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Welcome to the F1 strategy course. Here, you can find all the videos the will help you to be successful. Moreover, you will be added to the Telegram channel. You can find a link here: https://t.me/+oACdMvgeBak3MzZi

You will get an email message with the course links when we will give you access to the lessons. Please, bear in mind that you will get a message at the email you have entered buying the F1 Strategy.

F1 Strategy

Lesson 1: Introduction 

You will study the complete thought process behind the F1 Strategy in this lesson. To be able to use it perfectly, you must first comprehend how it was created from beginning to end.

Lesson 2: Setting up your workspace (Indicators)

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to set up each and every indicator you’ll need to successfully trade the Strategy. Pay special attention to the specifics on each indicator, as this is where the strategy’s strength lies.


Lesson 3: Bullish setups

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to spot the greatest bullish setups and trade them using the F1 Strategy step by step. You’ll discover the same checklist I employ when trading bullish scenarios.

Lesson 4: Bearish scenarios

This lesson will teach you how to use the Strategy to trade the finest bearish situations using the identical check list.

Lesson 5: Avoid bad Setups

Like with any other strategy the power of it relies on ONLY TRADING THE BEST SETUPS: In this lesson you will learn how to avoid mediocre setups that can hurt your profitability in the long term using this strategy.