How to Buy Bitcoin Cash 2021

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash 2021

In such a volatile market, Bitcoin Cash has proved to be a worthwhile investment over the years. This is reflected insofar that the digital asset often features in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Interested in buying this crypto-asset yourself in a simple, cost-effective, and safe manner?

In this guide, we run through the ins and outs of how to buy Bitcoin Cash. This is inclusive of tried and tested investment strategies to consider, as well as reviews of the best online platforms to facilitate your BTC purchase.


eToro - Buy and Invest in Assets

Our Rating

  • Buy over 2,400 stocks
  • Trade thousands of CFDs
  • Deposit funds with a debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank account and PayPal
  • Perfect for newbie traders and heavily regulated
  • Only real cryptos are available for US users
75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


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    How to Buy Bitcoin Cash in 10 Minutes – Quickfire Guide

    To start, we are going to offer a quickfire guide of how to buy Bitcoin Cash – for anyone short on time.

    • Step 1: To access the markets you must first sign up with a broker – eToro will let you buy Bitcoin Cash without paying any commission
    • Step 2: Tell the platform who you are by completing the quick registration process
    • Step 3: Upload your passport, driving license, or ID. Next, scan or send a clear image of a gas/water/electricity bill or bank statement
    • Step 4: Choose a payment type to deposit funds into your account and confirm (debit/credit card, Paypal, etc.)
    • Step 5: Find Bitcoin Cash and place an order – you can buy BCH coins at a minimum of $25 at eToro

    If you haven’t had the chance to research available crypto-brokers, don’t worry – you will see reviews of the top trusted platforms in this section below!

    Select a Trusted Bitcoin Cash Broker

    As we have eluded to – in preparation for buying Bitcoin Cash in a safe and timely manner, you are best to turn to an established and secure space. This is where regulated brokers come in.

    To save you time, we have combed through the best providers in the crypto space. Our reviews include a safe place to buy Bitcoin Cash, as well as trade this digital asset via CFDs. The latter affords you the option of applying leverage and going short – should you crave more sophisticated trading tools.

    1. eToro – Best Commission-Free Bitcoin Cash Broker 2021

    Starting with regulation, eToro is regulated by three strict and prominent authorities in the space - CySEC, FCA, and ASIC. This means there is no concern regarding safety -as this broker is respectful of rules and client due diligence. Furthermore, US clients are protected by FINRA.

    At this social trading platform, you have the option to buy and store Bitcoin Cash, or trade it against other currencies. Moreover, this online broker is 100% commission-free which means you just have to pay the spread. We found this to sit around 1.94%. In terms of non-USD pairs, you will pay around 1.86% on BCH/GBP, 1.66% on BCH/EUR, and 1.89% on BCH/AUD - all subject to current market conditions.

    At some point, most traders and investors add an assortment of assets to their portfolios. With this in mind, you will find a wide range of markets at eToro. This covers thousands of stocks, indices, crypto-coins, ETFs, and forex pairs. All of which promise tight spreads, leverage, and no commission fees.

    Alongside a standard account, this Bitcoin Cash provider offers a free demo facility - topped up with $100,000 in virtual equity. When you feel ready to go live, you can change the settings on your main account dashboard easily. To buy Bitcoin Cash, you will need to fund your account with the minimum first-time deposit amount required. This is currently $50 for US clients, and between $200 and $1,000 for other parts of the world (minimums subject to change).

    When it comes to making a purchase, you can invest from just $25 into Bitcoin Cash at eToro In terms of payment methods, this is one of the only online brokers we came across that will allow you to deposit using your PayPal account. In addition to the aforementioned e-wallet, you can also use Skrill, Neteller, credit and debit cards, and bank wire transfer.

    Our Rating

    • Easy navigate platform
    • Buy or trade Bitcoin Cash without paying commission
    • Accepts e-wallets and various other payment types
    • No technical analysis offered
    75% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

    2. – Best Bitcoin Cash CFDs for Newbies- Minimum Deposit just $20 has been around for many years, operating under the sharp eye of CySEC and FCA. As such, you know your money isn't falling into the wrong hands - meaning this isn't a disingenuous company, of which there are many. Notably, this is a CFD platform, meaning you are able to trade the value of Bitcoin Cash without having to own and store it.

