Learn on Ways to Combat Stress in Stock Trading


Emotions can help influence decision-making, but when it comes to considering investment decisions in a volatile market, getting stressed out may point your investments in the wrong direction.

The high level of stress in today’s financial market is not only threatening retirement accounts and portfolios, but it’s also depleting an investor’s greatest resource: brainpower.

The signs of the strain on your brain are sleeplessness, increased conflict, decreased energy, memory struggles, difficulty focusing and/or increased use of food, alcohol or drugs to reduce anxiety. Any of these symptoms means you will be less able to make your best personal and professional decisions.

Excellent performance in the financial markets is a combination of knowledge of the financial markets, education, experience as well as guts to make the right decisions in the volatile markets.

Unfortunately, not all traders have the entire package.

Moreover, it also significantly has to do with stress resilience.

Stock Trading

Stress has a significant impact on the performance of traders and usually leads to lesser profits and health complications.

Therefore, a trader needs to lean on how to combat stress while trading stocks.

Trading is Stressful

If you ask any investor, trading is indeed stressful. In fact, according to some research, only a few folks make it through in the markets.

The reason is that trading requires a lot of decisions to be made and made fast.

Most traders quit only after a few months into the game. Perhaps, it’s not the trader’s money is at stake here; a traders’ health is also impacted.

Therefore, there’s every reason to learn how to manage and fight stress. Here are some of the best ways to combat stock trading stress:

Stop losses

Making use of stop-loss orders can help fight stress. If you never used stop losses before, then this is your time to start using them immediately.

A stop-loss ensures that you don’t lose more than what you can feel comfortable with.

The position closes automatically based on the settings you set; hence, you can always focus on your next position.

Always Have a Plan

One of the first things you should always do to stay stress-free is to ensure that you have a trading strategy.

Always have a plan. Most traders get stress because they fear that they have lost control of the whole situation.

Ensure that each buys and sells you make are based on the plan to help reduce any stress.

Besides, having a plan is one thing, but sticking to the plan should be the agenda. A well-designed trading plan eliminates the stress factor in stock trading.

Avoid the Live Streamer for At Least a Day

The market has a lot that goes on, and its ups and downs in real-time can greatly induce temporary stress in a trader.

Therefore, to ensure that you don’t get caught in that bracket of stress, ensure that you close the streamer for at least a day or even more. You’ll have all the time later to bring it back.


Constantly Improve the Knowledge

Stock Trading

The more you understand, the less the stress. Ensure that you continually improve your trading knowledge and skills.

Most of the stress is as a result of the unknown, and preparing properly can help limit the feelings of fear.

Understanding the markets better improves the chances of making profits, and with more benefits, the stress experience reduces and confidence skyrockets.

Learn from the Best

To fight stress, you should not be with folks who are stressed. The chances are that you’ll act like them too. Instead, you should learn from those traders or investors who know how to manage their stress, and not the ones who smash their keyboards or scream at the screens.

Always Stay Calm

Stock trading requires a relaxed mindset, and like Warren Buffet once said, “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold even if the market shut down for 10 years.”

If things aren’t going how you expected them to keep calm.

Optimize Your Lifestyle

Another cause of stress in stock trading is the fact that most traders are generally worked out with life.

Therefore, ensure that you eat well, get enough sleep, and always handle personal issues before placing yourself in the trading rig.


Managing stress in stock trading is critically significant to your longevity in the game.

Besides, it will help to increase your chances of making profits. Therefore, having a plan, staying calm, eating well, sleeping well and continually improving your skills will help combat stress.