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The Best Crypto Lottery 2023 – How to Play?

Samantha Forlow


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Crypto Lottery, whether it’s the UK’s National Lottery or the US’ Mega Millions – lottery games give you the opportunity to win big while keeping stake sizes to an absolute minimum. With that being said, it was only a matter of time before lottery games reached the crypto and blockchain technology arena.

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Such games allow you to buy an entry ticket via popular crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the ball-drawing process itself is typically more transparent that what you’ll find in the offline segment. Moreover, winnings are distributed to successfully ticked holders instantly, so there’s no need to visit your local kiosk to collect your prize.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further – be sure to read our guide on The Best Crypto Lottery of 2023. Within it, we’ll explain the ins and outs of what crypto lottery is, how it works, and which platforms you should consider using in 2023 and beyond.

Note: Although crypto lottery requires super-small stakes to get involved, it is still a form of gambling. As such, only gamble an amount that you can afford to lose.


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What is Crypto Lottery?

In a nutshell, crypto lottery operates largely the same as any other lottery game (such as the UK’s national lottery). The overarching concept is that you buy a ticket, and in return, your ticket will contain a selection of random numbers. When the lottery game starts, the aim is to match as many numbers from your ticket with that of the randomly drawn balls.

The more numbers you match, the more you stand to win. In this sense, there is very little difference between crypto lottery with that of its traditional counterpart. However – and as the name suggests, crypto lottery tickets and winning are fueled by digital currencies, as opposed to fiat currencies like GBP. As is the case with any sector that refrains from engaging with fiat currency, crypto lottery sites are often free from regulatory strongholds.

This means that anybody can play, regardless of where you are from. Moreover, some crypto lottery sites will utilize Provably Fair to generate the winning balls. While we’ll cover this in more detail later, this means that the ball generation process is 100% guaranteed for its fairness – and the results can be verified by anyone that wishes to do so.

Among a number of other benefits, crypto lottery games typically distribute a much larger proportion of the prize fund to winning players. In fact, the best crypto lottery platforms will distribute 100% of the prize pool to winning tickets. This is in stark contrast to the UK’s National Lottery – which often gives less than 50% of total ticket proceeds to winning players.

What are the Pros and Cons of Crypto Lottery?

The Pros

  • Some crypto sites give 100% of ticket proceeds to winning players
  • Platforms often utilize Provably Fair to generate winning balls
  • Ticket prices from as low as £0.50
  • Winnings distributed instantly
  • A number of sites get their winning balls from offline lottery games

The Cons

  • Much of the crypto lottery space operates in an unregulated manner


How Does Crypto Lottery Work?

If you’ve never played the crypto lottery before, we are now going to give you a step-by-step breakdown of how the process typically works.

🥇 Step 1: Choose a Crypto Lottery Site

First and foremost, you will need to choose a crypto lottery site that meets your needs. While some platforms are good for offering daily lotto games, others excel in the jackpot department. Either way, you need to assess what you are looking for in a crypto lottery site before opening a new account.

To help you along the way, we’ve listed some of the main factors that you need to look out for prior to choosing a crypto lottery site further down in our guide. Alternatively, we’ve also listed our top three crypto lottery sites of 2023 if you don’t have the time to perform your own research.

🥇 Step 2: Open an Account

Once you have chosen your preferred crypto lottery site, you’ll then need to open an account. Unlike a traditional gambling website – which is fraught with regulatory red-tape, crypto lottery sites often require just an email address from you.

Other than that, choose a username and a strong password to complete the account opening process.

🥇 Step 3: Deposit Funds

Unless you are using a free crypto lottery site – which are few and far between these days, you will need to deposit some funds. This is so you are able to purchase a crypto lottery ticket. As you are using a crypto-centric platform, you will need to deposit a digital currency.

In most cases, you’ll be able to deposit funds with one of the following cryptocurrencies:

With that said, some crypto lottery sites accept less popular coins, so be sure to check this out before signing up. You’ll then need to obtain your unique deposit address for the coin that you wish to fund your account with. Finally, paste the deposit address into your private crypto wallet, transfer the funds, and your account should be credited within 10 minutes.

🥇 Step 4: Buy a Crypto Lotto Ticket

If you are using a specialist crypto lottery site, you’ll likely have a range of games to choose from. This might cover a weekly jackpot game or a daily game with lower prizes. Either way, you will need to purchase a ticket to enter the game.

Note: Make sure that you understand the real-world ticket price of the crypto lottery game in question, as prices will always be displayed in digital currencies, and not fiat currencies like GBP.

Some lotto games allow you to enter from the crypto-equivalent of just £0.50, and you can buy as many tickets as you wish. For each ticket that you purchase, you will be assigned a fixed amount of random numbers.