    As we touched on, this also means you are able to short your chosen BCH pair. We discuss CFDs and what they are all about later on, for anyone lacking trading experience. In the name of diversification, our guide found that you are able to access in excess of 3,000 markets - inclusive of shares, forex, commodities, and other cryptocurrencies.

    This platform charges zero commission, so you will only have to think about the spread when trading here. We found that Bitcoin Cash comes with a spread of 1.27% against USD - based on a sell price of $508.15 and a buy price of $514.65. Trading the value of Bitcoin Cash against Bitcoin on the other hand comes with a spread of around 2% - which is competitive.

    If you would like to practice trading Bitcoin Cash CFDs, you will be given a free demo account - designed to copy real market conditions. This comes packed with $10,000 paper money to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and get used to the platform. When you want to start trading with real money, you only need to deposit $20 to get started.

    Payment methods include a variety of credit and debit cards and e-wallets - not to mention bank transfer. Crucially, if you want to start trading Bitcoin Cash right away, the latter is the slowest way to fund your account due to long processing times. Finally, there are heaps of trading tools to take advantage of at, including technical and economic calendars, webinars, and the latest financial news.

    Our Rating

    • Zero commission to trade Bitcoin Cash and $20 minimum deposit
    • Heaps of trading tools
    • Regulation from FCA and CySEC
    • No Bitcoin Cash fundamental analysis
    82.61% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

    3. AvaTrade – Bitcoin Cash CFDs With Multiple Trading Tools

    This longstanding CFD broker is regulated in six jurisdictions - including the EU, British Virgin Islands, and Australia. As such, this is a very safe platform to trade Bitcoin Cash, and any other asset for that matter. In fact, rumour has it that AvaTrade will be going public later this year - meaning it will become a tradable stock.

    You will not be liable for any commission fees when trading crypto CFDs at AvaTrade. Accordingly, we investigated the spread and found it to be competitive - at 1.25% over-market on bitcoin Cash CFDs in particular. Other markets include bonds, ETFs, indices, stocks. Nevertheless, if you are a newbie who needs more help learning how to trade Bitcoin Cash, you will find a jam-packed educational suite on this platform.

    AvaTrade offers everything from MT4 compatibility to strategies, customizable indicators, and trading video lessons. You will also be given a virtual demo account with $100,000 in virtual money to use. There shouldn't be any problem paying with your preferred payment type here. AvaTrade accepts all sorts from credit and debit cards to wire transfers and e-wallets like Boleto, Skrill, and Neteller. To start trading Bitcoin Cash you only need to deposit a minimum of $100.

    Our Rating

    • Minimum deposit of just $100
    • Regulated by 6 regulatory bodies
    • 0% commission when trading Bitcoin Cash CFDs
    • Admin fee charged after 1 year inactivity
    75% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

    4. EuropeFX – Regulated CFD Broker - Compatible With Various Platforms

    EuropeFX is a great all-rounder, especially for people who have prior trading experience. Here you can trade Bitcoin Cash CFDs under regulation from CySEC - meaning you can expect the usual level of protection offered by such an authority. To trade Bitcoin Cash against USD, you will not have to pay a cent in commission.

    In terms of spreads, we found a floating average of 2 pips advertised by the platform on BCH/USD. Other tradable markets include forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and more cryptocurrencies. EuropeFX is compatible with many platforms including - including MT4. Once you have registered, you can easily link your account to MT4 for the many customizable trading tools available.

    If you would rather not deal with installing software, you might look to use the broker's browser-based platform - EuroTrader 2.0. This is packed with indicators, charts, and adaptable timeframes. The CFD broker also has its own app called eFXGO. Here you can practice trading Bitcoin Cash on a free demo account, customize your own charts, partake in bustling chat rooms, and study technical analysis.

    To get started and trade Bitcoin Cash at EuropeFX, deposit $200 into your new account using a credit or debit card, or bank transfer. Alternatively, you can use an e-wallet like Emerchantpay, Skrill, Neteller, or SafeCharge.

