Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin’s Price Could Explode Anytime From Now, To Where?

Following the latest price actions, Bitcoin has been trading below the $8800 resistance over the last 24-hours and has similarly held support at $8600. Due to the selling pressure, Bitcoin’s market cap is valued at $158.6 billion with a trading volume of about $18.7 billion. We can expect a heavy price fall if the bears remain in the market. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is currently priced at $8755 with an overall loss of -0.55%.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $9000, $9600, $9995, $10350
Key support levels: $8600, $8400, $8200, $8000

Bitcoin should be breaking out of the triangle formation any time from now. As we can see now, the price has squeezed so much to a tight angle on the descending triangle. A price explosion could be underway. Traditionally, this pattern formation commonly follows a bullish impulsive move. The expected price range is $10350, although Bitcoin would meet $9000, $9600 and $9995 on the way up.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 13

Interestingly, the RSI is currently showing a positive sign despite the recent bearish actions. On the MACD, the bears are still assuming control of the BTC market. If the $9000 resistance continues to prove difficult, Bitcoin may slip to $8400, $8200 and $8000 after reaching the triangle’s support at $8600.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Overcoming the $8880 resistance has become tough for the buyers since the weekly opening. This level of resistance is as crucial to the bull as to the bears. A look at the technical indicators suggested that there’s a high chance for the bulls to win the $8880 zone, especially the $9000 before surging price to $9200, $9400 and $9600, above the wedge pattern.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 13

That is if the MACD can confirm a positive cross. Also, the RSI needs to keep respecting the green diagonal support which has been playing since November 8. A drive beneath the RSI support could cause a heavy sell-off, although Bitcoin may continue to locate support on the wedge’s lower boundary. Currently, the $8600 remains major support for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bearish Action Continues As Bitcoin Follows Channel Pattern

Bitcoin is back on a selling mode after surging all the way from $8800 to $9250 (Bitfinex) yesterday. Now, the price has rolled back to the $8800, where BTC held as support since November 8. The latest bearish actions have brought the market down by -0.62% overnight as the market cap drops below $160 billion. However, Bitcoin may create an uglier scenario if the $8600 support breaks.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $9000, $9128, $9250
Key support levels: $8600, $8400, $8200

After spiking seeing a sharp rise from $8800, Bitcoin was unable to continue buying pressure to the channel’s resistance at $9400, although the price managed to touch $9250 before it was rejected. The price has dropped back beneath $9000 and BTC is now targeting a channel’s lower boundary at $8500 before we can see an upward correction. For now, key resistance holds at $9000 and potentially $9128 and $9250 resistance.

BTCUSD, 4H Price Chart – November 11

If the channel’s lower boundary fails to act as a support for Bitcoin on the 4-hour chart, a price break is likely to play out. Below the channel, immediate support lies at $8200 and $8000. However, BTC saw a sharp fall after testing the yellow diagonal resistance on the RSI 55. The MACD has continued to show that the bears are dominant at the moment.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Prior to the last 24-hours price action, Bitcoin is now shaping inside a descending channel which is slowly forming since November 4.  BTC sharply reversed after locating resistance on the channel’s upper boundary. Currently, the price is waiting at $8800 but we can expect the next selling pressure to reach the $8700 and $8600 support to meet the channel’s lower boundary.

BTCUSD, Hourly Price Chart – November 11

However, Bitcoin seemed to have found support on the lower band of the RSI following the rejection at the upper band. If the RSI 30 can bolster, we can expect a rebound to $900 and $9128 resistance. Looking at the bearish setup, the market is more likely to reach the $8600 support before rebounding. As we can see, the MACD is still suggesting that the bears are present.


Sell Entry: $8800
TP: $8612
SL: 9022

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Prepares For An Upward Rally But $9200 Support Is Important

Yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) shifted its trading price range to $9600 high and has continued to fluctuate to a lower price range of $9000 for a while now. The market appeared neutral on the 4-hour but has switched to a bullish trend on the hourly. Meanwhile, BTC is now sitting at $9278 support zone but may soon increase buying pressure any moment from now. Currently, we can expect BTC to keep moving within these ranges until a surge in volatility occurs.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Neutral

Key resistance levels: $9800, $10000, $10350
Key support levels: $9000, $8820, $8600

Bitcoin is trading inside a symmetrical triangle on the 4-hour chart as the price warms for a breakout which might allow BTC to see another substantial increase soon. However, we may need to consider close resistance at $9600 before spiking to $10000 and $10350 on the upside.


