Ethereum Continues Its Sideways Move as the Market Reaches the Terminal Point

Major supply zones: $280, $320, $360
Major demand zones: $160, $140, $100

ETH/USD Long Term Bias : Ranging
The ETH/USD pair had been in a range-bound move after the last bearish impulse in August. In the first instance, the price made an upward correction which was resisted at the $220. Consequent to that, the coin nosedived to the previous low at $160. Presently, the coin is fluctuating between the levels of $160 and $200. Recently, in October after the bulls took control of the price, the coin is now consolidating between the levels of $177 and $195.

Every time the market tests the $195 resistance, the coin will retrace to a low at $177. This has been the price situation in recent times. Nonetheless, if the price breaks the $200 price level, ETH will rally to $220. Also, if the upward move is sustained above $220, Ethereum will recommence its uptrend movement. ETH will be regarded as out of the range-bound zone. Meanwhile, the fluctuations will continue as long the coin is within the current price range.

ETHUSD-Daily CHart

Daily Chart Indicators Reading:
Ethereum has been reversed in September according to the 1.272 Fibonacci extension level. A break at the resistance line will compel ETH to resume a bullish movement.

ETH/USD Medium-Term Bias: Ranging
On the 4-hour chart, Ethereum is fluctuating between the levels of $177 and $195. The breaking of the levels will determine Ethereum’s next move. Meanwhile, the price is trading above the support line. This means the coin will fluctuate for a few more days.

ETHUSD-4-Hour Chart

4-hour Chart Indicators Reading
The 21-day SMA and the 50-day SMA are sloping smoothly in between the price level indicating the sideways movement. The market is in a bearish momentum below the 75% range of the Stochastic.

General Outlook for ETH
Ethereum is likely to continue to trade in a sideways move as the price is at $180. ETH may revisit the previous low if the bears have the upper hand above the bulls. The market seems to be stagnant above $180 for the past three days. If the bulls take control of the price, ETH will retest the resistance line.

ETH Trade Signal
Instrument: ETHUSD
Order: Buy Limit
Entry price: $160
Stop: $150
Target: $197

This Might Be a Beginning of a Long-Term Rally for Binance Coin (BNB)

Key Resistance levels: $20, $24, $28
Key Support Levels: $12, $8, $4

BNB/USD Price Long-term Trend: Bullish
Binance Coin has been in a bullish trend after the last bearish impulse in September 24. The market fell to a low at $16 and resumed an upward trend. Presently, it is facing resistance at the $21 price level.

In October, the bulls have made unsuccessful attempts to break the resistance at $21. The price will retrace to a low at $20 if it made an attempt at the resistance. Today, the price is retracing after failing to overcome the resistance level. Nevertheless, if the bulls break the resistance level, BNB will rally above $23 price level. Secondly, BNB will be out of the downtrend zone.

BNBUSD-Daily Chart

Daily Chart Indicators Reading:
BNB is presently in a bullish crossover, the 21-day SMA is above the 50-day SMA, indicating that price is rising. This has been confirmed by the Relative Strength Index period 14 level 63 that the coin is above the centerline 50. The 1.272 extension level is where BNB reverses from the downtrend according to the Fibonacci tool.

BNB/USD Medium-term bias: Bullish
On the 4-hour chart, the market is rising to the previous highs. The price will test on the support of the trend line to continue its upward move. Binance Coin is now at the $21 overhead resistance. This was the previous support in September which the bears broke and the market fell to a low at $16.

BNBUSD-4-Hour Chart

4-hour Chart Indicators Reading
Today, the market is retracing from the overhead resistance. If the price retraces and breaks below the 21-day and 50-day SMAs, BNB will be in the bearish trend zone. That is the selling pressure may resume. Nevertheless, if the price breaks below the bullish trend line, the upward trend has been terminated. The coin is at the overbought region below the 80% range of the daily stochastic. This implies that the market is in a bearish momentum.

