Is Profit Revolution a Profitable Trading Robot? The $250 Test!



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Thanks to trading robots such as Profit Revolution, making money on the internet through crypto speculation is now easy.

Profit Revolution is reportedly one of the world’s best-performing bitcoin trading robots in the market today. It’s a web-based system that places bets on bitcoin volatility through over 120 CFDs. The CFDs include 120+ pairs with bitcoin as the base currency.

Profit Revolution utilizes AI-driven algorithms to automate all trading. Consequently, users do not need any crypto background to use it. Many people have reviewed Profit Revolution as insanely profitable.

The trading bot is reportedly helping many earn a decent daily profit. Some even claim to grow a small investment to a fortune through this bot. But is Profit Revolution legit? Also, is the alleged profitability rate provable?

We have done all the necessary and presented all the facts in this objective review. It would be great if you can read this review of Profit Revolution before signing up.

Profit Revolution


  • Claims that 83%+ of users are profitable
  • Start with as little as £250
  • Automates trading techniques such as scalping
Your capital is at risk

What is Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution is a web-based automated trading service. This means that users are only required to sign up and deposit trading capital. 

Profit Revolution AI algorithms apply various techniques to analyze huge data sets and generate trades. These techniques include news trading and charts analysis.

News trading involves identifying breaking news and placing trades based on the prediction of their impact on volatility. Profit Revolution is a fast-paced trading system and, therefore, best suited for this form of trading.

It’s equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to read and make meaning of human language. The NLP is one of the most powerful subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Profit Revolution uses the deep learning technique to identify and place bets on cyclical price patterns regarding charts analysis. The charts analysis technique is popular in both manual and automated trading. Most experts review profit Revolution as one of the world’s best charts analysis trading systems.

This trading bot is also built on Machine Learning (ML) technologies and therefore learns and improves itself as it interacts with data. Machine Learning is another extremely powerful subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Profit Revolution could make you rich, but it also comes at significant risk. We do not recommend investing more money than you can afford.

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Is Profit Revolution a scam?

We didn’t find anything suspicious about this trading bot and have therefore concluded that it’s legit. Also, most of the expert reviews we have gone through conclude that Profit Revolution is legit and profitable. Here are the key facts about this auto-trading system.

Profit Revolution is a blockchain-based trading system and therefore brings about high-level transparency in trading. Blockchain enables frictionless P2P transactions by publishing all transactions anonymously on a public ledger.

Profit Revolution is highly popular, as is evident with so many great reviews all over the web. Only a legit trading system could attract such great reviews. The majority of Profit Revolution reviewers report profitability.

This trading system has also attracted huge media coverage both on mainstream and alternative media. The reviews are amazing, with most experts concluding that it’s the most profitable automated trading tool.

Profit Revolution is committed to transparency and has therefore entered into partnerships with highly regulated brokers. These brokers are monitored by high profile regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Profit Revolution is easily traceable through its phone number and physical offices in London. We have verified the phone number and ascertained that it’s used across all platforms. This is enough proof of legitimacy since scam robots tend to provide untraceable contacts.

We can confirm that all Profit Revolution partner brokers process all transactions within 24 hours. This is great given that the majority of competitors take up to 48 hours.

Profit Revolution Reviews

This trading system has earned great feedback from clients as well as individual consumers. Here are some popular individual consumer platforms where this trading bot is heavily reviewed.

  • Profit Revolution Trustpilot – This bot ranks top on Trustpilot with thousands of reviews and an overall rating of 4.5/5.
  • Profit Revolution Reddit – Many Reddit threads discuss Profit Revolution, and the feedback is amazing.

We have analyzed the Profit Revolution reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit and are amazed by the great feedback. This bot has great feedback in the following areas.

  • Performance – About 90% of reviewers claim that it’s highly profitable.
  • Ease of use – At least 90% of Profit Revolution reviewers claim it’s easy to use.
  • Transparency – Profit Revolution operates on blockchain and hence ensures high-level transparency.
  • Security – Profit Revolution is rated by most users as secure. We have tested it and confirmed that it’s equipped with advanced encryption measures.

Profit Revolution


  • Claims that 83%+ of users are profitable
  • Start with as little as £250
  • Automates trading techniques such as scalping
Your capital is at risk

Advantages of trading with Profit Revolution

Profit Revolution is perhaps the most profitable bitcoin trading robot in the market today. As mentioned earlier, thousands of users have rated it extremely well all over the web.

Also, many experts have reviewed this trading bot as revolutionary. There are over ten expert reviews on the web, most on high traffic publications.

The expert reviewers seem to agree that Profit Revolution offers the most profitable option to bitcoin trading. Also, most agree that it’s super easy to operate, given that the best part of trading is automated.

As noted earlier, Profit Revolution uses AI to conduct automated bitcoin speculation. AI remains to be the most important technology in automation. Machines driven by AI are proving to perform complex tasks better than humans.

In financial services, AI is disrupting the investment and trading sectors. In investment, AI-powered robo-advisors such as Robinhood are managing investment portfolios better than humans. On the other hand, trading robots such as Profit Revolution prove to perform better than professional traders.

Most trading robots with the same performance rate as Profit Revolution require license fees of $20,000 per year. This is on top of a commission of up to 20% on any profitable trade. Amazingly, Profit Revolution is license-free and only charges a 2% commission on profitable trades.

Moreover, we haven’t come across any complaints about hidden charges. Profit Revolution has published all its fees on a PDF available for download on the trading resources page. You will be notified of any changes in the fees two weeks before they are implemented. Profit Revolution operates under ECN brokers.

These brokers offer insanely competitive spreading starting from as low as zero pips. Don’t worry about trading fees on the broker’s side since they are insignificant.

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Is Profit Revolution a scam? The Verdict!

We have put Profit Revolution under thorough tests and found adequate proof of its legitimacy. This trading system not only ensures high-level transparency but has a proven performance track record.

Thousands of people have reviewed Profit Revolution and found it to be highly profitable. Most of the individual consumer reviews also indicate that it’s quite easy to use. The ease of use makes it popular with passive online investors. 

This explains why it’s widely reviewed on blogs that teach ordinary people how to make money online. Profit Revolution is secured through top-level encryption, including the 128-bit RSA encryption. The 128-bit encryption protocol ensures that no third party can penetrate its website and steal data.

Profit Revolution also only collaborates with the best of brokers. These brokers are well-regulated in all countries where Profit Revolution is available. For instance, they are monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

Profit Revolution has made a significant number of users extremely wealthy. You can give it a try, but please do not ignore the risks associated with bitcoin volatility trading.

Profit Revolution


  • Claims that 83%+ of users are profitable
  • Start with as little as £250
  • Automates trading techniques such as scalping
Your capital is at risk


Is Profit Revolution a con?

We have gathered adequate proof to show that Profit Revolution is legit. There are many consumer reviews on the web to show that it’s highly popular.

Is Profit Revolution regulated?

Profit Revolution is indirectly regulated through its partner brokers. We can confirm that all its brokers are tier-one and monitored by reputable bodies such as the FCA.

Can I use Profit Revolution on my phone?

The Profit Revolution web-trader is built on HTML5 technology is therefore available in the hybrid mobile app version. This app can work on iOS and Android devices.

Do I pay any hidden charges with Profit Revolution?

You don’t pay anything else apart from the 2% commission on profitable trades. The Profit Revolution fee guide is available on the trading resources page.