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CryptoQuant Predicts Fresh Leg Up for Bitcoin Amid Supply Drought on Exchanges

According to a recent report by CryptoQuant, Bitcoin (BTC) investors have withdrawn a significant amount of their holdings out of cryptocurrency exchanges, indicating that noticeable HODLing activities are going on. The on-chain data provider asserted that there is a massive price leg up in the works, as sell pressure has dropped. As is typical with […]

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Vietnam Government Launches Inquiry into Crypto Industry for Regulation Purposes

Vietnam has begun to show interest in the cryptocurrency industry, as the government recently announced the commissioning of a research group for the very purpose. According to the announcement, the inquisition into the crypto space comes as the cryptocurrency industry continues to gain global recognition and adoption. The Vietnamese Ministry of Finance also announced that […]

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Hundreds of Banks in the US to Offer Crypto Services to Customers

A recent report by CNBC shows that hundreds of banks in the US will start offering Bitcoin (BTC) exposure to their customers this year, courtesy of a strategic partnership between Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) and the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG). Several banks have enrolled to get listed in the program in anticipation […]

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Bitcoin Market Analysis — May 4

The cryptocurrency market continues to maintain its standing as one of the most volatile financial markets ever. Over the past 12 hours, the entire cryptocurrency market has witnessed a rollercoaster-like price action as the crypto market bleeds. At press time, the crypto market, led by Bitcoin (BTC), has lost over $100 billion in valuation. According […]

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PlanB S2F Model: Bitcoin to Hit $100k at Current Bull Cycle Peak

The creator of the popular Bitcoin (BTC) stock-to-flow model, PlanB, has revealed that the benchmark cryptocurrency is gearing up for a bounce to the $100k mark. According to his analysis using the S2F crypto-asset model, a new bullish indicator has just emerged for Bitcoin, suggesting that this bull-market cycle will peak at $100k or higher. […]

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Security Panel in the US Propose Recommendation for the Ransomware Epidemic

The United States government, along with some private sector players, are calling for a more detailed Bitcoin (BTC) regulation to help prevent the use of cryptocurrency as ransomware payments. According to an inside source to Reuters, a panel of experts comprising of the FBI, the US Secret Service, and some tech and security companies, are […]

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Bitcoin Google Searches in Turkey Hit Record High, as Government Proposes Industry Regulation

Bitcoin (BTC) has become increasingly popular in Turkey over the past few weeks, as the number of Google searches for the benchmark cryptocurrency in the country soars. According to Google Trends, the number of searches for the benchmark cryptocurrency has been steadily increasing in recent months. This adoption increase comes as the Turkish government seeks […]

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Hester Pierce: Outright Ban on Cryptocurrency Essentially Impossible

With recent talks of regulations getting drafted, many crypto enthusiasts are concerned about the possibility of an outright ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some analysts, including Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio, The Big Short’s Michael Burry, and Ron Paul, have opined that world governments could ban Bitcoin and other cryptos if they threaten their […]

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Bitcoin Price Analysis — April 25

The past seven days have been a significantly bad one for the cryptocurrency market, as Bitcoin (BTC) and almost all altcoins suffered massive declines. The recent bear market has forced the total capitalization of the crypto market to drop below $2 trillion. Bitcoin traded on a sideways pattern between $61 and $63k last Friday before […]

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Bitcoin’s Correction Brings New Opportunties!

Bitcoin changed little during the weekend and after the last aggressive sell-off. It’s traded at 49,740 being located under broken downside obstacles. The bias is bearish in the short term after escaping from a major Rising Wedge reversal pattern. Still, the current corrective phase could end soon after the rate reaches strong support levels. The […]

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