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What Determines Bitcoin Mining Profits?

Bitcoin mining profitability is largely determined by a number of key factors, of which the price of Bitcoin itself is a major one. When the BTC price surges, it is a sign of growth for the mining industry. In terms of location, Bitcoin mining varies across several countries. The mining cost in Kuwait is around […]

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BTC Urgently Needs to Improve Its Image as the US Dollar Weakens

BTC urgently needs to improve its image after the devastating plunge from last week. The price of Bitcoin is making only small gains. Bulls in the BTC market are currently unable to profit from the depreciating US dollar. Due to traders’ need for more time to process what happened with the FTX implosion, expect an […]

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Tim Draper Is Positive about a $250K Bitcoin Price Projection in the Coming Year

According to Tim Draper, the failure of the FTX crypto exchange is not concerned with the success of Bitcoin since the digital asset is decentralized whereas FTX is not. Despite recent challenges in the cryptocurrency market, the billionaire venture capitalist and blockchain investor is sticking to his short-term Bitcoin predictions. Despite the continuing crypto challenges […]

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Bitcoin’s Price Declines Ahead of the United States’ Midterm Elections and the CPI Inflation Report

The impending United States Midterm Election conclusions have the potential to significantly impact the Bitcoin price, with critical crypto legislation likely to be debated. However, with the release of the US Consumer Price Index (CPI), Bitcoin’s price may dive deeper if the figures beat expectations. The US Midterm Elections will be held on Tuesday, while […]

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Bitcoin Silk Road Mastermind Pleads Guilty

James Zhong, a Silk Road scammer, admitted to stealing 50,000 BTC from the Silk Road darknet market in 2012. Zhong allegedly generated 140 transactions that prompted the Silk Road withdrawal processing system to deposit 50,000 BTC into his nine accounts, according to the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ). ICYMI 📣U.S. Attorney announces historic $3.36 billion cryptocurrency […]

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Information about Bitcoin Purchases Made in El Salvador Cannot Be Made Public

Information about Bitcoin purchases made in El Salvador cannot be made public. BANDESAL, a national development bank in El Savardo, allegedly declined to provide the trustee, ALAC El Salvador, a non-governmental anti-corruption organization, with information about the nation’s Bitcoin acquisitions and transactions since the cryptocurrency became legal tender. Citizens’ access to information on BANDESAL operations […]

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Bitcoin Showing Similarities with Previous Market Cycles: Glassnode

The analytics company Glassnode compared the bottom of the current Bitcoin market cycle with those from earlier bear markets in its “week on-chain” report on October 31. The recent relief recorded in the market appears to have dried up, following a double-top rejection at the $21,00 mark. The market was “hammering out a Bitcoin bottom, […]

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Hong Kong Seeks to Make Bitcoin Trading Legal

The government of Hong Kong has intended to grant licenses for retail Bitcoin and altcoin trading as part of its effort to establish itself as a significant financial hub. According to a recent Bloomberg story, the city of Hong Kong is presently preparing to lift China’s prohibition on cryptocurrency retail trading within its province. In […]

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Bitcoin to Suffer Massive Slump If Miners Go Bankrupt: Messari

Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, is expected to experience increased selling pressure if mining companies begin declaring bankruptcy, according to cryptocurrency analytics firm Messari. Public Bitcoin miners have been compelled to liquidate their shares to fund their activities. Due to a double dose of ill luck following the rising […]

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Ethereum Community Notably Bullish on ETH Price Forecast

The cryptocurrency community is bullish on Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of its price at the end of November, as the market for cryptocurrencies continues to trade in calm waters with its key assets registering little volatility. According to the recent data obtained using a ‘Price Estimates’ tool on October 25, the community’s […]

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