    Our Rating

    • Better suited to seasoned Bitcoin Cash traders
    • Commission-free BCH CFDs
    • Fully regulated by CySEC
    • $25 fee to withdraw funds
    82.61% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with this provider

    Consider Your Bitcoin Cash Strategy

    Having a Bitcoin Cash strategy means having a clear plan in mind moving forward. A good place to start is knowing whether you would like to buy and hold Bitcoin Cash or trade it via leveraged CFDs.

    See the sections below for a better idea of what might suit your trading goals.

    Buy and Hold Bitcoin Cash

    People looking to purchase Bitcoin Cash for long-term capital gains tend to adopt the buy and hold strategy. This will entail purchasing a selection of BCH coin and storing them for months or years. The end goal is to buy low and sell high later on – thus making an attractive profit.

    See a practical example of a buy and hold strategy when investing in Bitcoin Cash:

    • Let’s say that Bitcoin Cash is currently priced at $356
    • Feeling like this is undervalued, you place a $1,000 buy order with your broker
    • Having stored your BCH coins for a little over a year, the crypto-asset is now worth $516
    • As such, Bitcoin Cash has risen by 31%
    • You cash out with a sell order, having made gains of $310 (31% of $1,000 stake)

    We mentioned that you stored your BCH coins for over a year. For those unaware, there are different ways to hold onto your digital currencies. The three most common ways to do this are via a personal crypto-wallet, an exchange, or a regulated cryptocurrency broker.

    If you opt to store your Bitcoin Cash in a wallet, you will be entirely accountable for remembering and looking after the long passkey. Moreover, this means that you will need to think about the personal security of your digital assets to ward off hackers.

    You could also opt to store your BCH coins at a cryptocurrency exchange, although this is widely considered to be the least secure place to keep your investments. After all, they are usually unregulated spaces. In stark contrast, you can store your Bitcoin Cash at a licensed brokerage such as eToro.

    The latter is undoubtedly the safest way to adopt the buy and hold strategy. This is because eToro enables you to securely buy, store, and sell Bitcoin Cash – without paying any commissions. Furthermore, you are able to do so under the protection of the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and FINRA.

    Trade Bitcoin Cash

    By far one of the most favored ways to trade Bitcoin Cash is via Contracts for Differences (CFDs). As we touched on in our brokerage reviews earlier, CFDs enable you to go long or short on an asset. To clarify, if you thought Bitcoin Cash was going to experience a drop in value – you would be able to profit from that with a sell order via a CFD trading platform.

    In this instance, Bitcoin Cash will usually be traded in a pair, against an alternative currency. The pair might include an alternative digital currency like Bitcoin (BCH/BTC), or a fiat currency like US dollars (BCH/USD). The former is known as a crypto-crypto pair, and the latter a crypto-fiat pair.

    See an example below of a Bitcoin Cash CFD trade below:

    • You are analyzing the exchange rate between Bitcoin Cash and the British pound
    • Valued at £370, you foresee a price drop so place a $600 sell order
    • Within 48 hours, BCH/GBP has fallen to £307
    • This illustrates a 17% decrease in value – so you place a buy order to cashout
    • Your gains from this Bitcoin Cash CFD trade are $102 (17% of $600 stake)
    • Crucially, had BCH/GBP gone in the other direction you would have made a loss

    It’s also worth noting that when trading Bitcoin Cash via CFDs, you can often trade with leverage. As such, this allows you to trade with more money than you have in your brokerage account.

    See an example of leverage below, using our earlier BCH/GBP trade:

    • When placing your $600 sell order on BCH/GBP, you are offered 1:2 leverage
    • This elevates your initial $600 position to $1,200
    • As such, your original gains of $102 is doubled to $204

    Leverage is like a loan from your CFD broker and is often offered with such financial contracts as standard. However, some countries will be restricted when it comes to how much can be added – if it is allowed at all. For instance, UK and US citizens can no longer legally access crypto derivatives of this sort.

    Where to Buy Bitcoin Cash

    When thinking about how to buy Bitcoin Cash, also consider where. There are various options available, all of which have been listed below for your convenience.

