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Bitcoin Strengthens Correlation With Stock Market

Over recent days, Bitcoin (BTC) has been forging a strong correlation to the equities market once again and it has been observed that this occurs usually when global uncertainty is rife. Currently, investors are wracked with fears over the dwindling prospects of second domestic stimulus measures in the US, coupled with the weaning possibility of […]

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Bitcoin in Trouble Following a Recent Retrace From $11,150

Bitcoin (BTC) is back in a bearish territory as about $12 billion has been shaved off the crypto market in the past 24 hours. Also, about $10 million worth of BitMEX BTC longs has been liquidated as a result of the decline. Over the past 12 hours, Bitcoin slumped from the $10,900 area to a […]

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Whales Remain Firmly Bullish Despite Bitcoin’s Directionless Bout

Bitcoin (BTC) has been plagued with mixed signals for a good deal of time now. Although it has been slowly climbing higher, the lower-$11,000 area appears to be a very aggressive resistance zone. The intensity of selling pressure it garners in this area indicates that bulls may not be dominating as once believed. This could […]

4 ds

New Report Shows that Bitcoin Could Go Under Soon

The open interest of Bitcoin (BTC) has been observed to be growing once again, indicating that a possible large price movement is brewing. Over the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency fell by more than 2%from $11,100 to $10,900, where it is currently lingering around. The $11,100 was a much-talked-about level by analysts and it is […]

5 ds

Analysts Predict a Fall is Coming in Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) has broken a key resistance despite weakness across other altcoins. After bottoming out at $9,800 last week, the cryptocurrency has grown by more than $1,000 as it now trades at $11,027 at press time. This surge was likely a ripple-effect from MicroStrategy’s 10,000 BTC purchase. However, many traders fear that this goodish bounce […]

6 ds

Bitcoin Price Analysis — September 15

Bitcoin (BTC) bulls had a good run today as they pushed the benchmark cryptocurrency closer to the $11k target and sought to break out of the recent downtrend. The cryptocurrency appears to have benefited from the recent bearishness in the US dollar (DXY). This has sent both gold and Bitcoin, as well as the equity […]

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Bitcoin Picks-Up Bullish Momentum, Anticipates Second Leg Up

Luck has found Bitcoin (BTC) as it finally breaks above the $10,580 range top and is now marching towards the $11,000 psychological line. The surge was likely sponsored by an influx of about $12 billion into the cryptocurrency market during the earlier hours of today. This investment influx has lifted the entire crypto market out […]

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Bitcoin Price Analysis — September 13

Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped dramatically to the $10,300 area in the past few hours, after a brief attempt to break out of its current range. This decline is believed to have been an orchestrated pump-and-dump strategy by whales on smaller traders. BTC grew by over $120 in a few hours, followed by a modest consolidation […]

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Bitcoin Likely to Tumble in the Near-Term as Volatility Fades

It has been a slow and choppy couple of weeks for Bitcoin (BTC). The cryptocurrency came tumbling down to the upper-$9,000 level after it recorded a fresh YTD high around $12,400 a few weeks ago. Weirdly, this offers little or no insight into the near-term outlook of BTC, although it has shown just how strong […]

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BTC/USD Price Analysis: Further Upside Could Be Imminent

Bitcoin (BTC) remained in a directionless fit today, although appeared to be inching ever so closely to the upside. Records show that about $11 billion has flooded back into the global crypto market over the past 48 hours. A large percentage of this influx of investment comes from the recent pickup in Ethereum (ETH), which […]

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