Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – More Serious Drops Lies Ahead For Bitcoin

The bears have continued to stay in the market as Bitcoin’s extend support to the $8500 zone overnight. Due to the price drop, the market has currently recorded a loss of about -1.2.6%. This time, if the $8500 support fails to suppress selling pressure, Bitcoin would further look for lower support.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Weekly Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8880, $9000, $9200
Key support levels: $8500, $8300, $8100

Bitcoin is looking bearish on the weekly chart, although it’s a necessary pullback which is likely to resume buying soon. But looking at the previous candle close, the bearish setup is just building up. We may see a weekly close of $8100 if the selling pressure elapses. Meanwhile, Bitcoin held immediate support at $8300 which could be the next selling target.

BTCUSD, Weekly Chart – November 15

However, if the new support ($8500) can hold well, BTC could look for resistance around the $8800. Still, we need a weekly close above the $9000 resistance before we can validate a positive move. Once we clear the resistance, Bitcoin might reach $12000 in a couple of days. Currently, the technical indicators are on the downside, suggesting a bearish continuation.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Looking at the hourly chart, Bitcoin is undergoing a lot of bearish pressure over the past few days. The latest price drop has made BTC to now trade in the $8500 zone. It appeared the market is looking for support around the $8000. It may take a few days for Bitcoin to reach this support due to the recent slow movement in price.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 15

However, $8400 and $8300 may come in play soon. On the upside, there’s no bullish sign for BTC at the moment. Nevertheless, the $8700 and $8800 resistance may be explored if the bulls can push well. The technical RSI and MACD are defiantly bearish to show that Bitcoin is weak at the moment.


Sell Entry: $8688
TP: $8515 / $8444
SL: 8750

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin is Poised For a Breakout, Which Direction?

Bitcoin has been under a lot of bearish pressure over the last few days, making the price to now trade near the $8600 support zones. It may become devastating if BTC price drops below the current support as $8000 could play out in no time. But if the buyers can regroup well, Bitcoin may reclaim the near resistance at $8880. Currently, the entire market cap has dropped below $240 billion compared to when it was trading above it yesterday. This shows that more bearish play may be at hand.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8880, $9000
Key support levels: $8300, $8000

Looking at the daily chart, Bitcoin has continued to float on the $8600 support over two days. If the support breaks, the closest support to watch out for is the $8300 and $8000. There’s a higher chance for that as long as the bears remain in the market. Meanwhile, the weekly short opening has kept BTC price in an ugly scenario. We can see that the RSI has dropped well below the 50 levels.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 14

Conversely, the MACD is showing a weakening moment but has remained in the positive zone. As it is now, it may be difficult for the bulls to regain momentum. But if we can have a daily close above the $8880 resistance, the bulls hope may be rekindled as $9000 resistance would be the next buying target. Once we climb back above the mention supports, Bitcoin should be ready for the next bullish rally.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Since yesterday, Bitcoin reached a fractal level for a breakout on the 4-hour chart but has been keeping us in suspense against the next major move. From a technical standpoint, a big shock-wave is lurking around the corner. For a down surge, immediate support lies at $8400, $8200 and $8000. This could make the technical indicators to slip their bearish zone the more.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 14

If an upsurge occurs, Bitcoin is most likely to spike to the previous high at $10350. However, BTC needs to reclaim the $8800, $8880 and $9000 resistance before we can consider a breakout. Looking at the RSI indicator, Bitcoin is climbing slowly to signal a bullish divergence, although still struggling below the 50 levels. Inversely, the MACD is negative but keeping a sideways movement to reveal the recent squeeze in the market.


Sell Entry: $8677
TP: $8550
SL: 8942

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin May Stumble If Head and Shoulder Pattern Completes

The last two hours trading has set a little panic for Bitcoin’s traders after rising sharply to $8900 and at the same time fell to $8600 zones – where BTC is currently oscillating. The bulls are now trapped as it may be difficult for them to get out this mess unless Bitcoin revisits the $8900 zones. Looking at the current short-term bearish bias, the bulls would remain trapped if they fail to cut their losses.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8900, $9000, $9125
Key support levels: $8600, $8400, $8100

Just a few minutes ago, Bitcoin tried to retrace back to the $9125 resistance but the bullish correction was halted at $8900 resistance and it has made the price of BTC to fall back below the $8700. Currently, the bears are eyeing the channel’s support at $8400 –where Bitcoin is likely to run a proper retracement. If the channel’s lower boundary fails to function as support, Bitcoin may slip to $8100 support, inside the descending channel that was formed in June.


