Nemokamos 2022 m. Forex signalų telegramų grupės

Atnaujinta: Patikrintas faktas

A Forex signalai telegrama grupė gali perkelti jūsų valiutos prekybos pastangas į kitą lygį. Gausite prekybos pasiūlymų, iš kurių galėsite kopijuoti Telegrama į MT4. Šie prekybos pasiūlymai nurodys, kokius pirkimo/pardavimo, įėjimo ir išvykimo pavedimus turite pateikti - ir kokiomis kainomis.

This enables you to gain from thorough technical analysis without having to do any work. Having stated that, the forex trading market can shift very quickly.

The best course of action is to use a forex signal service that sends notifications over Telegram in light of this. You won’t ever miss a forex trading chance again if you do this.

The full-featured Telegram Forex signals service that Learn 2 Trade offers will provide you an average of 5 tips per day is exactly what we have to offer. To learn more about what we have to offer, keep reading!



    Sužinokite 2 nemokamų prekybos signalų tarnybą

    „LT2“ reitingas

    • Gaukite 3 nemokamus signalus per savaitę
    • Nereikia jokių mokėjimų ar kortelės duomenų
    • Patikrinkite mūsų aukšto lygio signalų efektyvumą
    • Dengtos majoro, mažosios ir egzotinės poros

    Forex signalai telegramoje susideda iš trijų dalių

    Telegram Forex signalai yra tiesiog prekybos pasiūlymai, kurie jums siunčiami per programą. Paprasčiausia forma jūsų pasirinktas signalo teikėjas gali atsiųsti jums patarimą dėl prekybos valiuta, kuris atrodo taip:

    • Įvažiavimo tvarka: Pirkite AUD/CAD už 0.9590.
    • Stop-Loss: 0.9520.
    • „Take-Profit“: 0.9690.

    As you can see from the above, you are given all the information you need to visit your preferred forex broker and place the appropriate tip. This means that you are aware of the pair to which the signal applies, whether you should go long or short, and the entry, stop-loss, and take-profit orders you should use.

    For this reason, forex signals are so well-liked. Because they eliminate the need for you to conduct any independent research. It can take years to become proficient with technical indicators and chart reading tools, after all.

    Kodėl platinti Forex signalus per telegramą?

    Like several other forex signal providers present in the market, Learn 2 Trade has chosen to launch its business using Telegram. This is true for a variety of important causes. First and foremost, anyone may instantly download Telegram from the Google Play or App Store.

    The app is completely free to download, and there are no ongoing monthly or yearly charges. Because of this, Telegram today has more than 700 million active users worldwide. Like WhatsApp, the Telegram app operates in a similar manner. It implies that you will be using an internet connection to send and receive messages.

    Forex signalų telegramų grupė

    From the standpoint of Learn 2 Trade, this enables us to offer our forex signal Telegram service on a worldwide basis. The message is distributed in real-time to the thousands of members of our Telegramo grupė, which is the most crucial aspect. Your phone will ping with a notification when it arrives.

    Telegram Forex signalų bendruomenė su panašiai mąstančiais nariais

    The community component of the program is another reason Learn 2 Trade chose a Telegram forex signal service. For instance, you will be automatically joined to our Telegram group if you sign up for our forex signal service.

    By doing this, you will be joining a huge community of individuals who share your desire to consistently benefit in the forex market. While some of our members have years of trading experience, others are total beginners. This implies that you can speak with your group members regardless of your prior knowledge with forex.

    Forex signalų telegrama – nemokamaWe take great pride in the trading community we have created through the forex signals Telegram group, where everyone is there to support one another. For instance, if someone notices a technical shift on the GBP/USD charts, they might alert the group to their discovery.

    Nemokama Forex signalų telegrama

    You may find a ton of free Forex signals Telegram groups by conducting a quick internet search. It is crucial to keep in mind that consistently outperforming the foreign exchange market is not a simple task.

    On the other hand, proficient reading, analysis, and interpretation of pricing charts and technical indicators require years of experience. Therefore, there is probably a catch if a service offers a free Forex signals Telegram group.

