Bitcoin Supreme Review: Is it Profitable or a scam? Find out here!



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Bitcoin Supreme reportedly offers a simpler and more profitable way to invest in bitcoin. This trading robot is equipped with powerful AI algorithms.

Our Crypto Signals
L2T Algo
  • Up To 70 Signals Monthly
  • Copy Trading
  • More Than 70% Success Rate
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  • 10 Minute Setup


Crypto Signals – 1 Month
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  • Entry, Take Profit & Stop Loss
  • Amount to Risk Per Trade
  • Risk Reward Ratio
  • VIP Telegram Group


Crypto Signals – 3 Months
  • Up to 5 Signals Sent Daily
  • 76% Success Rate
  • Entry, Take Profit & Stop Loss
  • Amount to Risk Per Trade
  • Risk Reward Ratio
  • VIP Telegram Group


These algorithms are reportedly insanely accurate. At least nine out of ten trades placed by Bitcoin Supreme are said to be profitable. Moreover, the robot is easy to use for all since it automates all the technical trading functions.

But is Bitcoin Supreme legit? We have investigated Bitcoin Supreme thoroughly and prepared this detailed review. Bitcoin Supreme is legit and maybe the ideal tool for trading bitcoin. Read this review to the end to learn why.

But first things first, it’s worth mentioning that Bitcoin Supreme runs on autopilot. This means that you can trade with the robot successfully even if you have never traded before. We may use some trading lingo in this review to explain key functionalities.

This should not stop you from trading with this robot since you don’t have to understand everything.

Bitcoin Supreme Review – Key Points

We have analyzed Bitcoin Supreme thoroughly, and it seems worthwhile. This trading system seems popular with tens of expert reviews and thousands of user reviews.

For instance, it’s rated 4.2/5 on ForexPeaceArmy after nearly fifty thousand reviews. This makes it the most reviewed trading platform on the internet. The majority of Bitcoin Supreme users seem satisfied with its reported profitability.

There are also enough reviews to show that this trading system is surprisingly easy to use. You only need to sign up on Bitcoin Supreme and deposit the required capital, and the robot will do the rest for you.

Bitcoin Supreme reportedly has a daily ROI of up to 60%. If this is the case, then it’s among the most profitable investments today. The robot is said to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conduct trading research.

AI is at the core of automation with intelligent machines performing tasks that were once only performed by experts. Trading robots have proven to perform better than professional wealth managers since they can derive insights from big data at high speed and accuracy.

Moreover, they are cheaper than professional traders. Professional traders mostly charge a trading fee of up to 5% and commissions of up to 20%. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Supreme only charge zero trading fees and a 2% commission.

Robot trading fees shouldn’t be confused with broker fees. Bitcoin Supreme trades through purely ECN brokers. These brokers offer competitive spreads from as low as zero pips. You don’t need to understand this trading lingo since everything happens in the background.

Once you register and deposit, the robot will do the rest for you and reportedly deposit profits in your account.

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Is Bitcoin Supreme a scam?

Bitcoin Supreme ensures high-level transparency through the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This technology is commonly known as a blockchain and is known to enable highly transparent peer to peer transactions.

All disputes in the Bitcoin Supreme trading ecosystem are solved through the blockchain subset of Smart Contracts. This technology is highly efficient since it applies high level of logic to solve disputes. Bitcoin Supreme facilitates all transactions through well-regulated brokers.

These brokers act as its bridge to the markets and consumers. Regulated brokers must adhere to measures that safeguard clients’ funds. These measures include separating operating capital with client funds.

Moreover, these brokers must undergo periodic audits from external auditors. These audits prevent them from using your money for unintended purposes. Regulated brokers must also belong to a deposit protection scheme. This is a type of insurance that ensures that you are compensated in the event of bankruptcy.

Most Bitcoin Supreme brokers are reportedly monitored by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). These regulatory bodies are tier-one and are therefore respected worldwide.

How does Bitcoin Supreme work?

Bitcoin Supreme generates signals from market data. It can reportedly analyze large data sets within microseconds and place trades almost instantly. The extremely high speed and accuracy is associated with superior performance.

