Author : Orlando Gutierrez

USDMXN bouncing from Historic key level

Key Support: 20.00 Key Resistance: 20.55 – 20.90 -21.60 The USDMXN has been in a very strong bearish move for more than a month since it peaked back in March 8th. That´s a -7.35% move. This level is also the 0.764 pullback of the last long term bullish move. Also, this last 5-week bearish move […]

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GBPJPY hedge on yesterday´s longs

Key Resistance: 151 Key Support: 149.80 – 148.60 – 147.75 Yesterday we took a long on the GBPJPY when it broke with this week´s highs. Price failed to break with the 150.80 level so we decided to manage our risk by moving stops below the daily lows. This level confluences with the Point Of Control […]

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GBPJPY finds buyers after last week´s dip

Key Support: 149.50 Key Resistance: 153.00 The British Pound has been vey strong since it retested the 133 level back in September 2020, rallying more than 15.30% from the lows to the highs of last week without having enormous pullback. The biggest one was back at the beginning of March when the GBPJPY retraced 2.70%. […]

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Gold buyers jump in at 1736

Key Support: 1736 Key Resistance: 1756 I´m very bullish precious metals at the moment since Gold dipped to retest the 1675 level where I got my first buy. Right now Gold is retesting the 1736 level that was broken last week. This level is KEY because it´s capping the downside in Gold in the short […]

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Gold dips to retest 1745

Key Support: 1745 Key Resistance: 1760 – 1790 Gold has rallied 4.80% since it bottomed at the 1678-1680 level last week. We are still long and very bullish precious metals and yesterday price broke with the massive key level (1745) that was the level it broke back in June 2020 to make all time highs […]

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USDMXN retests August 2019 highs

Key Support: 20.10 Key Resistance: 20.45 – 20.60 – 20.90 The USDMXN has dropped 4% in the past 3 weeks and 6.92% since its March 2021 highs. In the short term price has been dipping inside a very structured bearish move and now we are retesting the August 2019 highs. Back in August 2019 this […]

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AUDUSD slides after rejecting 0.7640

Key Resistance: 0.7640 Key Support: 0.7540 This week the AUDUSD broke with a massive level of support on the daily/weekly and now has retraced back to retest it whilst the USD is rallying hard (+2.33% – 3 week move) Let´s look at the 2H chart now for the setup. Price broke with the 0.7640 level […]

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GBPJPY bounces from previous highs

Key Support: 152.30 Key Resistance: 152.80 – 153.60 The GBPJPY has rallied 427 pips (+2.87%) since mid last week and yesterday it broke with the previous highs at the 152.45 mark without too much momentum. During the Asian session price was trading ranging in a 50 pip range and retested the previous highs at the […]

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USDCAD retests bearish structure

Key Resistance: 1.2600 Key Support: 1.2480 – 1.2360 The USDCAD rallied 2.30% the last 2 weeks mainly due to some USD strength and Crude weakness. This week buyers kept trying to break the previous week´s highs until Yesterday they where able to just to see sellers smash price down from the 1.2640 This gave us […]

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Gold bounces from massive support

Key Support: 1684 Key Resistance: 1725 – 1750 Gold dipped this week from the weekly pivot to retest the 1680 level again. As discussed earlier this week this level is a massive support on the daily/weekly and very likely where big money is going to be stepping in. On the lower times frames (1H) we […]

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