    Why else would the signal provider distribute their Secret Sauce without charge? What we typically find is that important information will be hidden in a free forex signals Telegram group. For instance, the supplier can advise you to sell AUD/NZD at 1.08.

    However, if it does not give you the required stop-loss and take-profit prices – you do not have an exit strategy in place. In other words, the free Forex signals Telegram group will ask you to pay extra to access the data that has been blocked!

    „Eightcap“ - reguliuojama platforma su sandariais plitimais

    Mūsų Vertinimas

    Forex signalai – EightCap
    • Minimalus indėlis tik 250 USD
    • 100% platforma be komisinių su tvirtais tarpais
    • Nemokami mokėjimai debeto / kreditinėmis kortelėmis ir elektroninėmis piniginėmis
    • Tūkstančiai CFD rinkų, įskaitant Forex, akcijas, žaliavas ir kriptovaliutas
    Forex signalai – EightCap
    71% mažmeninių investuotojų sąskaitų praranda pinigus, kai prekiauja CFD su šiuo teikėju.
    Apsilankykite „Eightcap“.

    Sužinokite 2 prekybos Forex telegramos signalus: kaip jie veikia?

    Jei nesate visiškai naujokas „Learn 2 Trade“ ir mūsų geriausiai įvertintų paslaugų pasaulyje Telegram Forex signalų paslauga, paaiškinsime viską, ką reikia žinoti.

    Telegramos Forex signalus teikia vidaus prekybos komanda

    First and foremost, you might be wondering where we actually get our top-rated Forex Telegram signals from. Put simply, we have a team of experienced in-house traders here in our London-based office.

    Šie prekybininkai yra atsakingi už valiutų prekybos rinkų skenavimą visą parą. Čia svarbiausia ieškoti potencialių prekybos galimybių, kai atsiranda tam tikrų tendencijų. Norėdami tai pasiekti, mūsų komanda naudos daugybę techninių rodiklių ir diagramų braižymo įrankių.

    Forex signalų telegrama teikia signalus, kuriuos teikia vidinė prekybos komanda

    You may be wondering where we actually acquire our highly regarded Telegram Forex signals. Simply said, we have a group of knowledgeable in-house traders working out of our London headquarters.

    Identifying a prospective trading opportunity is only half the game, it should be made clear. In other words, Learn 2 Trade will also make an effort to identify the most effective and risk-averse entry and exit moments. As you may be aware, this involves a number of orders, including buy/sell, stop-loss, and take-profit orders.

    Mes tai apžvelgiame žemiau esančiame skyriuje.

    Jūs gaunate siūlomus Forex prekybos pavedimus

    Any seasoned trader will tell you that while dealing with the forex market, you must always have an entrance and exit strategy. You are essentially gambling without one. Due to this, our team of in-house traders always has a profit aim and risk ceiling in mind. Before doing that. Let’s begin with the crucial entry price.

    Kiekvienas Forex prekybos signalas pateikiamas su pirkimo/pardavimo įėjimo kaina

    Our forex Telegram signals will almost always include a proposed buy or sell limit price, with a few exceptions. This guideline only deviates if a trading opportunity must be taken advantage of right away. We will advise you to place a market order, in other words.

    Nevertheless, the limit order price will be the most advantageous price to enter the market and will be communicated to you via Telegram.

    • For illustration, assume we advise you to sell short the EUR/JPY currency pair, which is now trading at 123.06.
    • We may believe that this pair should be shorted using a sell order, but we do not believe that 123.06 is a solid entry point into the market.
    • Instead, we might anticipate a price increase over the coming hours before it reaches a significant resistance level.
    • In light of the foregoing, you might want to enter your sell limit order at 123.78.

    As previously stated, we almost never choose a market order over a limit order.

    Kiekviename telegramos Forex signale, kurį jums atsiųsime, bus nurodyta pelno kaina

    Nedarykite klaidų. Kiekviename Telegram Forex signale, kurį jums atsiųsime, bus nurodyta pelno užsakymo kaina. Paprasčiau tariant, tai yra kaina, kurią, mūsų nuomone, atitinkama Forex pora pasieks per trumpą laiką.

    Your take-profit order will automatically close your position and lock in your earnings if and when this does occur.