Even with the high accuracy, the possibility of making losses still remains. Bitcoin Supreme trades on extremely high leverage to magnify returns. The downside is that the risk is also magnified. A wrong move can translate to blowing up your trading account.

Bitcoin Supreme applies a Negative Balance Protection feature to prevent accounts from trading into the negative. It also comes with a Stop Loss and Take Profit features to help you manage risk. Even so, there is still significant risk in using this trading system. We insist that you only trade with what won’t cause a lot of pain if lost.

The minimum trading balance with Bitcoin Supreme is $250. You can fund your account through debit or credit card, wire transfer, or e-wallets such as Neteller, and Skrill. Please note that Bitcoin Supreme relies on the underlying brokers to handle transactions.

These brokers are stringently regulated and hence safe. You may need to verify ID with the matched broker as part of the global Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. These requirements are meant to prevent money laundering among other financial crimes.

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Bitcoin Supreme in the media

We have come across tens of Bitcoin Supreme reviews on reputable crypto sites. The robot also seems to have been featured in top TV programs in the UK, the US, and Australia.

Bitcoin Supreme is top ranking on Google Trends on keywords related to bitcoin. This means a lot of people are searching for it on search engines. Moreover, there are endless posts about the robot on social media, including Reddit.

The high popularity has also attracted a lot of gossip and fake news. Some of the posts we have come across associate top celebrities with Bitcoin Supreme.

Elon Musk Bitcoin rumours

Some social media posts claim that Elon Musk has backed Bitcoin Supreme financially as an angel investor. However, this is not true. Bitcoin Supreme has never raised financing from investors.

Elon Musk has shown interests in bitcoin, but it’s not clear whether he is interested in trading it through a robot.

Richard Branson Bitcoin Rumors

Branson is a billionaire entrepreneur with vast interests in travel and technology. He has been quoted in the media predicting that bitcoin will become a big thing.

However, he hasn’t backed any bitcoin project financially. Consequently, the gossip blogs claiming that Branson has invested in Bitcoin Supreme are lying.

Kate Garraway Bitcoin Rumors

The British TV star is also rumoured to have invested a significant portion of her wealth in the Bitcoin Supreme trading system.

However, we didn’t find any evidence suggesting that she has interests in crypto or its trading tools. We suggest you treat the rumours as fake until Kate Garraway or Bitcoin Supreme comes forward and confirms them.

You should always confirm any information you find on the web on Bitcoin Supreme official website.

Why trade with Bitcoin Supreme now?

BTC price is on a rally having surpassed the all-time high of $20,000 in the last few days. Volatility is rising by the day with day traders enjoying high-level profitability.

Bitcoin Supreme trades BTC volatility through Contract for Differences (CFDs). The robot speculates on BTC paired against nearly 60 currency pairs. These include both fiat and crypto. The most traded pairs with this robot include BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR.

Bitcoin Supreme reportedly makes bitcoin trading more lucrative given that it can bet on both the rising and falling prices. It also offers a leverage of up to 3000:1 through its partner brokers. This makes it possible for users to trade huge lots with little capital.

Leverage of 3000:1 means that you bet on positions worth up to $3000 for every invested dollar. As stated earlier, leverage is a double-edged sword that increases the size of both profits and losses. You should, therefore be extra careful when trading on a margin robot.

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Getting started with Bitcoin Supreme – Final word!

Trading with Bitcoin Supreme is easy. Register a free account, deposit trading capital, and click the live trading button.

As mentioned earlier, you can trade with this robot with as little as USD250 in a capital deposit. Setting the robot for trading only takes about fifteen minutes each day.

Bitcoin Supreme trades for you as you continue with your daily business. Ensure that you close the trading session by switching off the robot at the end of each day. The robot reportedly generates the most profits from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT.


Is Bitcoin Supreme worth my time?

Yes! Bitcoin Supreme is a legit system with a proven performance track record. You can reportedly generate decent profits by trading bitcoin through this system.

How much do I need to invest?

You can trade bitcoin with as little as $250 when trading through this system. The robot offers leverage to help you magnify trades.

How do I withdraw profits?

Request to withdraw by filling the form displayed on the partner broker’s funds management page. Your money should reflect in your bank account within a few hours.