Immediate Edge Review 2021: Is it Legit or a Scam? The $250 Test! 



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Immediate Edge is a powerful computer program popular with automated crypto trading. Anyone can reportedly trade with this system since all the technical aspects of trading are automated.

Immediate Edge is reportedly among the most profitable crypto trading robots in the market today. Users can allegedly make daily profits of up to 60% when the market conditions are favourable.

Immediate Edge is said to offer an easy, highly lucrative, and less risky way to invest in crypto. But is it legit? Read this review to the end to find out.

Please note that Immediate Edge is easy to use for all. We may use technical trading lingo in this review, but this shouldn’t dissuade you from trading with this robot. You don’t need any expertise whatsoever to trade successfully with Immediate Edge.

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  • Claims that 80%+ of users are profitable
  • Automates trading techniques such as scalping
  • Leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
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All trading carries risk.

Immediate Edge Review Summary

A background check on Immediate Edge reveals that it’s indeed a legit trading system. It’s also likely to be highly profitable, given the great reviews from users and experts.

Experts have reviewed immediate Edge in over five crypto publications. All the expert reviews are positive with at least half of them calling it a revolutionary trading technology. Some of the expert reviewers have reportedly tried it and confirmed its profitability.

immediate edge reviewImmediate Edge is reviewed by over twenty thousand users on TrustPilot. Over 90% of the reviewers report a great experience. Some allege generating insane profits of up to 80% daily. Also, some reviewers claim-making money from the first minute of trading.

We have tested the Immediate Edge platform, and it seems to be easy to use for all. You don’t need any trading skill or expertise to run it successfully. This is because it does all the trading automatically.

Users are only required to set the trading system for live trading and sit back as it works for them. Immediate Edge trades through robot brokers. These brokers are well-regulated to ensure clients funds safety.

Immediate Edge could be insanely profitable and less risky than manual trading. However, there is still a possibility of making losses when trading with it. All highly performing trading systems usually involve a significant degree of risk.

Only a small portion of your savings should go to high-risk investments. Some investment advisors recommend not more than 10%. Invest wisely!

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How does Immediate Edge work?

Immediate Edge is a crypto trading web-based computer program. The software conducts automated crypto trading through powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven trading algorithms.

Immediate Edge studies the crypto markets for trading opportunities and generates tradable signals. These signals are sent to an underlying broker for instant execution. For the sake of beginners, a trading signal is a trigger to buy or sell a tradable instrument based on a pre-determined set of criteria.

The Immediate Edge algorithms are the automation of a set of secret trading strategies. These strategies were reportedly used by top hedge-funds to drive the crypto boom of 2007. Immediate Edge applies trading techniques such as scalping to generate profits from small price movements.

immediate edge trading featuresIts partner brokers offer leverage of up 5000:1 hence enabling the bot to generate huge returns from small price movements. Even so, Immediate Edge performs extremely well during periods of high crypto volatility. We will discuss how you can time this volatility later in this review.

Trading with Immediate Edge is easy. You need as little as 15 minutes daily to set your account for live trading. Let the robot do the trading for you as you continue with your daily activities. Immediate Edge is a license-free trading system.

Users are only required to pay a 2% commission on earnings made through the robot. The underlying brokers are purely ECN offering highly competitive spreads and zero commissions.

Why Register with Immediate Edge?

Crypto prices are on a rollercoaster again with analysts warning that the boom of 2021 will be bigger than that of 2017.

The positive news is pushing volatility to new heights hence creating opportunities for algorithmic traders. As mentioned earlier, Immediate Edge trades volatility. For the record, volatility refers to the ups and downs of asset prices.

Volatility trading comes with a lot of profitability opportunities since traders can bet on both the rising and falling crypto prices. It’s also less risky given that performance is not dependent on the direction that asset prices take.

Immediate Edge allows users to trade volatility like pros. The robot trades crypto through the financial derivative of the contract for difference (CFD). A CFD is defined as a financial contract that pays the difference in settlement price between the open and closing trades.

CFDs can be traded on almost any asset, including stock, market indices, commodities, and crypto. Immediate Edge specializes in CFDs on crypto trading.

The robot runs through top-level brokers. These brokers offer trading conditions that favour fast-paced crypto trading. They include powerful order execution systems and a leverage of up to 5000:1. Instant order execution is paramount since crypto prices tend to change significantly within microseconds.

Failure to execute orders instantly may lead to negative slippage. This simply refers to orders being delayed and implemented on unfavourable prices.

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Does Immediate Edge offer a mobile App?

You can trade with Immediate Edge on your phone through the mobile browser or install it as a native mobile app.

The Immediate Edge app download link is sent to your email immediately after registration. You must deposit at least $250 in trading capital to use Immediate Edge. The download link is only available to fully registered users.

Immediate Edge offers native iOS/android trading apps. They have not published them on Google Play and App Store since they are not for the general public. You can practice demo trading through these apps.

Did Edwin James endorse Immediate Edge?

A viral rumour is claiming that the American entrepreneur, Edwin James has invested in Immediate Edge.

We have done background checks and didn’t find any reliable source supporting the Immediate Edge Edwin James claims. It’s therefore highly likely that the rumour is nothing but celebrity gossip.

Immediate Edge advises all users to always verify information on its website. As mentioned earlier, this system is highly popular and hence a top target for gossip.

Did Immediate Edge UAE appear on CNN?

Immediate Edge is top ranking in most countries, including the United Arabs Emirates (UAE). We have come across a social media rumour claiming that this robot is being advertised on CNN in the UAE.

However, there is no proof that Immediate Edge has been featured on CNN in the UAE. The rumour may be false and meant to redirect users to copycat websites.

Ensure that you sign up on the Immediate Edge official website by clicking the links on this review. As mentioned earlier, this trading platform is viral and hence prone to misleading copycats.

Avoid the Immediate Edge Reddit posts since they are notorious for leading to these copycat platforms.

Did Immediate Edge Appear on This Morning Show?

Immediate Edge was reportedly featured on This Morning Show. For the record, the This Morning Show is a British TV program aired on ITV.

Holly Willoughby hosts it alongside Philip Schofield. Rumour has it that both Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have discussed Immediate Edge in the This Morning Show.

A lot of subjects related to crypto have indeed been featured on the show, but we couldn’t establish if Immediate Edge is one of them. We recommend that you treat these rumours as mere gossip until Immediate Edge confirms them.

Getting Started with Immediate Edge – Final Word!

Trading with Immediate Edge should be easy, especially after watching the trading tutorial video and practising on the demo. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Register for free on the Immediate Edge website.
  • Fund your trading account with as little as $250
  • Watch the trading tutorial video and test your understanding of the demo.
  • Toggle the trade now tab to start a live trading session.

We have tested Immediate Edge, and it perfectly matches our criteria for a legit trading system. You can try your luck with this trading system by clicking the signup button below. Please note that Immediate Bitcoin trades on high leverage and hence trading with it involves a degree of risk.

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immediate edge logo
  • Claims that 80%+ of users are profitable
  • Automates trading techniques such as scalping
  • Leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start with as little as £250
immediate edge logo
All trading carries risk.


Is Immediate Edge worthwhile?

We have investigated Immediate Edge and concluded that it's legit. This trading system is highly rated and has all the necessary safety measures in place.

Is Immediate Edge a scam or not?

Immediate Edge is neither a Ponzi nor a scam. You could generate significant profits in trading with this system.

How do I withdraw profits?

Withdrawing your money should take only a few minutes. Fill the withdrawal form on Immediate Edge website and wait for up to 2 hours for your request to process.