Bitcoin Trader Review 2022: Can you make money with this trading system?



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Tens of thousands of users review Bitcoin Trader as a highly profitable auto-trading system. The system ranks among the most popular bitcoin-related subjects on Google Trends.

But is Bitcoin Trader a scam or legit platform? We did a thorough background check to find out and have prepared this comprehensive review for you. Bitcoin Trader scores extremely well in our checklist for legitimacy. 

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  • Reported daily profits of up to 400%
  • Start with as little as $/£250
  • Leverage of up to 3000:1
  • 65%+ of users profitable
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Trading carries risk.

We have looked into factors such as transparency, reputation, safety, ease of use and customer service to determine if this robot is legit. Read on for an in-depth discussion of our findings.

Bitcoin Trader is reportedly extremely profitable, but this doesn’t mean its risk-free. We, therefore, insist that you invest wisely.

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    bitcoin trader review

    Key Points to note About Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader was founded in 2014. This makes it the oldest AI-powered bitcoin trading system. Below are some interesting points about this trading robot.

    • Bitcoin Trader generated more millionaires in the crypto boom of 2017 than any other trading tool.
    • The system automates the entire bitcoin trading process, therefore making trading easy for all. No expertise is needed to use Bitcoin Trader.
    • Bitcoin Trader is license-free and only requires a $250 capital deposit to run. Its closest competitors require thousands of dollars in license fees.
    • At least 65% of Bitcoin Trader users are reportedly profitable. Half of the users report making money from the first day of using the robot.
    • Bitcoin Trader has partnered with reputable brokers in the UK and Australia to offer users a seamless trading experience.
    • All transactions on Bitcoin Up happen through its stringently regulated brokers. This is enough guarantee of this platform’s commitment to users’ safety.

    Bitcoin Trader provides an extremely easy and highly profitable way to trade bitcoin. It’s rated by experts as revolutionary and is widely discussed on social media.

    An analysis of user feedback on social media confirms that the majority of its users have no background in trading. You can reportedly start making money right away by signing up with this robot.

    What is Bitcoin Trader?

    Bitcoin Trader popularity has shot through the roof in the last few months due to the forecasted crypto boom of 2021.

    But what is it, and how does it work? You are probably aware that automation has been taking over jobs in most industries. In finance, trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader are taking over trading functions once performed by experts.

    These intelligent machines are powered by Artificial Intelligence. They can, therefore analyze data and forecast future price movements with high accuracy. Big banks and hedge funds have been committing billions of dollars to the AI-powered trading system.

    Bitcoin Trader is the first AI-powered system for trading bitcoin. It’s also said to be the easiest to use and most profitable. Most of its close competitors have a lower daily ROI and require hefty license fees to run.

    With Bitcoin Trader, you only need at least USD250 in trading capital. The only fee associated with this trading system is a 2% commission on profits. This means that the company behind the robot only makes money when users are profitable.

    Trading robots have proven to be cheaper and more lucrative than even the best hedge fund managers. A typical hedge fund manager in Wall Street charges commissions of up to 20% on top of a 4% account management fee. This means that they make money irrespective of whether the client is profitable.

    The high fees and lacklustre performance explain why most investors prefer trading systems. Bitcoin Trader is attracting huge followership with nearly 500k inactive users as of November 2020.

    How does Bitcoin Trader work?

    Bitcoin Trader trades automatically through AI algorithms founded on tested and proven trading strategies. The robot applies techniques such as scalping to trade even the slightest market movements.

    Scalping is known to be extremely profitable in highly leveraged trading. Bitcoin Trader users enjoy the leverage of up to 3000:1. This means that users can earn bet take a market position worth $3000 for every $1 invested.

    A trading account with USD250 can trade positions worth up to $750,000 (250*3000). The more a trader is willing to deposit, the higher the potential returns they can generate.

    Register a free account

    Signing up with this trading system is easy. Click here to visit the bitcoin trader registrationBitcoin Trader homepage and register a free account using the provided form.

    You will be linked to an underlying broker in this step. Verify ID with them as required and click the proceed button. User ID verification is an important measure implemented by regulators to prevent money laundering.