    • We frequently approach our Telegram Forex signals methodically. That is to say, we normally choose a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3.
    • This indicates that in percentage terms, our take-profit order goal will be three times higher than our possible risk.

    For instance, our take-profit target would be profits of 3% if we were willing to accept a maximum loss of 1%.

    „Stop-Profit“ kaina

    Stop-loss orders are something that all of our Telegram forex signals will offer, much as take-profit orders. This is just the price at which our position will be closed if the trade is progressing in the direction it should, as we briefly discussed above.

    We will set our stop-loss price at 1% if we continue to use the conventional 1:3 risk/reward ratio.


    • Assume we are trading the GBP/USD currency pair, which is now trading at 1.2978.
    • We set up a suitable buy limit order since we anticipate that the pair will increase during the next few hours.
    • We would need to set the price at 1.2849 in order to execute our 1 percent stop-loss order.
    • In other words, if GBP/USD fell to this level, our transaction would be closed and our losses would be limited to 1%.

    Importantly, this guarantees that you may trade in a very risk-averse way with our Forex Telegram signals.

    Platinimas per telegramą

    The information will be distributed to our Telegram forex signals members when all of the aforementioned has been quantified by our team of in-house traders. This will notify you as a member that you have a new message on Telegram and send you a notification to your mobile device.

    Telegramos informacija

    By default, you will be able to see the sender of the message (which is us) and the first few phrases of the message at the top of your phone. Then, all you have to do to access Telegram Forex signalų grupė is click on the message preview..

    Čia pamatysite tokį pranešimą:

    Priemonė: EURCAD (INTRA DIENA).
    Užsakyti: Parduoti.
    Įvažiavimo kaina: 1.5510.
    Stop: 1.5600.
    Taikinys: 1.5389.
    Rekomenduojama rizika: 1%.
    Rrr: 1: 2.

    As you may have noted, the risk/reward ratio for the trade on EUR/CAD mentioned above is 1:2. Sure, we said before that we often employ a 1:3 strategy, but this isn’t a rule. After all, the world of forex trading is a vastly intricate and varied battlefield.

    As a result, occasionally we might provide a trading strategy that differs slightly from the norm. The goal remains the same: we seek to earn from our trade in the least risky way possible.

    You may have also noticed that the “recommended risk” threshold for our Telegram Forex signal is 1%. All of our Telegram Forex signals include this information, which pertains to the amount of trading capital we believe you should risk on this specific recommendation.

    You would stake $20 on this position, for instance, if your forex broker account balance is $2,000 and the advised risk threshold is 1%. As a result, this shouldn’t be mistaken with the price of our advised stop-loss order.

    Veikimas pagal mūsų telegramos „Forex“ signalus

    The Learn 2 Trade Telegramos Forex signalas system’s operation is now clear to you. We now need to describe how to implement our recommendations. You must, absolutely must, select an online Forex broker that satisfies a number of crucial requirements.

    Tai apima:


    Nesuklyskite – turite naudoti internetinę Forex prekybos svetainę, kuri yra licencijuota geros reputacijos įstaigos. Dauguma platformų, kurias mes linkę naudoti, yra reguliuojamos kaip FPA (Jungtinė Karalystė), CySEC (Kipras) ir (arba) ASIC (Australija). Galiausiai tai užtikrina, kad galite veikti pagal mūsų Telegram forex signalus 100% saugioje ir saugioje aplinkoje.

    Palaikomos poros Forex signalo telegramoje

    Even though major and minor pairs are frequently the focus of our Telegram Forex signals, this isn’t always the case. Contrarily, our team of in-house traders frequently uncovers profitable trades on less liquid pairings.

    Sužinokite 2 prekybąThis might apply to a pair that includes the South African rand or the Kenyan shilling, for instance. In light of this, we advise using a forex broker that provides a wide range of pairings, including exotics in addition to main and minor ones.

    By doing this, you’ll make sure that you can always execute our trade recommendations as soon as the Telegram signal comes in.

    Mokesčiai ir komisiniai

    As mentioned before in this tutorial, we frequently choose a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3. On the one hand, despite the fact that these improvements are very modest, they can swiftly accumulate over the course of a month.

