Protect Yourself From Forex Scams


Scams are real!

The forex market is continuously growing and attracting several traders.

A plethora of traders are making massive profits, and if you asked them, forex trading is the best way for one to hit the top of their investment.

Unfortunately, several folks have entered the forex market and are making a dishonest living. However, what they don’t know, you’re smart!

Forex Scams

Unlike other financial markets, the forex market is largely unregulated, which makes the extent of scams to be large and wide.

Luckily, the regulatory authorities are trying to bring the rules on board, but until that happens, scammers are getting more active.

Therefore, to ensure that you’re not scammed in the forex market, you should learn a few of the following things:

Don’t Believe Everything in the Reviews

Most traders leave their comments about a broker after an experience with that particular broker.

In most cases, it’s expected that the type of feedback given is a true reflection of the trader experience.

However, given that the forex market requires a lot of time and education, most traders rush into the market, and when they make losses, the blame is given to the broker.

Therefore, the negative reviews are not always a true reflection of what is indeed at the ground with a broker.

On the other hand, when reviews seem to be too good, that should be enough evidence to raise a scam alert.

Broker Support

The real problem between a client and the broker in the forex market starts when there’s no proper communication.

A genuine broker has to offer the best support as possible when a client requires it. Besides, they should be ready to respond to questions and other requests by the client.

If a broker doesn’t offer customer support or gives vague responses, then you should stay away to protect yourself from being scammed.

Any Complaints

Getting your money that you’re working for is the primary target for any trader.

However, when there’re complaints about difficulties when withdrawing the funds should make you put you a hand brake on.


Before signing with any broker, first, ensure that they are registered with a regulatory authority.

That alone is a good indicator of determining whether the broker is genuine or seeking routes to scam some reckless traders.

Record Transactions

To ensure that you also stay ahead of being scammed, you must ensure that you take all your transactions and record them.

Forex Scams

Take screenshots of each order placed and the price feeds that you feel are odd.

Good records, as well as best trading journaling habits, helps when seeking any support or evidence required in pinning down a scammer forex broker.

Exposure to Information

The forex market is one of the largest markets, and for that reason, everyone is looking to get some profits.

Professional traders give out information for beginners in guiding them to get better. However, not all of them are genuine in their intentions.

Most of the information if given with vast sums of money and sometimes ends up not being useful at all.

Therefore, to ensure you don’t fall victim to such scams, you should do further research to discern the honesty of the provider.

The Bottom Line

Forex trading can be a complicated business if you lack discipline. Without patience, understanding, and discipline in making your trades, you’ll end up losing money after all.

Therefore, as much you get strict in choosing brokers, ensure your discipline is sky-high as well.