´ve seen a -1.17% pullback (-147.5 pips) right to the previous broken key level. This level confluence with […]

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GBPJPY bearish continuation in play

Key Resistance: 153.15 Key Support: 151.40 The GBPJPY had a very bearish day yesterday moving -172 pips from high to low breaking also with last week’s lows. In yesterday’s live session I talked about looking for shorts on a retest of the previous broken level (153.00) During the Asian and the European session we saw […]

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Dipbuys in play on USDJPY

Key Support: 110.40 Key Resistance: 111.10 – 111.60 The USDJPY is in a very structured bullish move from the lows in April 23rd (+3.90%). After hitting the high around the 111.70 level last week price has dropped 1.13% to retest the previous base around the 110.40 level. The USD is rallying hard at the moment […]

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