🥇 Step 5: Check if you Hold a Winning Ticket

Once your respective crypto lottery game starts, the platform will randomly draw the winning numbers. In most cases, you will win a prize by matching at least 3 numbers. The more numbers you manage to match, the more you will win. If you match all of the numbers on a single ticket, you’ll likely win the jackpot.

If you do hold a winning ticket, the funds will be distributed to your account instantly. You can then use the funds to buy more crypto lottery tickets, or withdraw them back to your private wallet.

How are Crypto Lottery Balls Generated?

So now that you know how crypto lottery sites work, we are now going to explore how platforms generate winning numbers. After all, you need to understand the underlying ball-drawing process to ensure the game is 100% true and fair.

In most cases, the balls are drawn in one of two ways – which we’ve discussed in more detail below.

Provably Fair Crypto Lottery Games

In-line with the decentralized nature of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum – the best crypto lottery sites utilize Provably Fair when generating winning numbers. For those unaware, Provably Fair is widely used in the crypto casino space – and its overarching purpose is to ensure that gaming outcomes are 100% fair.

Not only this, but Provably Fair is based on the blockchain protocol, so each and every outcome can be independently verified by anyone that wishes to do so.

Note: Without getting too technical, the process involves taking a ‘seed’ from the player, and a seed from the platform. This then creates an immutable hash that generates a gaming outcome via code.

The outcome cannot be manipulated by either the player or the crypto lottery site – so it guarantees a fair and level playing field for all parties involved. Ultimately, by using a crypto lottery site that generates its balls via Provably Fair, there is never any doubt on the legitimacy of the results.

Crypto Lottery Games That Mirror Offline Results

Some platforms have opted against the Provably Fair ball-generation option, and instead, obtain their winning balls from traditional offline games. For example, a crypto lottery game might mirror the winning results from the UK’s National Lottery or the US’ Mega Millions. In doing so, the platform has no input on the winning results.

Instead, it merely copies the balls generated in its respective offline counterpart. Although there is no way for you as the player to verify the legitimacy of the ball-drawing process, offline lotteries are heavily regulated. As such, you should have no concerns with crypto lottery sites that choose to obtain their winning numbers in this manner.

Crypto Lotto Games: Stakes, Odds and Prizes

The specific stakes, odds, and prizes of crypto lottery games will vary from provider-to-provider, as well as from game-to-game. In terms of the odds of you winning, this will typically depend on the total number of balls in the draw, as well as the number of numbers on each ticket.

With that being said, we can give you an idea of what your chances of winning are by taking the industry average – which is 49 balls in the draw, and 6 numbers per ticket.

Odds of Winning in a 49-Ball Game

🥇 Matching All 6 Numbers: 13,983,816/1

🥇 Matching 5 Numbers: 55,492/1

🥇Matching 4 Numbers: 1,033/1

🥇Matching 3 Numbers: 57/1

As you can see from the above example, the chances of matching all six numbers from a single ticket are super-low. However, that’s just the nature of a lottery game – as you stand the chance of winning a life-changing amount of money from stakes as low at £0.50.

It is also important to note that the specific odds of winning will not match the respective payout. For example, although your chances of matching 3 numbers are 57/1, you will likely receive much less than this on a winning ticket. This is especially the case if heaps of other players also match 3 numbers, with prizes being shared equally.

Crypto Lottery Payouts

When it comes to lotto game payouts, this will once again vary from game-to-game. However, to give you an idea of how the prize distribution process works, check out the following example.

  1. You are playing a crypto lotto game with a total of 50 balls, and 5 numbers on each ticket.
  2. The game pays out on tickets that match 3, 4, or 5 numbers.
  3. The prize distribution model is 20%, 30%, and 50% – respectively
  4. In total, the game has sold £10,000 worth of tickets.
  5. This means that the prize for 3, 4, or 5 numbers is £2,000, £3,000, £5,000.

As per the above example, if you managed to match all 5 numbers, you would stand the chance of winning £5,000. We say “chance”, because you could win less than this, even though you matched all 5 numbers. This is because crypto lotto games use a “pool” system, meaning that should more than one player win a certain prize, the winnings must be shared equally.

For example, if you and another player both matched all 5 numbers, then the £5,000 prize would be split both ways. This means you would win £2,500, which is 50% of the allocation.

Stake Sizes

Stake sizes will also vary from game-to-game. As crypto lottery games only deal in digital currencies, you might be required to calculate the real-world stake before purchasing a ticket. For example, instead of advertising a ticket sale price of £1, the platform would display it as “0.00011 BTC”.

As such, make sure you understand the fiat-currency equivalent of the ticket price prior to making a purchase, as an extra decimal point would amplify the stake by a factor of 10!