    Buy Bitcoin Cash Debit Card

    Buying Bitcoin Cash with a debit card isn’t too difficult these days as many online brokers accept it – just beware of the fees. For instance, our guide found that popular crypto-platform Coinbase charges 3.99% on each and every debit card purchase.

    As you can imagine, if you are buying Bitcoin Cash on a regular basis, these fees can build up. At eToro, you can buy Bitcoin Cash with a debit card in seconds – and the only fee payable is 0.5%. In fact, this is only charged if you are not depositing funds in USD.

    Buy Bitcoin Cash Credit Card

    Much like in the case of debit cards, you may come across extra fees when looking to buy Bitcoin Cash via a credit card. As such, when you are studying what charges will be payable, it’s important to not only check with the online broker but your credit card provider.

    One to look out for is the cash advance fee, which can be anywhere from 3 to 5% of the transaction value. Again, at eToro, all that is chargeable to buy Bitcoin Cash is a 0.5% exchange fee – and only if US dollars isn’t your local currency.

    Buy Bitcoin Cash Paypal

    Let’s start by saying that if you wish to use PayPal to buy Bitcoin Cash – you should be aware that it isn’t globally accepted as standard.

    With that said, at eToro you can buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal in less than 10 minutes – whilst paying no extra fees for doing so. Other supported e-wallets include Skrill and Neteller.

    Bitcoin Cash ATMs

    With the goal of revolutionizing the way we buy and sell,  the first crypto ATM was installed in 2013. Fast-forward to 2021 and Bitcoin Cash ATMs are scattered in locations around the world – including Kenya, Argentina, Israel, Madrid, London, Moldovia, and many more.

    For those unaware, these machines enable you to buy BCH coins using local currency. Simply enter the money into the ATM and exchange it for Bitcoin Cash.

    It’s important to be aware that although crypto ATMs sound ultra-convenient – the fees can be outrageous. The charge can be as much as 20% of your purchase. As such, the most cost-effective option is to use a commission-free brokerage to buy Bitcoin Cash – like eToro.

    Bitcoin Cash Strategies

    A word to the wise – don’t even think about how to buy Bitcoin Cash without first coming up with a strategy. After all, the crypto markets are very volatile.

    But, don’t worry –  as there are various things you can do to protect yourself. TO help clear the mist, below we discuss some important strategies to consider when learning how to buy Bitcoin Cash.

    Dollar-Cost Averaging

    Dollar-cost averaging is one of the oldest but simplest strategies in the investment book. To add this system to your Bitcoin Cash investment strategy, think about your goals, cash flow, and outgoings. Next, consider how much you can afford to spend on BCH coins.

    Let’s say, you work out your finances and realize you can afford to buy $120 worth of Bitcoin Cash per month. The best way to embark on dollar-cost averaging with this example budget would be to buy $30 of BCH coins every week. This is a sure-fire way to steadily grow your portfolio in a safe manner and thus – avoid worrying about short-term volatility.

    Buy the Dip

    For those unaware, to ‘buy the dip’ is to invest in Bitcoin Cash when it is experiencing a sudden drop in value.

    See an example below:

    • On Monday, the price of Bitcoin Cash was $510
    • By Friday afternoon, the digital currency has plummeted to a low of $377
    • After performing technical analysis, you believe that this loss in value is temporary, and thus – you identify this as a good time to enter the market
    • As such, you start to purchase Bitcoin Cash via a ‘buy the dip’ strategy

    As you can see, you are purchasing Bitcoin cash whilst it is undervalued, meaning you can sell your coins for more later on once the crypto-asset recovers.


    All seasoned traders and investors will tell you about the importance of diversification – as it’s a great way to create balance within your portfolio.

    For instance, things might not always go to plan when buying Bitcoin Cash – so you might also consider gaining exposure to traditional stocks, forex trading markets, or commodities such as gold and silver. This way, if one asset isn’t performing as well as expected, you haven’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

    Bitcoin Cash Trading Signals

    Bitcoin Cash trading signals are quite the phenomenon amongst both seasoned traders and newbies. Adding crypto signals to your plan enables you to trade in a passive manner. This is because Bitcoin Cash trading signals tell you whether to buy or sell and at what entry price. You will also be provided with a sensible stop-loss and take-profit price.

