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Bitcoin Records Highest Positive Difficulty Adjustment in History Amid Market Slump

On Thursday, Bitcoin (BTC) recorded its 357th difficulty adjustment, which drove it 9.3% higher than two weeks before. That said, the Bitcoin network mining difficulty tapped a new record high at 26.64 a few hours ago. Notably, the last record high got recorded on May 15, 2021, when the networks peaked at over 25 trillion. […]

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Bitcoin Whales Accumulate 40K Coins in Two Days as BTC HODLing Peaks Again

New reports show that Bitcoin (BTC) whale addresses with 1,000 to 10,000 BTC have acquired more coins over the last 48 hours. Analytics provider Santiment reported that large Bitcoin wallets have acquired about 40,000 coins in the last two days. Currently, the number of coins controlled by BTC whales has returned to the pre-dump level. […]

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Bitcoin 2022 Price Projection: Bullish Bias Returns Amid Poor US Inflation Numbers

In an unexpected turn of events for Bitcoin (BTC) and the broader crypto market, bullish sentiment has returned, helping the market stall the previous bearish cycle. The benchmark cryptocurrency recorded its most extended bearish movement since 2018 in the opening week of January, as many analysts warned that a massive sell-off could ensue once the […]

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Bitcoin’s Hashrate Drops Significantly Amid Kazakhstan Civil Unrest

The ongoing civil unrest in Kazakhstan has sparked curiosity in many over the effect it could have on the global Bitcoin hashrate. These worries arise as Kazakhstan is believed to control at least 18% of the global hashrate, according to a recent report from the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF). NABCD Asserts Bitcoin Unaffected […]

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Bitcoin Breaches $41,000 as Investors Troop into Stablecoins Amid Plummeting Crypto Prices

Bitcoin (BTC) and the digital currency market have experienced massive losses this week, as the benchmark cryptocurrency dropped by over 12% over the last seven days. Only yesterday, the cryptocurrency hit its lowest point since September, venturing close to the $40,000 round but halting midway at $40,500. Also, reports show that Bitcoin’s global trade volume […]

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Goldman Sachs Analyst: Bitcoin Could Hypothetically Claim 50% of SoV Market in Five Years

Goldman Sachs analyst and co-head of global foreign exchange strategy Zach Pandl revealed his outlook for Bitcoin (BTC) in a research note distributed to clients on January 4. The analyst asserted that the benchmark cryptocurrency would likely continue to chip away market share from gold (XAU) in 2022 as cryptocurrency gains more widespread adoption. The […]

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Bitcoin Suffers First Crash in 2022 Following Hawkish Comments from the US Fed

Bitcoin (BTC) finally caved under the long-enduring bearish pressure as the benchmark cryptocurrency slumped to the $42,400 low in the early hours on Thursday. Currently, BTC trades down at $42,800 or -7.3%, according to CoinMarketCap. Meanwhile, the broader crypto market shared a similar fate as it fell by a whopping 8.7% over the past 24 […]

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Bitcoin Records New Hashrate All-Time High Amid Dwindling Prices

2022 began on a slower-than-expected note for Bitcoin (BTC), as the benchmark cryptocurrency put up an underwhelming performance despite several lofty predictions for the start of the year. The cryptocurrency has maintained a fearful investor outlook for the past few weeks amid a lasting bearish tone. However, Bitcoin’s hashrate has performed differently, as it records […]

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Bitcoin in 2022: Anthony Pompliano Pronounces 2022 Predictions

As Bitcoin (BTC) ended 2021 in a dizzying fit and off the common expectations by market analysts, investors feel like they are starting 2022 in intense uncertainty. That said, prominent crypto investment analysts Anthony Pompliano recently shared his predictions for the crypto industry in 2022, adding that 2022 will change how most investors look at […]

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Bitcoin Replace-By-Fee Transactions Spike in 2021 as Network Adoption Increases

According to recent data, the use of Replace-by-fee—a transaction option on the Bitcoin (BTC) network that allows you to increase the fee on a transaction after it has been submitted for quicker completion—increased by over twofold in 2021. Analysts opine that this could indicate that Bitcoin adoption has triggered an increase in competition for users […]

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