    However, if you are utilizing a broker that does not provide competitive fees and commissions, your potential to optimize your profits will be hampered.


    • Tarkime, kad statote 500 USD už vieną iš mūsų „Telegram Forex“ signalų.
    • Jūsų pasirinktas brokeris ima 1% komisinį mokestį – tai yra 5 USD už užsakymo pateikimą.
    • Mūsų tikslas 3% pelno pasiektas, todėl jūsų 500 USD vertė dabar yra 515 USD.
    • Jūs išeinate iš pozicijos – vėl mokate 1% komisinį mokestį, kurio bendra suma yra 5.15 USD.
    • Taigi jūs sumokėjote 10.15 USD komisinių už šią konkrečią prekybą.

    According to what was stated above, this renders the trade slightly unprofitable because you would have spent more on a commission than you actually made. For this reason, we only recommend Forex trading systems that give you complete commission-free trading.

    The preceding trade would have allowed you to keep every $15 profit generated by our Telegram Forex signal. You should make sure your chosen broker offers tight spreads in addition to commissions.

    Tai yra netiesioginis mokestis, kurio naujokų prekeiviai dažnai nepastebi. Tiems, kurie nežino, paplitimas yra tiesiog skirtumas tarp jūsų brokerio siūlomos valiutų poros pirkimo ir pardavimo kainos. Daugeliu atvejų mūsų rekomenduojami brokeriai siūlo mažesnių nei 1 pagrindinių porų kainų skirtumus.  

    Mobilioji prekybos programa

    Taip pat svarbu pasirinkti Forex prekybos platformą, siūlančią pilnavertę mobiliąją programą. Jei tai siūlo brokeris, tai paprastai bus suderinama tiek su „iOS“, tiek su „Android“ įrenginiais. Priežastis, kad mes galvojame apie mobilųjį telefoną prekybos programomis yra svarbūs mūsų „Telegram“ signalo tarnybai, kad forex scena juda neįtikėtinai greitai. 

    For instance, we might issue a forex trading signal that demands rapid action. You can still get the signal if you are not near your primary desktop device by using the Telegram app. However, you won’t be able to respond to the signal if you don’t have access to your forex brokerage account on your phone.

    Once more, Learn 2 Trade’s recommended forex trading platforms all include excellent mobile apps. You won’t ever miss the chance to act on one of our Telegram Forex signals thanks to this!

    „Forex“ signalai telegramoje - planai ir kainos

    Our staff of in-house traders at Learn 2 Trade obviously puts in a lot of effort. To provide you with the best Telegram Forex signals, they draw on years of industry experience.

    Forex signalaiWe do charge a price for our premium account in light of this. Prior to that, it’s crucial to be aware that we additionally provide a free Telegram Forex signal service.

    In the section below, we describe how this functions.

    Nemokama Forex signalai

    You will be overwhelmed with thousands of results if you simply type “Free Forex Signals” into the Google search bar. This is due to the abundance of companies offering the moon on a stick in the trading signal market.

    As you are probably aware, the vast majority of these service providers never really live up to any of the grand promises they make. As a result, they promise you “guaranteed” gains that not even the most experienced traders could hope to achieve because they are specialists at aggressive marketing.

    We at Learn 2 Trade provide a full-featured “free” signal service, despite the rather “shady” reputation that the forex signal scene has. These signals include all of the previously mentioned important pieces of information, such as entry, stop-loss, and take-profit order prices.

    In other words, none of the information you require to act on our free forex signals is hidden from you. Our free and premium accounts are fundamentally different from one another in that the former offers only three Telegram Forex signals every week.

    On the other hand, the premium subscription often includes 5 signals per day. But ultimately, we provide free Telegram Forex signals because we want you to realise how reliable our staff of in-house traders is.

    We can certainly make incredibly aggressive statements, just like the great majority of suppliers in this sector. That, however, will not do. Instead, you may test our trading recommendations without having to risk any money by beginning with our free Forex signals.