The RSI is currently at the 50 levels to show that the market is still in favour of the bulls. Conversely, the MACD is lying straight at the zero level – suggesting a neutral trend, although it appeared bullish at the moment. Immediate support for Bitcoin is at $9000. In case of a further price loss, support may resurface at $8820 and maybe $8600.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bullish

After Bitcoin was rejected yesterday at $9600, the price dropped to $9200 – where BTC tested the lower boundary of the ascending channel. Now, the price is attempting to retest the support area before rebounding to $9350, $9500 and $9700 in the next coming hours. Meanwhile, the $9100 and $9000 are still holding as support for the market.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 5

More so, a sharp drop may floor Bitcoin at $8900 on a short-term. Currently, the RSI is in a downward position, reflecting the latest price drop. But the MACD has held support at the zero levels after seeing a little downward move. Above all, we can expect Bitcoin to climb higher if the channel’s lower boundary can continue to function as support for the BTC market.


Buy Entry: $9312
TP: $9551 / $9692
SL: $8870

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: BTC Breaks Triangle Pattern As Selling Underways

After dropping from around $10500 over the weekend, Bitcoin has been roaming around the 9500 price zones, an indicator of weakness in buying pressure. Inversely, the bears appeared to be defending the $10000 resistance. Still, BTC is up by +2.60% overnight as we can expect a more positive move to play out if the buyers can override the $10000 resistance.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bullish

Key resistance levels: $9700, $9900, $10200, $10500
Key support levels: $9200, $9000, $8800, $8600

The daily chart presents a bullish trend for Bitcoin with the current price at $9434. The last three days price increase was characterized by a bullish candle which is now becoming choppy. This suggests that buying pressure is getting weak as the $10000 proves tough for the market to overcome, although $9800 is near support for the market.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – October 28

If we can close above the $10000 today, Bitcoin’s price will proceed to $10200 and $10500 in no time. For now, immediate support lies at $9200. A daily close beneath $9000 may keep price back in a consolidation mode, testing $9800 and $9600. While the RSI shows that the bulls are present, the MACD revealed that the bulls are yet to gain momentum. A crossover should confirm a strong bullish momentum for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bullish

Bitcoin is breaking out of the triangle pattern after subduing with choppy price actions for two days. The bulls are losing momentum as the bears regroup back on a short-term. We may see a serious drop to $9200, $9000 and $8800 support if the supply becomes heavy. The interesting thing is that the technical RSI and MACD signal a bearish divergence. Considering the current reversal pattern, BTC is expected to lose value in the next few hours.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – October 28

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s price can be unpredictable at times as we may see a bullish continuation amidst the bearish signal. In case of a false breakout, we may see a sharp rise to $10400 but the nearest resistance lies at $9600, $9800 and $10000. However, the short-traders seemed to be opening a position now.


Sell Entry: $9477
TP: $9100
SL: $10000

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: BTC Suspends Bullish Correction With A New Support

While the bulls anticipated for a retest at $9000 resistance zone, Bitcoin caught traders unaware with a violent breach on $7700 support yesterday. Where erasing the memory of retesting the $9000, the $7700-$8000 price ranges are now key resistance zones for a possible retracement. Following a sharp rebound at $7300, Bitcoin is now waiting at around $7500. We can expect a price swing to either way shortly.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $7700, $8000
Key support levels: $7200, $7000

After mounting support at $7700 earlier this month, Bitcoin bounced off, followed by rejection at $8800 while attempting to retest the $9000, which has now become a history for the bulls. Yesterday, Bitcoin fell sharply beneath the $7700 support to $7300, which is now the current support.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – October 24

Meanwhile, the price seems to be heading towards the lower boundary of the channel pattern to make BTC completes lower lows and lower highs move on the daily chart. We should expect to base at $7200-$7000 support zone if the price drops beneath $7300.

The crypto trading signals that Bitcoin is currently meeting support on the RSI 30 levels. We can expect the price to retest the recently break level at $7700. A Further rise may allow the bulls to see the $8000 resistance once more. However, the MACD suggests that the market is now in the negative zone.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Yesterday, Bitcoin left the $7700 price zone after dropping violently from the four weeks channel pattern. The market is now subdued with choppy price actions after finding support at $7300. If the Bitcoin can show a little strength, we can expect a price recovery $7600 and $7800 resistance, although the bulls are still struggling to overcome the $9500.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – October 24

The aftermath of the recent bearish actions has slipped the technical indicator (RSI and MACD) to their lowest condition, indicating an undervalued market for Bitcoin. In view of this, selling pressure may reoccur to near support at $7300, $7200 and $7100


Sell Entry: $7451
TP: $7207 / $7033
SL: $7568

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: BTC Shows Weakness On Short-term, Can $7700 Provide a Strong Rebound?