General Outlook for Binance Coin (BNB)
Binance Coin (BNB) will resume its upward movement after a retracement. The bulls have been struggling at the resistance to break above it. The coin lacks a buying power at a higher price level. The positive aspect is that the market has been retracing to the support of the 21-day SMA for a possible bullish resumption.

Binance Coin Trade Signal
Instrument: BNBUSD
Order: Buy
Entry price: $20.93
Stop: $16.0
Target: $23

Ripple (XRP) Pulls Back Amid Bullish Expectations

Key Resistance levels: $0.30, $0.40, $0.45
Key Support Levels: $0.25, $0.20, $0.15

XRP/USD Long-term Trend: Bearish
On November 6, the bulls made a positive move but were resisted at the $0.31 price level. This singular resistance has thrown XRP into another downward move. In recent times, the coin has been making frantic effort to break into the previous highs but the $0.30 has been a strong resistance level. The bulls are faced with the challenge to penetrate the $0.30 and $0.31 price levels.

The price tested the resistance levels but lack of buyers at the upper price level, compels the coin to fall. XRP is trading at $0.27, and if the selling pressure continues, the market will reach a low of $0.24. However, if the coin has more buyers at the $0.25 price level, the price may find support at $0.25.

XRPUSD-Daily Chart

Daily Chart Indicators Reading:
The bears have broken the support line of the channel. This signifies that XRP may further depreciate. As the support line is broken, XRP may fall to a low of $0.24. The market has fallen to level 42 of the RSI, meaning that it is below the centerline 50. Also, the coin tends to fall.

XRP/USD Medium-term Prediction: Bullish
On a 4-hour chart, XRP had its last bearish impulse on September 24 and the coin fell to a low at $0.23. It commenced a bullish move and reached a high of $0.30. XRP has been facing resistance at $0.30 in October. The bulls tested the resistance level several times before it was repelled. It appears the coin has resumed a downward move.

XRPUSD-4-Hour Chart

4-hour Chart Indicators Reading
In the same manner, the bears have broken the support line as the price fell to a low at $0.27. The price made retest at $0.28 and resumed the downward move. The 21-day and 50-day EMAs are sloping downward indicating that the market is falling.

General Outlook for Ripple (XRP)
All the indicators are showing that XRP is in a bearish momentum. There is likelihood that the coin will revisit the previous low of $0.24 if the downtrend continues. Nevertheless, as the market continues its fall, the price may find support at $0.24 or $0.25 price levels.

Ripple (XRP) Trade Signal
Instrument: XRPUSD
Order: Sell
Entry price: $0.27
Stop: $0.29
Target: $0.24

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Amidst Bearishness, Bitcoin is Poised For Positive Correction

Following the quick recovery at $8600, Bitcoin has been consolidation around the $8750 since yesterday, suggesting a potential retracement for a healthier move. Currently, BTC is recording a loss of -0.66% overnight. However, we can expect a correction to $9125 shortly before Bitcoin resumes bearish swing.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8880, $9000, $9200
Key support levels: $8600, $8400, $8100

It appeared Bitcoin is forming a bull flag on the 4-hour time frame, although the value of the cryptocurrency has continued to depreciate for a while. While relying on the channel’s support at $8600, Bitcoin is currently gearing for a little retracement at $9000 and $9200 but may encounter minor resistance at $8880. On the RSI, Bitcoin is slowly regaining strength as we may see a nice build-up in the next few hours, possibly towards the New York session.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 12

Meanwhile, the MACD indicator is also closing the zero level but the market is still reflected in a bearish zone. That could rekindle a little hope for the traders to open more short position as this is likely to bring the price of BTC as low as $8600, $8400 and $8100 in the next few days.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

On the hourly time frame, Bitcoin is now gathering momentum for a positive move. As indicated on the price chart, BTC is looking for small correction of about $350 price increase to meet the channel’s upper boundary. However, if a channel break-up occurs, we can expect a surge to $9600 and $9995 in no time as close resistance lies at $8880, $9000 and $9125.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 12

As appeared on the technical indicators, Bitcoin is testing the RSI 50 after mounting support on the lower band. While negative, the bulls are regrouping on the MACD. If the bullish signal turns false, the bears may reinforce pressure to reclaim the $8600 before supplying further to new support at $8500 and $8400. Regardless of the market sentiment, Bitcoin remains in a short-term bearish bias.


