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Altcoin to Exceed Bitcoin in Gains in the Next Cryptocurrency Bubble

Bitcoin (BTC) is now just a few hundred dollars away from reaching a new all-time high, as it continues to maintain its bullish undertone. That said, the closer the benchmark cryptocurrency gets to its $20,000 peak, the more bullish altcoins will react. This week, BTC broke the $19,000 mark for the first time this year […]

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Bitcoin Records Heavy Daily Trading Volume Across Exchanges as It Nears $20,000

Bitcoin (BTC) remains in the business of recording new year-to-date highs, as the cryptocurrency finally crosses the $19,000 benchmark after a slightly-extended waiting period, taking it closer to its $20,000 target. The fresh surge in volatility has triggered immense trading traffic across all BTC markets—especially the Bitcoin futures market. Data from the cryptocurrency market and […]

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Interest in Bitcoin by Whales and Retail Traders Hit Yearly Highs

Bitcoin (BTC) has been on a bullish roll since early October, which has seen the cryptocurrency break several yearly highs. The most recent bull rally took the benchmark cryptocurrency to the edge of $19,000, almost doubling its price in just under two months. Such performance from any asset class attracts investors in their thousands, and […]

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Bitcoin’s Recent Market Capitalization Record Silences Critics

Despite the relative quietness of the equity markets, the Bitcoin (BTC) market has been very eventful. The benchmark cryptocurrency has gained more than 70% over the past five weeks, while stock indexes like the S&P 500 have only recorded meager gains in the same period. The price dynamics in BTC against other assets have spurred […]

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Bitcoin to See $20,000 Soon as Bulls Refuse to be Tamed

Bitcoin (BTC) continues on a strong upwards trajectory for the seventh consecutive week now, defying all odds and market norms. At this point, one could say that the cryptocurrency has reentered a “price discovery” mode again after three years. However, even if that isn’t the case, this prevailing bull rally has brought the benchmark cryptocurrency […]

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Bitcoin Projected to Drop by About 30% As It Goes Into Consolidation

After an epic surge that caused it to rally close to its all-time high yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) is starting to show signs of a slow down. Although BTC appears to have entered a consolidation, there is still the likelihood that the cryptocurrency could see a fresh leg up. However, there is also the likelihood of […]

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Bitcoin Shows Extreme Volatility as It Records $2,000 Price Swing Under 24 Hours

The past 24 hours have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride for Bitcoin (BTC). The benchmark cryptocurrency was trading at $16,600 yesterday before carrying out what many believed to be a significant rally to the $17,850 area. At that time, this price point became the new year-to-date high. As impressive as this move […]

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Bitcoin Marks End of Bear Era as It Inches Closer to Its All-Time High

Bitcoin (BTC) has marked the end of an era, as the benchmark cryptocurrency closes the door to its recent multi-year bear market and aims for a new all-time high. BTC is now on the brink of breaking the $18,000 psychological resistance, with bulls dramatically destroying every pre-existing key resistance level. The cryptocurrency has now been […]

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Bitcoin Set to See More Bullish Rallies On Recent Moderna News

Bitcoin (BTC) remains unrelenting in its quest to retake its all-time high. The benchmark cryptocurrency has recorded a new YTD high on the back of some positive news in the race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Earlier today, Moderna Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MRNA), one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies, reported that its Coronavirus vaccine candidate […]

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Your $1,200 Stimulus Check Would be $3,000 if You Invested in Bitcoin

It has been seven months since the government of the United States disbursed its first round of stimulus checks worth $1,200 to millions of citizens. That amount, if put into Bitcoin, would be worth about $3,000 today, unlike the dollar. Most of the stable economies opted for stimulus packages for its citizens as a means […]

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