Key Resistance: 1787 Key Support: 1779 – 1772 Gold had a very bearish Friday session dropping -1.60% from the lows of the week to Friday’s lows breaking with the previous key level (1787). Now it has pulled back to retest this exact broken level whilst printing a bearish continuation pattern. My trade idea is to […]

Key Support: 156.00 – 155.75 Key Resistance: 157.00 – 158.20 After breaking out of the 156 level, the GBPJPY has pulled back 1.65% from last month’s highs to retest this previous broken level 3 times whilst printing a clear continuation pattern. The JPY is still very much a sell here but right now it’s also […]

Key Support: 1792.50 – 185.90 Key resistance: 1809.20 Gold has been trading in a very defined range since it broke with the 1787 level last Friday. This level is capping the downside in this market. Looking at historic price action, this level was THE base al throughout July and it has been a key pivotal […]

Key Support: 14.80 Key Resistance: 15.08 – 15.20 The Rand has been crashing hard against the USD for the past week. This is really not a USD driven move since we have seen non directional trading for a couple of weeks on the USD. This is a ZAR driven rally on the USDZAR (ZAR depreciation). […]

Key Support: 14.65 Key Resistance: 14.90 I’m looking for USD longs on a DXY reversal after the retest of August highs. The USDZAR presents a very good opportunity here. After breaking with the 14.68 level last week and trapping shorts the USDZAR has pulled back to this very level. This is a MASSIVE key historic […]

Key Support: 156.00 – 156.40 Key Resistance: 157.40 – 158.20 The GBP has appreciated 6.25% against the JPY on a massive bearish breakout on the JPY Yen side 2 weeks ago. The level that was capping the upside in this market was the 156.00 (Jan. 2021 highs). Once the GBPJPY broke with a pullback structure […]

Key Support: 1775 Key Resistance: 1790 – 1800 After last Friday’s move (-2.17%) Gold has rallied from a very Thick zone (1745-1760) towards the top of last week’s range whilst still trading inside of a very steep bearish structure. The DXY is very bearish at the moment and that should bring more bullish pressure in […]

Key Resistance: 20.50 – 20.60 Key Support: 20.31 Last Friday, late in NY trading the MXN started to rally hard against the USD from the the highs of the day. During that rally the USDMXN crashed 1.35% breaking with August highs in the process. August highs are the previous broken highs after the big rally […]

Key Resistance: 1.3670 Key Support: 1.3615 – 1.3520 – 1.3440 The GBPUSD fell 3.60% (500 pips) last month (from high to low. From September lows we have seen an increase of 1.93% (258 pips) to retest the previous broken lows. This move is a 76.4% pullback of the last impulse down and a 50% pullback […]

Key Resistance: 1.3620 – 1.3660 – 1.3700 Key Support: 1.3580 Yesterday on my live show I talked about the massive key level the Pound is trading on against the US Dollar. Let’s talk first about the short to mid term structure in this market. From mid September highs the GBP has depreciated 3.6% against the […]