Buy Entry: $8670
TP: $9100
SL: 8547

Investors Are Optimistic as Price Movement on Litecoin (LTC) Becomes Interesting

Key Resistance levels: $90, $100, $110
Key Support Levels: $50, $40, $30

LTC/USD Long-term bias: Bullish
Litecoin tested the $50 support level in September and rebounded. The bears came again and tested the same support in October and rebounded. The support level is holding as the coin commences a bullish move. In November, the coin’s bullish move has been hampered by the resistance at $64. The bulls have tested the resistance twice but could not breakthrough. We expect a breakout at this resistance.

A breakout will push LTC to a high of $80. Likewise, another movement will propel the price to reach the $100 price level. However, it may not work out easily for the bulls. If the bulls fail to overcome the resistance, the price will retrace and retest the resistance level. On the other hand, the coin will fall and retest the $50 support level.

LTC/USD-Daily Chart

Daily Chart Indicators Reading:
Presently, Litecoin is in the overbought region but below the 80% range of the stochastic. This implies that the coin is in a bearish momentum. The LTC has a bullish crossover which means the coin will rise. Besides, the price breaks the downtrend line which also indicates that the selling pressure may have ended. This has been confirmed by the Fibonacci tool that the market will fall and reverse at the 1.272 extension level.

LTCUSD Medium-term bias: Bullish
On the 4- hour chart, Litecoin had its bearish impulse on September 24 and consolidated above the $52 support level. After a month of consolidation, the price fell again and found support at the $50 price level. The new support was held as price resumed a bullish movement to the previous highs. The upward move was interrupted as the price tested the $64 price level .

LTC/USD-4-Hour Chart

4-hour Chart Indicators Reading
Litecoin is now trading in an ascending channel. The coin will rise if the price breaks the resistance line and closes above it. Likewise, the coin may fall if the price breaks the support line and closes below it. The moving averages are trending northward indicating that price is rising,

General Outlook for Litecoin
The bulls have broken the downtrend line which is a positive move for Litecoin. The price action and Fibonacci tool have confirmed that the selling pressure is over. Litecoin is expected to rise if more buyers are introduced at the upper price levels.

Litecoin Trade Signal
Instrument: LTC/USD
Order: Buy
Entry price: $61
Stop: $50
Target: $80

Stellar (XLM) Rebounds And Continues Its Upward Move Above The Downtrend Line

Key Resistance levels: $0.09, $0.10, $0.11
Key Support Levels: $0.06, $0.05,$0.04

XLM/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish
Stellar has been struggling to break the $0.09 resistance level after price rebounded at the $0.06 support level. In September, the bulls attempted to breach the $0.09 resistance but the bulls suffered a setback as the coin dropped to the $0.06 support level. In November, the price tested the $0.09 resistance and it fell to the $0.07 support level. Today, Stellar is making an upward move to retest the $0.09 resistance level.

The market is rising and if the bulls succeed in overcoming the $0.09 resistance, XLM will rise and reach the $0.13 price level. However, if the bulls are overwhelmed at the resistance, the coin will fall or be compelled to a sideways move.

XLMUSD-Daily Chart

Daily Chart Indicators Reading:
The coin has broken the downtrend line after making a second attempt to breach it. However, the bulls are in control of price but the market trades below the $0.09 resistance level. The market has reversed at the 1.272 Fibonacci extension level as indicated by the tool.