    You don’t even have to put any of your trading cash at danger. As you may test out our recommendations using a Forex sample account. You may then decide if our Telegram Forex signals are appropriate for your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

    Aukščiausios kokybės Forex signalai

    The overwhelming majority of Learn 2 Trade participants have premium accounts. The main cause of this is that daylong Telegram Forex signals are sent to premium members. No matter where you are based, you will have plenty of opportunity to make money because this covers all global time zones.

    Forex signalų apžvalgosFive Telegram forex signals are typically included with the premium account each day, as was mentioned in the section above. Now, as for pricing, we provide a reasonable and uncomplicated monthly subscription that is cancellable at any moment. There are no questions.

    Galite rinktis iš keturios pakuotės, kurie išvardyti žemiau:

    From the information above, it is clear that our Telegram Forex signal costs are very reasonable. To put it bluntly, a maximum monthly price of £40 is extremely reasonable if you are serious about achieving long-term returns in the currency trading market.

    Of course, the price is reduced even lower if you sign up for a somewhat longer term. Remember, Learn 2 Trade will never force you into a contract you can’t get out of. On the other hand, you are always free to terminate your subscription.

    Note: You can get our premium Forex signals free for lifetime. All you need to do is open an account with aštuonkepė and make a deposit. Then, email [apsaugotas el. paštu] su jūsų finansuojamos paskyros ekrano kopija, kad gautumėte prieigą!

    Sužinokite 2 prekybos telegramos Forex signalus - mėnesio tikslai

    Our team of in-house traders has a number of monthly goals that they establish for themselves, similar to our individual Telegram Forex signals. A monthly “win rate” of 76% is at the forefront of this. The win rate ratio is simply the proportion of profitable trades that our signals generated over the course of a month, if you’re not familiar with how that term is used.

    Consider, for illustration, that during the month of July, our Telegram Forex signals give out 100 recommendations. A victory rate of 76% would indicate that 76 of these 100 trades were lucrative while the other 24% were not.

    Forex signalų tikslaiIt is crucial to remember, however, that the win rate is entirely different from a monthly “return on investment” (ROI). This is because the former simply reports on the number of profitable and unsuccessful deals we made during a specific time period. The latter, on the other hand, reports our monthly financial profit based on our overall stake.

    Pavyzdžiui: finansuojamos forex sąskaitos 

    • Tarkime, kad per sausio mėnesį mūsų Telegram forex signalai davė 35% IG.
    • Iš viso veikėte pagal 100 mūsų prekybos pasiūlymų – sumokėjote 50 USD už kiekvieną poziciją.
    • Tai reiškia, kad iš viso jūsų išlaidos buvo 5,000 USD.
    • Iš šio skaičiaus jūs uždirbote 35 %.
    • Taigi uždirbote 1,750 USD.

    The simplest method to determine your monthly gains and losses is by far this one. After all, you won’t necessarily bet the same amount every time. You can almost guarantee that your trade sizes will differ for each position.

    For instance, your tenth trade might risk 1.5 percent of a $6,000 balance, but your first trade initially risks 1 percent of a $5,000 account value. The key takeaway is that while our historical success rate of 76 percent is significant, you need also be aware of how much of your trading capital you are actually staking in relation to your overall trading capital.

    Kitos Forex signalų telegramų grupės

    Mes, Learn 2 Trade, norime, kad mūsų nariai priimtų pagrįstus sprendimus. Turėdami tai omenyje, toliau aptarsime keletą kitų šiuo metu rinkoje esančių Telegram Forex signalų grupių.


    With more than 18,000 members, FXStreet is a Telegram signal group with a large attendance. They have been in business for more than ten years, which is primarily to blame for this. Of course, the fact that the group was able to draw in such a large number of members also speaks volumes about its effectiveness.


    The group unquestionably makes strong claims, such a 90 percent accuracy rate and weekly gains of up to 600 pip. In addition to the Telegram group, which houses its more powerful features, FX Street also has a website. Among its best services are educational resources, Forex market insights, significant news developments, and real-time exchange rates. Only the premium plan gives access to all of these, including the weekly webinars and the analysis videos.

    There are numerous payment options available. This includes a $35 monthly plan, a reduced $31.66 monthly plan for a three-month plan, and a $26.66 monthly plan for a six-month plan. After you pay, you have access to the Telegram group, which offers round-the-clock customer service.