Technically, Bitcoin is locating support on the RSI 30 level. If this mentioned level can provide a rebound for the market, we can expect the price to correct gains to $8900, $9000 and $9125 resistance. At the time of writing, BTC is showing weakness on the MACD as more heavy selling pressure is likely to occur in the coming hours.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Looking at the last hourly pin-bar candle close, Bitcoin’s price may become devastating if the bearish signal eventually plays out. The market is now forming a bearish head and shoulder pattern as Bitcoin almost completes the right shoulder at $8600 support. This pattern formation could cause a heavy selling pressure if the neckline breaks. In no time, the $8400 and $8200 support may come into play.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 12

As we can see, Bitcoin has turned away from the RSI 50, now facing the RSI 30. Should the price further drives lower, we may experience serious bearish actions. Additionally, the market has continued to follow a bearish scenario on the MACD. However, if the bulls can reinforce heavily, we can expect a little price gain to $8800 and $8900 on the right shoulder. A further price push may allow the bulls to test the $9000 once more.


Pending Order

Sell Entry: $8591
TP: $8467
SL: 8770

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Is Preparing For a New Move, Where?

From $9200, Bitcoin has established new support at $8600 about six hours following a -2.43% price loss at the moment. The $800 price cut has driven Bitcoin all the way to the channel’s support on the hourly chart. Meanwhile, on the daily chart, BTC is currently holding support on the channel’s resistance. All in all, the $8600 has halted the latest bearish swing. Rebound is likely if the above price can hold firmly.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $9000, $9400, $9994
Key support levels: $8600, $8300, $8000

Following our previous crypto trading signals, Bitcoin has now found support on the grey horizontal support at $8600 along with the channel’s resistance which has been suppressing selling pressure since late November. If the $8600 support acts strong, BTC is likely to retrace back to $9000 and $9400 – where the primary cryptocurrency struggled to surpass throughout last week.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 11

If the intraday traders can reclaim the $9400 resistance, $9994 would come into play. However, there’s no certainty that the current support will hold. In case a break occurs, Bitcoin may locate support on the grey ascending trend line but $8300 and $8000 may be encountered. Currently, the RSI is on the downside due to the past 15 days of decline. Bullish continuation is likely if the RSI 40 can provide a rebound. On the MACD, the bulls are dominant but might lose control if a bearish cross signals.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

As predicted earlier today on our crypto trading signals, Bitcoin has eventually fallen to the channel’s lower boundary but has seen a quick recovery back above the grey horizontal support line. BTC is now priced at around $8748. Following the channel formation, Bitcoin is preparing for another upward move. We can see that the market is undergoing consolidation. However, $8900, $9000 and $9125 resistance is likely to play out concurrently.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 11

At the moment, Bitcoin is sitting on the RSI 30. In the opposite direction, Bitcoin may extend its bearishness if the channel’s lower boundary fails to function as support. Nevertheless, Bitcoin might need to break the $8600 before we can see a new low at $8400 and $8200 on the hourly chart. The MACD has shown that the bearish bias is not yet over.


Buy Entry: $8670
TP: $9000
SL: 8550

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Breakout: More Bearish Actions Underway For Bitcoin

Since our previous crypto trading signals, we have seen Bitcoin finally broken beneath $9000 to $7700. Bitcoin has seen a little price recovery back to the $8800 area at the moment as more sell may be underways. For this reason, BTC is currently correcting a loss of -4.98%. The selling pressure could become heavier if the market closes below $8800 today.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $9000, $9500, $10000
Key support levels: $8500, $8300, $8000

As predicted earlier today, Bitcoin is now testing the $8800 support after breaching the important support at $9000. Bitcoin is likely to trade back inside the descending channel if the price closes beneath the white horizontal line. Immediate support lies at $8500 and $8000 – where the grey ascending line is aligning.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 8

Currently, the RSI is looking for a level on the green ascending line as the MACD shows a sign of weakness. If Bitcoin can find support at the mentioned line support, a rebound is likely to play out. Nevertheless, we can expect $9000, $9500 and $10000 to now hold as resistance for the market.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

From $9200, Bitcoin saw price cuts of $500 over the past few hours, making the bears gain control of the market. As of now, it appeared that sellers are struggling to surpass confluence support at $8800, where the white and yellow trend line lies on the chart. However, the recent bearish cross on the MACD is an indicator to a more downward move. Also, the RSI is now reaching the oversold region.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 8

Considering the next major move for Bitcoin, a bearish continuation may bring the price as low as $8550, $8300 and $8000. From above, $8900 and 9000 resistance are close areas for a retracement. A slight break-up may allow Bitcoin to further test the $9200, where BTC starts to drop earlier today. With the recent triangle breakout, we can expect more bearish actions to play out.