XLM/USD Medium-term bias: Bullish
In November, the price is making a series of higher highs and higher lows as it moves up to test the $0.085 resistance level. The price fell to a low of $0.07 and resumed another bullish move.

XLMUSD-4-Hour Chart

4-hour Chart Indicators Reading
Stella is trading in an ascending channel as price makes a false breakout and falls back to the channel. Also, the market is trading in the bullish trend zone of the RSI period 14 level 66. This indicates the coin is rising.

General Outlook for Stellar
Stellar has recovered as it breaks the downtrend line. This implies that the bulls have an upper hand above the bears. The price of XLM is above the EMAs which indicates that the price is rising. However, if the price falls below the EMAs, this will portray a negative sign as the bears will resume selling pressure. Nevertheless, a sustained bullish momentum will propel the price to reach the previous highs.

Stellar Trade Signal
Instrument: XLM/USD
Order: Buy
Entry price: $0.077
Stop: $0.065
Target: $0.09

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bearish Actions Could Make $9000 Support Weak

Due to recent shrink in volatility, the $9200 has become a trading level for Bitcoin for over two days now. In spite of that, the $9100 – $9000 is currently providing support for the market. On the upside, Bitcoin is holding major support at $9500. We can expect these price zones to provide levels for the market in coming swing, and if not, the price may shift to the next key levels. Now, Bitcoin holds a market cap of $166.6 billion after losing -0.68% overnight.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Neutral

Key resistance levels: $9500, $10000, $11350
Key support levels: $9000, $8820, $8500

Bitcoin keeps sideways move and has remained calm for the past 12 days now. Since the October 26 rejection at around $11400, the price volatility has been subdued with a squeeze, although Bitcoin appears to be footing a bullish move. Before we can see a positive move, the market is likely to retest the $8500 – $8800 support zone. Meanwhile, Bitcoin currently held support at $9000.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 8

If we can see an upward movement, the resistance to keep in mind is $9500, $10000 and $11350. The technical indicators suggest a potential downward shift in price which may play out if the MACD moving averages cross down. This may also bring the RSI to or below the 50 levels.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Bitcoin’s MACD has been floating at a fragile level for a while now. It appeared that we may see a price break-down if the technical indicator leaves the positive zone. Still, the BTC trading remains intact in the descending triangle formation – which could follow a bearish breakout. The $9000, $8880 and $8700 may possibly act as support.


Another thing to consider here is the RSI that shows bearish signs. Bitcoin may touch the above supports if the RSI continues to move downward. Alternatively, the bulls may regain control of the market if Bitcoin can break-up the triangle pattern to $9483 to $9776 but close resistance lies at $9300. With the bull flag formation, BTC remains indecisive on the 4-hour time frame.


Sell Entry: $9192
TP:  $8833
SL: $9315

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Can This Triangle Pattern Give Bitcoin A Positive Move?

Bitcoin has continued to maintain $9200 as its average weekly price after showing equilibrium in the demand and supply over the past few days. Currently, the market has seen a relative price reduction over the past two days now and at the same time traded below the $9400 since yesterday. If Bitcoin can break away from a tight range of $9000 – $950, we can expect the market to go either way. At the time of writing, BTC is correcting loss of -0.75%

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Neutral

Key resistance levels: $9600, $9800, $10000
Key support levels: $9200, $9000, $8820

Even though Bitcoin appeared indecisive on the 4-hour time frame but there’s a high probability of making a  bullish move. If we look at the technical indicators reading, Bitcoin is managing to stay positive despite the recent price cut to $9200. This trading zone has been supporting the market for a while now.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 7

If the mentioned support could no longer hold, BTC may short support to $9000 followed by $8820. However, a bounce could allow the market to test the $9500 resistance again. Above this resistance lies the $9800 and $10000. It’s important to note that Bitcoin is now forming a triangle pattern as a surge in volatility is imminent.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Neutral

From the hourly outlook, Bitcoin is moving sideways with price bars spotted in a symmetrical triangle – which might cause a significant price surge soon. We can see that the last 24-hours trading has been in favour of the bear while a neutral trend plays. If the bears drive the price below the triangle formation, Bitcoin may find the nearest bottom at $9100 and $9000.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 7

The MACD and RSI are currently showing a sign of weakness due to the latest price drops. Should a positive move occurs, BTC could surge to $9400, $9500 and $9600 above the triangle. Nevertheless, the leading cryptocurrency is still struggling to move out of a controversial price area.