    „FXPro“ signalai

    Four internal traders work for the signal provider FX Pro. These skilled traders scour the markets during various time zones in search of the ideal trading opportunity for you. When they spot a chance like that, they let you know right away so you can take advantage of the information as soon as feasible.

    In the world of Forex signal providers, FX Pro is quite well-liked. They make bold promises as well, boasting a success rate of 89 out of every 100 signals delivered, like many other signal providers. Additionally, they promise to earn over 1000 pip per week.

    „FXPro Signals“ apžvalga

    FX Pro asserts that the availability of a weekly subscription sets them apart from other suppliers. You can choose in advance whether you wish to commit to a longer term by using a demo account to test out their performance. The weekly plan costs $7. If what you see satisfies you, you can choose a monthly or quarterly plan.

    Three-month and one-year subscription options are more extensive and cost $120 and $380, respectively. There is also a lifetime membership option that costs $500 and allows you unrestricted access to the Telegram group.


    Pipchasers has only been in business for roughly four years, making it a rather new company. You receive recommendations for precious metals market action in addition to FX market signals (silver and gold). For the advised trades, the Pipchasers team of analysts conducts extensive chart study.

    Naturally, each recommendation from Pipchasers covers the entire range, from the currency pair to the take profit and stop-loss prices as well as when to enter the market, just like we do at Learn 2 Trade. The Telegram group receives the relevant information instantly.


    The team at Pipchasers estimates that the gains can reach 1,500 pip per month. They assert that transmitting up to three signals each day will do this. There is a monthly subscription charge, same like with the other providers.

    The same level of service is offered by three different plans. However, they just vary in how long you want to keep getting signals. The monthly rates range from $59 to $149 for three months and $249 for six months for the various plans. Anytime you want, you can end your subscription.

    Forex institutas

    This is a provider of forex signals situated in the UK. Similar to Pipchasers, The Forex Institute makes grandiose boasts like an 85% success rate and a monthly reach of 1,500 pip. They also transmit the signals in real-time, like the other providers we have described.

    The signals provide all necessary information, including the currency pairings to be traded, the entry and exit prices, and whether a buy or sell order is being placed. The Forex Institute offers quick customer service on WhatsApp and even in the Telegram group.

    forex instituto apžvalga

    To gain access to these forex signals, you must pay $50 each month. This has a 3-day trial period during which you can use a demo account to test the signals. You are not to blame if you believe that this is insufficient time to evaluate their assertions. Not the least of which is how quickly the forex markets change.

    But if you’re unhappy with the supplier, you can terminate the plan at any moment. Utilizing the opportunity to test the signals on a sample account is the best course of action. Instead of losing a significant portion of your trading money if you decide to cancel, all you stand to lose is the first $50 for the plan.

    Kaip prisijungti prie mūsų „Forex Signal Telegram Group“

    Jei jums patinka prisijungimo prie 100% skaidrios, geriausiai įvertintos „Forex“ signalo „Telegram“ grupės garsas, atlikite toliau nurodytus veiksmus, kad pradėtumėte dabar!

    1 veiksmas: atidarykite „Forex“ brokerio sąskaitą

    Kaip jau minėjome anksčiau, norėdami veikti pagal savo signalus, turėsite turėti aktyvią Forex brokerio paskyrą. Jei jau turite paskyrą pas brokerį, kuria esate patenkinti – galite pereiti prie kito žingsnio.

    KapitalasJei ne, galite geriausiai perskaityti mūsų vadovą Forex brokeriai čia. Neturite laiko perskaityti mūsų vadovo? Na, o jei ieškote patarimų, kurią Forex prekybos svetainę verta naudoti kartu su mūsų signalais – galbūt norėsite išbandyti

    Ši reguliuojama tarpininkavimo įmonė leidžia jums nemokamai prekiauti daugybe Forex porų. Skaičiai taip pat yra nedideli, todėl jūs galite lengvai įnešti ir išsigryninti lėšas, pasirinkdami kelis mokėjimo būdus.