    Deposit at least $250 with the broker

    Fund your account with at least USD250 through the linked broker. You can make a bank transfer or use any major debit or credit card.

    E-wallets such as Neteller, WebMoney, and Skill may also apply with some brokers. There are no deposit fees with Bitcoin Trader partner brokers. Moreover, there is no upper limit to how much you can invest.

    Even so, we strongly recommend starting small and taking the gradual steps of growth via reinvestments.

    Trade on a demo account

    Bitcoin Trade demo is only accessible to registered users. It’s a perfect simulation of the live account. This means that it reflects what to expect in live trading.

    With the demo, you get to test your understanding of the platform with $10,000 in virtual capital. The platform runs on historical market data to create a real trading experience. Markets are cyclical, and hence the results achieved through the demo are reflective of live trading.

    Take at least an hour on the demo and make sure that you have watched the Bitcoin Trader video tutorial before going live.

    Start a live trading session

    This step should be simple if you have taken time to practice. Set the Take Profit and Stop Loss features, as explained in the trading tutorial video and start live trading.

    Let Bitcoin Trader run for not less than 8 hours daily to get maximum returns out of it. Keep checking your email for volatility events updates. Bitcoin Trader tends to perform extremely well during highly volatile market events.

    Bitcoin Trader and Celebrities

    Some celebrity entrepreneurs are rumoured to have invested hundreds of millions in Bitcoin Trader. However, we haven’t managed to establish if these claims are true. We will update this review as soon as Bitcoin Trader confirms these claims.

    • Elon Musk Bitcoin – The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, is a big lover of technology. He has disclosed that he owns some bitcoins. However, we haven’t seen any evidence to support the Bitcoin Trader investment claims.
    • Richard Branson Bitcoin – The founder of Virgin Atlantic, is also a lover of emerging tech and a big proponent of Bitcoin. However, it’s still not clear whether he has invested in the Bitcoin Trader AI system.
    • Kate Garraway Bitcoin – There is also a rumour claiming that Kate Garraway has invested with Bitcoin Trader. The host of the Good Morning Britain show is also said to have endorsed the trading system.

    Celebrity rumours should never be relied upon when making investment decisions. It is crucial to always conduct enough due diligence before settling on a platform.

    Is Bitcoin Trader Legit and Profitable? The Verdict!

    We find Bitcoin Trader to be legit. It also has positive feedback from users and is therefore profitable. Bitcoin Trader boasts of daily ROI of up to 500%.

    The majority of those who have reviewed it on independent consumer feedback platforms confirm this level of profitability. At least 60% of the 20k reviews on TrustPilot indicate that this trading system is insanely profitable.

    Bitcoin Trader is a volatility trading system and therefore doesn’t involve the physical buying of BTC. This means that users are not required to own crypto wallets. They also do not have to go through the tedious BTC buying process on crypto exchanges.

    You can try Bitcoin Trader by clicking the signup link below. Remember that trading on an HFT trading system such as this one carries significant risk. Do not trade with what you cannot afford to lose.

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    bitcoin trader logo
    • Reported daily profits of up to 400%
    • Start with as little as $/£250
    • Leverage of up to 3000:1
    • 65%+ of users profitable
    bitcoin trader logo
    Trading carries risk.


    Is Bitcoin Trader a scam?

    No! Background checks on Bitcoin Trader reveal that it’s highly transparent and reputable. Moreover, it only partners with reputable and well-regulated brokers.

    Does Bitcoin Trader charge license fees?

    No! Bitcoin Trader doesn’t charge any other fees apart from a 2% commission on profits. However, trading fees apply through the underlying robot brokers.

    Is Bitcoin Trader a Profitable Trading System?

    Yes! Bitcoin Trader has proven to be handsomely profitable. It is said to generate a ROI of up to 500% daily. Only a handful of investments can generate such a high ROI.

    Does Bitcoin Trader have a trading app?

    Bitcoin Trader is only available in web-trader.  The web-trader is accessible from most types of browsers both on desktop and mobile devices.

    How do I withdraw my profits?

    Click the 'withdraw' button on Bitcoin Trader dashboard to be redirected to the underlying broker's withdrawal page. Simply click withdraw and it will be processed within a few hours.