Buy Entry: $9271
TP: $9551 / $9591
SL: $9100

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Triangle Pattern Keeps Bull in Suspense as Spike is Imminent

Since our previous analysis, Bitcoin has remained quiet and indecisive in a symmetrical triangle formation on the 4-hour and hourly chart. The trading volume has seriously dropped but the bullish trajectory remains as Bitcoin continues to form a flag pattern. The crypto trading signals that something big is coming up for BTC sooner or later.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bullish

Key resistance levels: $9550, $9800, $9980, $10350
Key support levels: $9000, $8800, $8500, $8300

From $9400 zones, Bitcoin has currently shifted its trading to around $9200 zones following a small squeeze over the past three days now. This suggests that the price is at equilibrium due to lack of interest amongst traders. Yesterday, Bitcoin saw a little drop to $9100 before seeing a rebound which is still shaky for an upswing. Nevertheless, the $9500, $9770, $9980 and $10350 are resistance for an upsurge.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – October 30

Meanwhile, the RSI is still in a downward range but has currently found support at the 50 levels. The MACD moving averages have crossed down to show an ongoing sell, although the market is still positive. However, if Bitcoin plays bearish, we should expect support at $9000, meeting the descending support line (grey). A cross below the grey line might lead BTC to $8800 and back to the last consolidation zone at $8500 and $8300

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bullish

As the $9300 price zones could no longer hold, Bitcoin had stylishly broken the three-day triangle formation to the downside as bearish come-back is at hand. We may see a short opening to $9000 support soon. The $8900 and $8800 support may further follow if the supply turns heavy.

BTCUSD Hourly Chart-October-30

Interestingly, the RSI has now slipped below the 50 level but the MACD is still indecisive at the moment. Meanwhile, we can say the short-term sellers are in play. In case the bulls can defend the $9000 support firmly, we can then expect a quick rebound. However, the important resistance, for now, is $9300, $9500 and $9680.


Sell Entry: $9277
TP: $9100
SL: $10000

Retracement Is Foreseen as EURJPY Continues Rallies After Soaring Towards the Key Level at 120.00

EURJPY Price Analysis – October 11

On the upside zone of the pair is the risk-limiting its momentum for a further advance while buyers dominated the common European currency against the Japanese Yen on Friday. Presently, it’s retracing but buyers remain in control and attempting to cross above the level at 120.00.


Key Levels

Resistance Levels: 127.52, 123.01, 120.78

Support Levels: 118.80, 117.08, 115.86

EURJPY Long term Trend: Bearish

In the long term trend, for as long as the horizontal zone on the level at 120.78 support turned resistance holds, then the downtrend from the level at 127.52 (high) should still be in progress.

Meanwhile, the break of the level at 115.86 will target the lower low. However, the sustained break of the level at 120.78 will be the first indication of a medium-term reversal. where the further rise would then be seen to the level at 127.52 resistance for confirmation.

EURJPY Short term Trend: Ranging

The EURJPY exchange rate is likely to retrace towards the support level formed by the moving average 5 and 13 in extension on the level at 119.40 and 118.80 area respectively.

As it is with the steady upside momentum, a Further buying might move prices higher should the market test the nearby high at 120.78, While EURJPY is experiencing a short-term upswing, this could simply be a rectification, as both the medium and long term patterns are as yet bearish.

Instrument: EURJPY
Order: Sell
Entry price: 120.00
Stop: 120.78
Target: 118.40

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