Have a passion outside of forex trading


Wanting to earn money or improve your skills as a forex trader does not mean that you have to stay taped to the computer 10 hours a day.

When you have reached your goal of winning or on the contrary that you are in a bad phase by accumulating losing trades, then it may be time to take a step back.

Forex Trading

We are not saying to give up forex trading, no, but have a hobby or another activity that will preferably directly or indirectly improve your business in the markets.

Why a Forex Trader needs to be mentally and physically fit?

To say that a Forex Trader will face regular adversities is a euphemism.

Daily, the winning and losing operations are counted, with the result of a capital gain or loss.

Make no mistake; account reductions can test anyone’s will.

The idea of ​​losing money makes most of the people who work shrink.

However, for anyone wishing to become a successful Forex Trader, it should be seen as part of doing business.

Achieving longevity in the futures market is not an easy task.

However, for those operators that do so, eliminating the variables is a large part of their success.

Being detail-oriented, willing to learn and maintain a positive mindset are personal attributes exhibited by most winning traders.

To become a successful Forex Trader, it is important to excel in these three areas.

How Forex Trader can keep a healthy body and mind?

Various elements affect the health in our everyday life, some cannot be controlled, for example the genetic structure or the passing of the years, but there are others that we can control and that we must modify to improve our lifestyle.

Taking the right initiatives towards a healthier life will level your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, decrease the possibility of chronic and degenerative diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, among others.

Education is a key factor in creating a culture of prevention, where we give fair value to a healthy life. So, that’s why we will give you some practical recommendations for your day to day life.

Practice sports

The commonalities between trading and sport exist, so practicing a sporting activity can be complementary to an activity on the financial markets.

Aside from contributing to good blood circulation, doing sports can help you think, work your reflexes and therefore react more quickly.

In addition, playing sports increases competitiveness, discipline, preparation and patience.

Physical activities have benefits for the body and especially for the heart, bones and weight, whatever the age and as we know that trader is a healthy mind in a healthy body , we have everything to gain to practice any sport (that we appreciate) in his spare time, football , golf  or running , do not hesitate to invest in a regular physical activity.

Reading and music

Forex Trading

It does not matter who your favorite author is or what music you listen to, it’s always interesting to read or listen to how people express themselves and what they have to say.

It is a hobby like any other that stimulates the brain and even makes it more creative.

Whether reading or writing yourself a book or listening or playing music is also good for the brain and stimulating.

Proposed to make a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercises

When you are relaxed, you play sports and eat healthy; your body simply feels good about itself.

For example, when you exercise daily for about 30 minutes, your body produces endorphin, this hormone makes you enter a state of happiness, another hormone produced by exercise is serotonin, a hormone that is able to relieve mood.

So, as tired as you may be from daily stress, it is convenient to exercise daily.

People, who usually do physical activity or exercise live on average 3 and 4 years longer than those who do not –  That is why it is important to develop daily routines within our daily life.

It not only makes you improve your physical appearance, but mental.

Food as a source of energy

A balanced and healthy diet, allows the body to receive the necessary fuel, to recharge energy.

Lean meats, legumes, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, the latter consumed in moderation, due to the high caloric content of some, are ideal, to provide the body with the necessary elements that allow it to manage its energy levels .


From time to time it is good to go out of the trading station and even leave the city or country where you live.

Forgetting trading for a given time and going away for fun while traveling elsewhere is pleasant. Exploring new countries, discovering a culture and going off the beaten track can open your mind.

So when you return to your trading station after a trip, you are more willing to resume trading calmly and healthily.

Being an independent forex trader and traveling around the world can be a hobby, for some traders the journey becomes even more than that and turns into a radical life change.


The majority of forex traders are often alone in front of their trading screens, so they are looking for human contact and enjoy discussing forex trading with other enthusiasts, especially on forex trading forums.

In this case, why stay alone and not share your experience and knowledge with other traders?

Why not teach how to speculate on the markets to a novice?

Outside of trading hours, teaching knowledge to a less experienced enthusiast will be beneficial for him but also for the person who teaches, it will be an opportunity to feel less alone, to be more sociable but also to learn new ones.

Minimize negative emotions

Having a positive mind has great benefits in physical and mental health. Negative emotions must be properly managed to have a full life.

One of the main negative emotional factors of these times is the famous stress.

Excessive stress lowers defenses and increases the risk of illness, as well as making us feel bad. Not only can stress have direct psychological and physical effects, but it can also lead us to an unhealthy lifestyle.

In addition, chronic stress can increase blood pressure, cause anxiety, depression and heart problems.

Do not forget that being cautious and managing negative emotions correctly are important factors in any healthy lifestyle you want to adopt.