How do I Choose a Crypto Lottery Site?

So now that you have a firm understanding of what crypto lottery is, how it works, and how the ball-generation process functions – you now need to find a platform that meets your needs. To help you along the way, we are now going to discuss the factors that you need to look out for prior to joining a crypto lottery site for the first time.

Note: If you don’t have the required time to perform your own research, you’ll find our top three crypto lotto site recommendations in the next section.

🥇 Reputation

First and foremost, you need to do some digging on the reputation of the crypto lottery site in question. Why? Well, most crypto lotto platforms operate in an unregulated manner. This means that there is always an element of risk in parting with your money, so do bear this in mind.

With that said, we would suggest sticking with crypto lottery sites that have a track record that spans at least a few years, as well as an excellent reputation in the public domain. It might be worth perusing through forums like Reddit to see how other players rate the site.

🥇 Support Coins

While most crypto lottery platforms will support popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there might come a time where you wish to deposit funds with an alternative digital currency. As such, explore what cryptocurrencies the platform accepts prior to opening an account.

🥇 Prize Distribution Percentage

As we briefly noted earlier, offline lottery games like the UK’s National Lottery often distribute less than 50% of ticket proceeds to winning players. The vast majority of the balance is distributed to charity, with some going to the government in the form of taxation. Whether or not you agree with that is your prerogative.

However, if you prefer playing lottery games with a much larger prize pot, crypto lotto sites often distribute 100% of ticket proceeds to winning players. As such, explore the prize distribution percentage prior to signing up with the crypto lotto site.

🥇 Withdrawals

When it comes to winning tickets, the proceeds will always be sent to your account balance as soon as the game concludes. However, you also need to assess what the withdrawal process is like. We prefer crypto lotto sites that process withdrawal requests autonomously.

This means that the funds will be transferred to your private crypto wallet as soon as the withdrawal request is made, meaning you’ll likely receive the winnings in less than 10 minutes.

🥇 Ball-Drawing Process

Crypto lottery sites will draw their balls in one of two ways. If you want to engage in crypto lotto games in its purest form, then it might be best to use a site that utilizes Provably Fair. This will allow you to verify the authenticity of the winning balls whenever you see fit.

Alternatively, some platforms will mirror the winning balls of offline lottery games like the UK’s National Lottery. If you’d prefer to watch the winning balls in action from the comfort of your own home, then this might be the best option for you.

Best Crypto Lottery Sites 2023

Don’t have the time to find your own crypto lotto site through enhanced due diligence? If so, below we’ve listed our top three crypto lotto platforms of 2023.


In summary, although crypto lotto games share some similarities with their real-world counterparts, the former offers a number of benefits. For example, you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds instantly, and in most cases, you can open an account anonymously. This means that you will not be required to upload any ID documents. Moreover, a number of platforms utilize Provably Fair technology – meaning that the fairness of each game can be independently verified.

With that being said, you still need to tread carefully when playing crypto lottery. Crucially, most platforms operate in an unregulated manner, meaning that your money is never 100% safe. Ultimately, we would suggest performing enhanced research on your chosen crypto lotto site prior to depositing any funds. In doing so, you’ll give yourself the best chance possible of avoiding an unsavoury platform.

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How much can I win on a crypto lotto game?

This will vary from provider-to-provider, as well as game-to-game. For example, while some crypto lotto sites pay up to 80% of ticket proceeds as the jackpot prize, others stand at just 50%.

How do I buy a crypto lotto ticket?

Once you have opened an account with your chosen crypto lotto site, you will then need to deposit funds. This works in the same way as depositing funds at a third-party cryptocurrency exchange - insofar that you'll need to transfer coins from your private wallet. Once you do, you can then buy a crypto lotto ticket.

How are crypto lotto balls drawn?

This depends on the platform. Some sites utilize Provably Fair, meaning that the balls are drawn via cryptographic technology. In other cases, sites will mirror the winning balls from traditional offline lottery games - like the US' Mega Millions.

Can I watch my crypto lotto game live?

You will only be able to watch your crypto lotto game live if the platform mirrors the winning numbers of traditional offline games. If they do, you can watch the balls being drawn live on TV!

What coins do crypto lotto sites support?

In most cases, crypto lotto sites will always support Bitcoin. However, some sites go even further by supporting a number of other coins - such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.

Are there any free crypto lotto games?

When the crypto lotto phenomenon was still in its infancy, a number of platforms would host weekly free games. However, this is much more of a rarity these days, so you'll likely need to purchase a ticket to play.

How do I withdraw my crypto lotto winnings?

If you're lucky enough to be holding a winning ticket, the funds will be credited to the account of your crypto lotto site. Once it is, you can then withdraw the funds back to your private wallet.