After mounting support at $7700, Bitcoin is now caught in a consolidation mode for the past three weeks, although the price was rejected at $8800 October 11. The slight drop below $8000 has made the bears turn at the $7700 support on a third attempt. Bitcoin should bounce back to $8600 if the bulls can defend the current support. Otherwise, the mid-term bearish scenario may continue.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Neutral

Key resistance levels: $8000, $8270, $8453, $8650
Key support levels: $7733, $7500, $7300, $7000

Bitcoin is moving sideways on the hourly chart. The $8800 rejection has led the market into 7 days bearish action which has currently brought Bitcoin to $7900. Meanwhile, the $7700 price zones now correspond with the RSI 50 level, where Bitcoin currently held support.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – October 18

We can expect a rise back above $8000 toward the channel’s resistance at $8270, $8453 and $8650 before a potential break-up. On the other hand, support is likely at $7500, $7300 and $7000 if the $7733 could not contain selling pressure. However, the MACD indicator shows that the bears are in play for now.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

The October 11 false breakout has led Bitcoin’s price in a downward range and at the same time shaping in a channel boundary. However, it’s important to note that the bears are becoming strong on a short-term move. Just a few hours ago, Bitcoin tested the channel’s support at $7800 and now waiting for a possible correction to $8100 resistance.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – October 18

As we can see, the RSI indicator is bolstered by the 30 level, although still weak at the moment. Similarly, the crypto trading signals a bearish cross on the MACD indicator which may cause Bitcoin to keep falling if the signals play out.

On the downside, $7600, $7400, $7200 and $7000 may be explored. On the upside, $8200, $8400 and $8600 may play out if a bullish surge occurs. For now, BTC is currently weak on the hourly time frame.


Buy Entry: $7870
TP: $8091 / $8270
SL: $7700

New Consolidation Phase May Lead Bitcoin (BTC) To April 2 Surge Level If Key Support Breaks

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – October 9

For the past 15 days now, Bitcoin has been undergoing a consolidation phase after bouncing off at $77000 area in late September. With -0.29% loss over the past hours, the BTC price now fluctuates at around the $8200 zones. As the market waits for the next shock-wave, Bitcoin’s price may roll to $6400 – the April 2 surge level if a bearish surge resurfaces.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8370, $8533, $8770. $8997
Key support levels: $7733, $7300, $7000, $6400

Following the September 30 sharp bounce at $7700, Bitcoin is currently fragile – subduing with choppy price action on the daily time frame. Again, the market is sensing a big move lurking around the corner. Breaking the key support zones at $7733 – $7300, BTC may plummet to $7000 and $6400 to meet the 4-months channel’s support.


Currently, the price is still consolidating above the $8000 price zones. Should the bulls act upon these mentioned zones, Bitcoin may further correct to $8370, $8533, $8770 and $8997 resistance before we can continuing bearish rally. To top that, the crypto trading signals a strong bearish trend on the RSI but the market has managed to rise up on the Stochastic RSI since the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Neutral

Bitcoin has been shaping in a triangle pattern on the 4-hour chart and has remained indecisive for the past two weeks. The crypto trading signals that a potential surge in volatility may play out sooner or later. This pattern is a bearish formation with close supports at $7750 – a breakout area. A clear drive beneath the triangle might send the price to $7500, $7300 and $7000 support.


But as it appeared now, Bitcoin is bullish on the RSI indicator, making its price to trade at around the triangle’s upper boundary. The price could float above $8000 if the RSI 50 can hold. Nevertheless, the $8400, $8533 and $8700 resistance could play out if a bullish surge occurs. Inversely, the crypto trading signals a bearish move on the Stochastic RSI to show that the sellers may step back in the market.


Sell Entry: $8197
TP: $7750
SL: $8350

ETH Finds Support at $180 After Turning Away At Monthly High

Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis – October 8

Ethereum has displayed an impressive move over the past few hours, touching $185 after a consistent climb and correcting a gain of +4.12% at the moment. Currently, ETH is priced at $180 after seeing a slight drop. The price would continue to swing high if the bulls can continue to sustain pressure in the market.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bullish

Key resistance levels: $185, $190, $199
Key support levels: $178, $175, $170

Looking at the 4-hour chart, the price of ETH was rejected after retesting the October 1 high zone at $185, followed by a drop to $180. Now, the price is attempting to fall on the Stochastic RSI. And if a bearish cross plays out, Ethereum may slowly sell to the channel’s support at $178, $175 and $170.


Meanwhile, the crypto trading signals a bullish momentum on the RSI, although now aiming its 50 levels. Should this level produce a rebound for the market, Ethereum could retest the $185 resistance zones before surging to $190 and perhaps $199. However, the price is more likely to show weakness if the token slip beneath $180.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bullish

On the hourly time frame, Ethereum is looking bullish after breaking through the 7 days descending channel pattern, during yesterday’s trading. As appeared on the chart, the price has slightly bounced off at the retest zone of $180. We can expect the market to continue to buy at $185 $187 and $190 resistance if the price can hold above the retest zones.


As suggested in the technical indicators, the crypto trading signals a potential buy on the Stochastic RSI; Ethereum has remained bullish on the RSI with a possible bounce back. Otherwise, a lower drive may cause the price to sell heavily to the lowest region, corresponding to $180 break-down to $178, $176 and $174 support. For now, the bulls are still showing strength.


Buy Sell: $179
TP: $175 / $171
SL: 186