Is BitSignal a Scam or Legit Trading System? Find out here!


BitSignal reportedly offers a stress-free and highly profitable way to trade bitcoin. It’s an intelligent computer program that analyzes market data and bets on BTC prices with high supposed accuracy.

Users are required to sign up on BitSignal website and deposit as little as $250. The trading system uses this amount to make bets on BTC against over 60 currencies. On a good day, BitSignal can reportedly generate a profit of up to $600 from a deposit of $250.

But is it legit? We have done all the necessary checks and prepared this unbiased review for you. Read it to the end to learn if BitSignal is worth your money and time.

BitSignal is undoubtedly legit and perhaps profitable. Even so, it carries significant risk just like any other crypto trading tool, and hence extra precaution should be taken when using it.

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  • Reportedly 79%+ of users are profitable
  • Leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start trading with as little as $/£250
Your capital is at risk.

BitSignal Review Summary

Learn2Trade takes into account five factors when determining if a trading robot is legit. These include transparency, reputation, regulation, platforms, safety, and customer service.

A legit trading robot should score highly in all these metrics. We conclude that BitSignal is highly transparent after confirming that its trading ecosystem is powered by blockchain. The blockchain technology allows smooth peer to peer transactions.

BitSignal transparency is also demonstrated in its willingness to disclose its pricing. This trading system only charges a 2% commission on profits. It doesn’t charge any registration or deposit and withdrawal fees. Moreover, it operates through purely ECN brokers.

These brokers charge competitive spreads and no commissions. These prices shouldn’t worry about the user since they are insignificant, given the performance potential. We didn’t find any complaints about hidden fees.

On reputation, BitSignal is perhaps the most reviewed trading system on the internet today. It has nearly 50,000 reviews on most platforms including TrustPilot and ForexPeace Army. Most of the reviewers report that it’s easy to use and profitable.

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BitSignal also scores highly on safety. Its platforms are powered by top-level encryption. Moreover, it seems compliant with data privacy measures such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Its partner brokers are also tightly regulated in all jurisdictions of operation. Broker regulation is a crucial data privacy protection measure.

BitSignal offers 24/7 customer services through its phone lines, live chat, and email. The services are available in multiple languages covering English, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish.

What is BitSignal?

BitSignal is simply a web-based service where you can register to participate in automated bitcoin trading.

The web-service involves a super-intelligent computer algorithm analyzing tons of data to predict future BTC prices. BitSignal offers over 60 BTC to fiat and crypto pairs. These include highly popular pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and BTC/GBP.

The big data analysis ensures precise decision making. BitSignal can analyze data sets that would take a human an entire week to analyze within a fraction of a second. The high-speed data analysis ensures that trades are implemented before the markets can factor in the information.

BitSignal uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves the bot gleaning trading signals from hundreds of historical trading charts. This technique is all about identifying patterns that are likely to repeat themselves in the markets.

Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, mostly involves news trading. In news trading, BitSignal algorithms scan the internet, including social media to identify news that are likely to drive the markets.

The algorithms depend on a subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make meaning of the human language. It can filter through news and only act on those from reputable sources.

News trading is reportedly highly profitable but it also comes at a risk. We strongly recommend extra precaution when trading with a news trading robot. Always invest what won’t cause devastation in the event of a loss.

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  • Reportedly 79%+ of users are profitable
  • Leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start trading with as little as $/£250
Your capital is at risk.

How does BitSignal work?

Trading with BitSignal is tremendously easy. You only need to create a free account on their website and fund it with at least USD250 in capital.

The trading robot will do the trading for you while you continue with what you love doing best. You can leave it to run unmonitored for up to 8 hours daily but you must end the trading session at the end of the day.

BiSignal trades market volatility. This means that its performance is high during periods of increased volatility. The best time to trade with it is between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT. This time zone brings about high market volatility due to BTC related derivatives trading on Wall Street.

The reason we insist that you end trading at 4:00 PM EDT is that the markets close then. Failure to end the trading session may result in rollover costs.

BitSignal relies on quality robot brokers. These brokers offer extremely powerful order implementation systems for instant order execution. Instant order execution prevents slippage, which refers to orders being implemented at a price that is different than the ordered one.

Slippage can either be negative or positive. Negative slippage occurs when an order is placed at a worse off-price while positive slippage occurs when the order is placed at a better price. The best way to avoid negative slippage is to avoid slippage entirely.

The steps below will get you started with BitSignal

Open Free Account

Visit BitSignal website and register

Go to BitSignal official website and create a free account. You will need to provide your name as it appears on your ID and working contact details for your account to be approved.

ID verification through the underlying broker is mandatory. It’s a regulatory requirement for all legit brokers to verify the ID of their users.

Deposit trading capital through the underlying broker

The minimum trading balance required is USD250. You can deposit more for increased ROI. However, remember the risk and invest wisely.

Deposits can be through wire or any debit and credit card. Some of the BitSignal brokers may also support e-wallets such as Skrill.

Trade on a demo account

The BitSignal demo prepares you for live trading. It comes with $5000 in virtual capital and all the functionalities found in the live account.

You need at least 40 minutes to test the waters through the demo. The results of the live account are usually not very far from the demo.

Trade on a live account

Live trading with BitSignal is a breeze if you have taken the time to master the trading guide. You need less than 15 minutes daily to set your account for live trading.

BitSignal will do the rest for you as you do what makes you happy. You can automate all functions, including withdrawals.

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  • Reportedly 79%+ of users are profitable
  • Leverage up to 5000:1
  • Start trading with as little as $/£250
Your capital is at risk.

Is BitSignal a scam or not? The Verdict!

We have reviewed BitSignal and its legit and could be highly profitable. This trading system is reportedly among the pioneers in the application of HFT techniques in BTC trading.

BitSignal trades BTC CFDs on over 65 pairs that include both fiat and crypto. Popular pairs include BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and BTC/ETH. BitSignal has partnered with top quality robot brokers to offer a seamless trading experience.

These brokers offer leverage of up to 5000:1 hence allowing users to place huge orders with little capital. This magnifies the bottom line, albeit at increased risk. We cannot overemphasize on the need to trade with what you can afford to lose.

Try your luck with BitSignal now by signing up for a free account through the link below. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to review a specific trading tool for you.

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Is BitSignal a scam?

We have taken a deep dive on BitSignal, and it's not a scam. Moreover, it seems to be highly likely to be profitable.

How much can I make in a day of using BitSignal?

That depends on factors such as how much you invest, the trading conditions, and the risk control tools applied. A good day can bring an ROI of up to 60%.

Does BitSignal offer a demo account?

Yes! BitSignal offers an intuitive demo to help you test the waters before going live. We recommend that you make use of it.

Is BitSignal a regulated trading system?

BitSignal is monitored through its partner brokers. All its partner brokers appear to be regulated in most jurisdictions of operation.

How do I download the BitSignal trading app?

You need to be a registered user to access the BitSignal trading app.A download link will be shared via email.