Sell Entry: $8788
TP:  $8500
SL: $9000

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Downward Shift May Take Bitcoin To $9000 Despite Sideways Move

Bitcoin’s bearish actions have recently extended to the $9100 price areas during the New York session but now correcting at around $9200. We may see a more recovery back above the $9200 once the short-traders exit the market. And if Bitcoin keeps to its last 24-hours decline, we should be expecting a further price roll to the $9000 support zones. However, Bitcoin is now oscillating at around $9100 after losing -0.88% a few hours ago.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Neutral

Key resistance levels: $9600, $9800, $10000, $10350
Key support levels: $9200, $9000, $8820, $8500

On the daily chart, Bitcoin is following a sideways movement for the past 11 days now. The October 26 price cut at $10350 has made the BTC market to subdue with choppy price actions. Meanwhile, the insignificant volatility is making the trade to stay quiet and calm for a while.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 7

While waiting, Bitcoin’s bullish are still defending the $9000-$8900 support zone, although the market has shown a bearish sign over the past three days now. If the market can stay above the descending channel, Bitcoin may activate a bullish mode to $9800, $10000 and $10350 resistance before testing further resistance. On the downside, a break beneath the $9000 may lead BTC to $8800 and possibly $8500 support.

We can see that the MACD has produced a bullish crossover to show that an incoming bullish momentum. However, the BTC/USD pair is locating support on the RSI mid-band. If the RSI 50 can hold well, we should expect a significant bullish surge to $12000 within a blink of an eye.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Now that Bitcoin has roaming on the triangle’s support, we may now consider the $9100 to be the next Bitcoin trading zone. Since the weekly opening, BTC has been cutting $100 from its daily price. On Monday, Bitcoin traded around $9500, Tuesday $9400, Wednesday $9300 and could probably close below $9200. However, $9000 is still holding as support, followed by $8900 and $8800 on a short-term bearish move.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 7

If Bitcoin can hold support well at $9100, we may see a quick recovery to $9300, 9400 and $9500 on the upside. Meanwhile, the RSI is defiantly in a downward position to show a sign of weakness in price. On the MACD indicator, Bitcoin has seen a bearish cross, which suggested that selling pressure is more likely to become heavy in future trading.


Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Big Move Is Around The Corner For Bitcoin, When?

For the past 24-hours, Bitcoin has been trading below $9500 despite struggling to break away from a tight area since late October. Currently, BTC is priced at $9400 after seeing a small price increase of +1.12% overnight. However, if the price can close well above the $9500 today, we can expect $10000 to come into play before the weekend.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Neutral

Key resistance levels: $9600, $9800, $10000
Key support levels: $9200, $9000, $8820

The symmetrical triangle pattern has continued to make Bitcoin look indecisive for the past few days now. Meanwhile, a potential big move is around the corner as the price approaches a tight angle. The sideways movement is much playing out on the MACD but the RSI is now gearing for an upward move after finding support at the 50 levels. If the RSI continues to show strength, Bitcoin may go bullish soon.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 6

The immediate resistance to watch out for is $9600, $9800 and $10000. But the ongoing indecisiveness may not give us a clear picture of where Bitcoin is heading next. In case of a down surge, the price could drop to $9200, $9000 and $8800 within the shortest period. At the moment, the next actual direction for BTC is yet to be ascertained on the 4-hour chart.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bullish

But looking at the hourly chart, Bitcoin is stylishly making a bullish swing. While creating a rising channel pattern, BTC has been finding it difficult to continue the upward move above the $9500 since yesterday. Today, Bitcoin is still looking for a strong buy to shoot price towards the channel’s resistance at $9700. Meanwhile, $9500 and $9600 resistances are important for the next major move.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 6

The RSI is currently shooting high following the $9200 rebound during yesterday’s trading. Also, the MACD is preparing for a new bullish rally. Considering the last two hourly evening star, Bitcoin could reverse a bit to $9300 support if it plays out. A further drive may cause BTC to move out of the channel to $9150 and $9000 on the downside.


Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Prepares For An Upward Rally But $9200 Support Is Important

Yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) shifted its trading price range to $9600 high and has continued to fluctuate to a lower price range of $9000 for a while now. The market appeared neutral on the 4-hour but has switched to a bullish trend on the hourly. Meanwhile, BTC is now sitting at $9278 support zone but may soon increase buying pressure any moment from now. Currently, we can expect BTC to keep moving within these ranges until a surge in volatility occurs.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Neutral

Key resistance levels: $9800, $10000, $10350
Key support levels: $9000, $8820, $8600

Bitcoin is trading inside a symmetrical triangle on the 4-hour chart as the price warms for a breakout which might allow BTC to see another substantial increase soon. However, we may need to consider close resistance at $9600 before spiking to $10000 and $10350 on the upside.