    For instance, here at Learn 2 Trade, our free trading signals include all of the aforementioned order suggestions and they are sent in real-time via our Telegram group. We choose this method because the app is free, messages are sent to you in real-time, and are secure and encrypted for your privacy.

    How to Buy Bitcoin Cash Online – Full Walkthrough

    Largely for people who have never traded or those who need a recap, we have included a full walkthrough of how to buy Bitcoin Cash from the comfort of your home.

    Today we show you how to complete the investment process with eToro – as the broker will charge you no commission to buy Bitcoin Cash and it is regulated by multiple authorities for your safety.

    Step 1: Sign Up With a Bitcoin Cash Broker

    Head to eToro and look for the ‘Join Now’ button on the main page.

    Next, enter your information as prompted. This will be basic information such as your name, nationality, date of birth, email address, and desired username/password.

    Step 2: Upload Some Identification

    As eToro is regulated, you will also need to adequately prove who you are by uploading your passport or driver’s license.

    Next, you will need to provide a digital copy or scan of a utility or bank statement. You can leave this part of the sign-up process for later, but it will need completing before you can withdraw any account funds.

    Step 3: Deposit Funds Into Your Account

    Before you will be able to buy Bitcoin Cash, you will first need to deposit some money into your new account.

    Look through the drop-down menu or available payment types and select the one you wish to use. Next, you can input the amount you want to deposit and confirm when done.

    Step 4: Buy Bitcoin Cash

    Next, look under the section named ‘Crypto’, or simply use the search facility to find BCH coins to buy.

    Next, input the amount of Bitcoin Cash you would like to purchase and click ‘Set Order’ when done. Don’t forget, you can buy BCH coins from only $25 upwards at eToro  – commission-free!


    If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin Cash hoping to get rich, it’s best to remind yourself of the risks involved. This is why having a strategy in place is crucial.

    Ergo, consider not just purchasing cryptocurrencies but also buying and trading other asset classes entirely – like stocks or gold. In doing so, this diversity will help to protect you against market volatility.

    At eToro, you can easily utilize strategies such as dollar-cost averaging – as the broker will allow you to buy Bitcoin Cash from just $25 upwards. Furthermore, you can diversify your portfolio across more than 2,400 stocks, 49 forex pairs, 250 ETFs, and 15 alternative cryptocurrencies!


    eToro - Buy and Invest in Assets

    Our Rating

    • Buy over 2,400 stocks
    • Trade thousands of CFDs
    • Deposit funds with a debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank account and PayPal
    • Perfect for newbie traders and heavily regulated
    • Only real cryptos are available for US users
    75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.



    What is the minimum amount of Bitcoin Cash you can buy?

    The minimum amount of Bitcoin Cash you can buy will depend on the provider you choose. eToro will facilitate your Bitcoin Cash purchase at a minimum of just $25 - commission-free.

    How much is Bitcoin Cash likely to be worth in 5 years?

    Some crypto experts predict that Bitcoin Cash could be worth as much as $3,067 in 5 years' time. To keep tabs on the probability of this, you can master the art of technical and fundamental analysis.

    Where is the best place to buy Bitcoin Cash?

    Our intensive research found that eToro is the best place to buy Bitcoin Cash. One of the main reasons is the platform is protected by regulatory bodies, so it is safe. Furthermore, there are heaps of commission-free assets to buy and trade - plus, you can invest in Bitcoin Cash from just $25 upwards.

    How can I sell Bitcoin Cash?

    Selling Bitcoin Cash is super easy if done via an online broker. For instance, if you buy and store Bitcoin Cash at eToro, you just need to place a sell order to cash out when ready and the money will be added to your account.

    Can Bitcoin Cash make you rich?

    How much money you can make from buying Bitcoin Cash is dependant on various things such as on how much you are able to stake in the first place and how you time the markets. Overall, for the best chance at success - it's best to learn the ins and outs of the crypto scene and create a strategy including.



    Author : Samantha Forlow

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