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Is BitQZ a Scam or Legit Auto-trading System? The $250 Test!



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If you are looking for ways to make money online, then the BitQZ trading system could be all you need. This system automatically generates crazy profits by placing bets on crypto volatility.

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Thousands of users review it as the best bitcoin trading tool for 2021. With BitQZ, you could earn a decent daily income by investing as little as USD250.

Tens of thousands of people have reportedly tried BitQZ, and the majority report earning handsome daily profits. Amazingly, zero trading expertise is required to use this platform. The million-dollar question is whether BitQZ is legit and profitable, as the reviewers claim.

Our technical team has conducted in-depth legitimacy tests on this trading system. This review presents our findings and tips to maximize potential.

BitQZ Review 2021 – Key findings

We take into several factors when determining the trustworthiness of a trading system. These factors include the robot’s reputation, trading platforms safety, partner brokers, customer service, and ease of use.

BitQZ scores highly on reputation, with thousands of users rating it extremely well on performance. This trading system has over ten thousand reviews on Forex Peace Army. Surprisingly, nearly 99% of the reviewers report a positive outcome.

The majority of users report starting with a deposit of USD250. From the reviews, this amount could grow to thousands of dollar within days. A trading account with a balance of $2000 could generate up to $900 daily.

Compounding the daily profits from such an account could turn you into a dollar millionaire in a few months. BitQZ performance is tied to crypto volatility, with the bot performing optimally during high price swings.

This platform also scores extremely well on our safety tests. It has both website and server-side encryption. Moreover, BitQZ complies with data privacy laws in most jurisdictions, including the EU. Further background checks reveal that this platform only works with tested and proven brokers.

These brokers connect the trading system to the world’s best liquidity pools. Moreover, they handle transactions with clients on behalf of the robot. BitQZ has 24/7 customer support. You can reach out to them via a live chat, phone, or email.

The trading system assigns all new users a dedicated account manager to guide them through signup and trading.

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What is BitQZ?

Bitcoin is the money of the future. It’s gaining massive adoption at insane speeds, with mainstream institutions accepting it as a mode of payment.

For instance, Tesla has recently invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin and announced that it would be accepting it as a mode of payment.

Big corporations such as Microsoft, Home Depot, KFC, Name Cheap, Starbucks, and many others also accept payment via bitcoin. Bitcoin is not only an exchange of value but an asset that can be traded.

Big banks such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, BNY Mellon, and Citigroup have bitcoin in their trading portfolios. Best performing hedge funds such as Charles Schwab also have bitcoin in their portfolio.


Amazingly, the big banks and hedge funds are using AI-driven automated trading systems to speculate on bitcoin. BitQZ is an automated bitcoin trading system founded on the same principles as those used by big banks.

Nearly all of the bitcoin trading systems are out of reach for ordinary people. BitQZ aims to bridge the gap by offering an affordable trading solution to the masses. You don’t pay a dime to sign up and trade with BitQZ.

This trading bot only takes a 2% commission on profits generated. This means you don’t pay anything until you make money.

How does BitQZ work?

The concept of auto-trading isn’t that hard to grasp, even for the complete beginner. You are probably aware of automation and its impact on most industries.

Most industries today are automating most of their tasks through advanced computer-driven machines. In finance, computer programs that can conduct both investment and trading functions are all the rage.

These systems aren’t only outperforming professional traders but are doing so at a much lower cost. Professional fund managers charge a fund management fee of up to 5% on top of a 20% commission on profits. The majority of trading and investment systems only charge a small commission on profits.

BitQZ is a trading algorithm equipped with top HFT strategies and powered by AI to derive quality signals from big data. This bot utilizes a technique known as scalping to simultaneously place bets on bitcoin.

BitQZ can place up to 20 trades per minutes at an alleged win rate of up to 95%. This makes it a top auto-trading system for bitcoin. As we will see below, we have tested BitQZ and found adequate proof to support its legitimacy.

This trading platform has all it takes to make users rich. However, there is no profitability guarantee. You could lose money, especially if you fail to observe the provided trading instructions.

How do I get started with BitQZ?

This trading platform should be easy to use. As mentioned earlier, all the trading functions with BitQZ are automated.

This means that you don’t need to be an experienced trader to use it. However, you must be ready to follow instructions to use it. These instructions are available in a video tutorial. You will find this video on the trading resources page after signup.

BitQZ offers enough trading resource to help you prepare fully before going live. Take the time to go through these resources before starting a live session. Remember that failure to adjust the settings appropriately could lead to losses.

Register a free trading account

BitQZ is available in the EU, Australia, North America, and some parts of Africa and the Middle East. You may not access it from the US or any other country that implements strict regulations on retail CFDs trading.

It’s free to signup even though only a few slots are offered daily. Register immediately if you can secure a slot on the first attempt. Keep trying your luck if not.

BitQZ trades through over 15 partner brokers. You will be assigned to one of these brokers on registration. Authenticate your BitQZ account by verifying your details with them. Please note that these brokers handle all transactions on behalf of BitQZ.

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Fund your trading account


You can only deposit and withdraw through the assigned broker. It takes a few seconds for the deposit to reflect in your trading account.

BitQZ partner brokers mostly accept account funding via Wire Transfer, debit and credit cards, and some e-wallets such as WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller. The assigned broker does not charge any deposit fees.

BitQZ and its partner brokers have adequate deposit safety measures in place.  You, therefore, do not have to worry about losing money through fraud.

Take the demo test and go live

After deposit, you can now go to the demo and live trading platforms. The demo is very important since it gives you a risk-free tour of the platform.

You will find live trading quite easy if you take the time to read the trading guide and test the various settings on the demo.

Take time to master the risk control features. You will need to set the Take Profit and Stop Loss features manually before starting a live session. Watch the tutorial on the resources page to understand the role of these tools.

Also, take the provided risk appetite test to fully prepare for live trading. You will find live trading quite a walk in the park if you dedicate enough time to prepare. Set your account as learned during the demo and toggle the live button.

BitQZ will trade for you as you sit back and relax or continue with your day to day errands. Please do not forget about the risks present in crypto trading. Invest wisely!

Is BitQZ worth my money? Final word!

We have put BitQZ under scrutiny and concluded that it’s a legit and perhaps highly profitable auto-trading system. Tens of thousands of clients continue to review it extremely well on top review platforms such as TrustPilot.

BitQZ is rated as revolutionary and is reportedly the best bitcoin trading tool in 2021. This trading robot has reportedly changed the lives of thousands of users. New registrations with BitQZ are limited, and therefore you must keep trying your luck.

Visit the official BitQZ website here and signup for a free trading account. Only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.

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