    2 žingsnis: Pasirinkite „Learn 2 Trade Signal“ planą

    You must choose the Learn 2 Trade package you want to use after opening a low-cost forex trading account. You can begin with the free plan if you are new to signals and want to give us a try initially. You’ll receive three signals each week from this.

    If you find that 3 signals per week are not quite enough, the premium plan will give you approximately 5 signals daily. Prices for the premium plan start at £40 per month if you want to test it out before committing for a longer period of time. Consider the 3- and 6-month packages if you wish to reduce the cost.

    3 žingsnis: Atsisiųskite telegramą ir prisijunkite 

    Kai turėsite „Learn 2 Trade“ signalo planą, galėsite atsisiųsti „Telegram“ programą į savo telefoną. Tai galite padaryti tiesiogiai iš oficialios „Telegram“ parduotuvės. Arba ieškokite jo "Google Play" / Apple.

    Tada pereikite prie „Learn 2 Trade Telegram“ grupės. Tai darydami, jūs realiuoju laiku gausite mūsų „Telegram“ forex signalus tiesiai į savo telefoną!

    „Forex Signals“ telegramos vadovas: nuosprendis?

    To summarise, you may trade currencies without doing any research by receiving forex signals through the Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel.

    This eliminates the need for technical or fundamental analysis, as well as the need to spend hours staring at your gadget researching price changes. Instead, as soon as a trading opportunity arises, our Telegram Forex signals will send a notice to your phone. Use the best Forex trading platform UK has to offer for novices, just to be sure.

    Jei norite visiškai išmokti 2 prekybos signalų patirtį – tai taip pat apima kriptokursai, prekės, ir atsargos – mūsų „Premium“ paskyra suteiks jums vidutiniškai 5 pasiūlymus per dieną. Taip pat suteikiama 30 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantija. Taigi, jei dėl kokių nors priežasčių nesate patenkinti, galite prašyti grąžinti visą sumą – jokių klausimų!


    Sužinokite 2 nemokamų prekybos signalų tarnybą

    „LT2“ reitingas

    • Gaukite 3 nemokamus signalus per savaitę
    • Nereikia jokių mokėjimų ar kortelės duomenų
    • Patikrinkite mūsų aukšto lygio signalų efektyvumą
    • Dengtos majoro, mažosios ir egzotinės poros



    Kas yra Forex signalų telegramų grupė?

    Kaip rodo pavadinimas, tai Forex signalo paslauga, kurią siūlo „Learn 2 Trade“, kuri atsiųs jums prekybos pasiūlymus tiesiai į jūsų „Telegram“ programą.

    Koks yra „Learn 2 Trade Telegram Forex“ signalo paslaugos laimėjimo koeficientas?

    Istoriškai mes pasiekėme 76% laimėjimo procentą. Tai reiškia, kad už kiekvieną 100 mūsų siunčiamų signalų 76 grąžina pelną.

    Kaip sužinoti, ar jūsų Forex signalų paslauga yra teisėta?

    Suprantame, kad forex signalo scenoje dominuoja sukčiai. Štai kodėl mes siūlome keletą apsaugos priemonių. Pirma, mūsų aukščiausio lygio planas turi 30 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantiją. Tai reiškia, kad jei dėl kokių nors priežasčių nesate patenkinta mūsų paslauga, galite bet kada pareikalauti grąžinti visą sumą per šį laikotarpį. Be to, mes taip pat siūlome nemokamą signalo paslaugą. Tai suteiks jums 3 signalus per savaitę ir leis išbandyti mūsų paslaugą prieš naujovinant į „premium“ sąskaitą.

    Kokias poras apima jūsų „Telegram Forex“ signalo paslauga?

    Mūsų Forex signalų paslauga apima dešimtis porų. Dauguma jų yra iš pagrindinių ir mažųjų kategorijų, nors mes taip pat apimame egzotiką.

    Kaip atrodo jūsų Telegram Forex signalai?

    Visi mūsų Forex signalai pateikiami su atitinkama pora, nesvarbu, ar turėtumėte pirkti, ar parduoti, įėjimo kaina ir sustabdymo nuostolio bei pelno ėmimo kaina.

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