The RSI is currently at the 50 levels to show that the market is still in favour of the bulls. Conversely, the MACD is lying straight at the zero level – suggesting a neutral trend, although it appeared bullish at the moment. Immediate support for Bitcoin is at $9000. In case of a further price loss, support may resurface at $8820 and maybe $8600.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bullish

After Bitcoin was rejected yesterday at $9600, the price dropped to $9200 – where BTC tested the lower boundary of the ascending channel. Now, the price is attempting to retest the support area before rebounding to $9350, $9500 and $9700 in the next coming hours. Meanwhile, the $9100 and $9000 are still holding as support for the market.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 5

More so, a sharp drop may floor Bitcoin at $8900 on a short-term. Currently, the RSI is in a downward position, reflecting the latest price drop. But the MACD has held support at the zero levels after seeing a little downward move. Above all, we can expect Bitcoin to climb higher if the channel’s lower boundary can continue to function as support for the BTC market.


Buy Entry: $9312
TP: $9551 / $9692
SL: $8870

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – New Channel Pattern May Lead Bitcoin To $12000, Bullish Divergence In Play

Bitcoin is back on bullish mode after breaking a symmetrical triangle to a new channel formation, although the $9400 resistance was slightly broken yesterday but got rejected at $9644 on Bitfinex. BTC is currently retracing to $9100, following the channel pattern shaping on the hourly chart. However, Bitcoin is currently trading at $9350 with a $168.5 billion market cap.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bullish

Key resistance levels: $9800, $10000, $10350
Key support levels: $9200, $9000, $8820

Yesterday, Bitcoin managed to close above the $9400 to show the market is preparing for another bullish phase. This time, it may take us to $12000 but we need to clear the October 27 high at $10350 before we can validate a stronger surge. If Bitcoin can close well above $9500 today, $9800 and $10000 will be in view. Further resistance above lies at $10350.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 5

For now, support to look out for is $9200 and $9000. Support below lies at $8820 and beyond. Another thing to note here is the RSI and the MACD which has signalled a bullish divergence for Bitcoin. We can expect more bullish sentiment to come into play in future trading.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bullish

The last 24-hours rise has allowed Bitcoin to record a weekly high of $9644 after breaching the four days triangle pattern. As we can see on the hourly chart, BTC is constructing a new ascending channel which may take Bitcoin us to $10000 in the next rally. Currently, the market is retracing back toward the channel’s support at $9200 –$9100. Meanwhile, the $9000 – $8900 zones could serve as support if a channel break-down occurs.


Bouncing off the channel’s lower boundary would trigger a bullish impulsive move to $9350, $9500 and $9700 resistance. The RSI is bullish but now positioned in a downward direction. The MACD moving averages are now crossing to signal a potential sell, although remain positive at the moment.


Sell Entry: $9378
TP: $9189
SL: $9500

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – $9000 Support Keeps BTC On Sideways After Rebounding

Bitcoin’s trading has continued to struggle between tight ranges of $9000 – $9400 for some days now. The sideways move was due to the flash drop from $10350 in late October and most especially a sign of capitulation in the market. Bitcoin may remain in a range-bound if the above price zones hold tight. However, the crypto trading signals a potential rise for the BTC market.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bullish

Key resistance levels: $9800, $10000, $10350
Key support levels: $9000, $8820, $8500

The October 25 spike renewed a bullish sentiment for Bitcoin but the calmness has recently made the market indecisive for the past few days. Of course, the reasons for the current price actions could be attributed to a lack of interest amongst traders. We may see a bullish trap if Bitcoin plummets back to the $8000 zones. Meanwhile, close support lies at $9000, $8820 and $8500.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 4

Gaining value above the $9400 may rekindle the past week positive move as $9800, $10000 and $10350 would be the next long target for BTC. As we can see, the MACD is currently positive as well as their RSI, which is finding support at the 50 levels. This suggests that Bitcoin is still keeping a bullish momentum on the daily chart.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Neutral

The triangle formation is still making Bitcoin indecisive on the hourly chart. Yesterday, the price touched the lower boundary of the triangle and now we should expect a bounce to the upper boundary, where the $9350 resistance lies. Above the triangle, a quick rise should bring us to $9570 and $9800.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 4

Below the triangle, Bitcoin may find support at $9000 – $8900, which has been a key rebound area for some days. More so, we can see that the RSI is rising back after seeing a sharp fall yesterday.  Bitcoin is likely to gain strength as soon as the MACD leaves its negative zone.


Buy Entry: $9180
TP: $9350
SL: $8900