Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Plummet To $7500 As Incoming Sell May Become Uglier

The latest surge has caused a lot of bearish pressure in the market, making Bitcoin’s price to plummet straight to $7500. As a result of this, Bitcoin saw a cut of about $680 its daily opening price, now trading at around $7660. We can expect the scenario to get uglier as $7300 is on sight.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $7800, $8000
Key support levels: $7500, $7300

The $8000 support is significantly breached as Bitcoin targets another key support at $7300. The colossal breakout was characterized by a strong bearish candle opening from $8113 to $7500 after crossing the white-dotted diagonal support. Meanwhile, the $7300 is key support where bearish pressure may hold for a while before breaking or bouncing. A break may lead Bitcoin to the bottom of the channel at $6500- where the rebound is likely.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 21

However, if the $7300 support can hold, Bitcoin is expected to bounce back to the channel’s upper boundary, although retracement level lies at $7800 and $8000. Currently, Bitcoin is relying on the RSI 30 level as a break may cause a serious price drop. On the MACD, Bitcoin has slightly crossed to the negative to show that the bearish action is getting stronger

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

On the 4-hour chart, Bitcoin has been witnessing a lot of selling pressure since the daily opening, which has made the bears continue to gain control of the market. BTC is currently supported by $7500 but small correction is likely before the bears resume pressure in the market. If we look at the RSI indicator, we can see that Bitcoin is extremely oversold.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 21

Similarly, the price has reached the negative zones on the MACD, showing a weakening bearish momentum. Meanwhile, Bitcoin may face critical support at $7300 if the bearish pressure continues. Should the market gain a little recovery, we can expect near resistance at $7800 and $8000. But for now, it appeared that the bearish bias is still dominant.


Sell Entry: $7679
TP: $7357
SL: 7810

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Remains Calm Amidst Bearishness, Incoming Break?

Since Tuesday, Bitcoin has held support at $8000 with a lot of bearish bias which is still dominant in the market. In fact, it’s not certain whether BTC would hold above $8000 if the bearish pressure continues. Notwithstanding, a strong bullish pressure could help the market to recover back on the current support. Otherwise, the next sell-off could become uglier than before.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 45M Chart – Neutral

Key resistance levels: $8200, $8300
Key support levels: $8050, $7900

Bitcoin has been a bit calm over the past two days now but the price may escalate soon if the descending triangle breaks. This bearish formation may become devastating if the price drops beneath $8000 support. Though, the next support to look out for is $7900 before driving lower.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 21

Breaking above the triangle might become a bit tough for Bitcoin. A successful break, however, could bring substantial growth in the market, making the price to hit $8600 resistance in no time. However, Bitcoin needs to surpass a controversial resistance of $8200 and $8300. The RSI and the MACD indicators are now moving sideways – suggesting that BTC is currently indecisive.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 15M Chart – Bearish

After seeing a sharp rejection at around $8250 yesterday, Bitcoin’s price has now dropped to the base of the ascending channel – which is forming for about two days now as break or bounce is imminent on the 15-minutes time frame. Looking at the MACD indicator, BTC is attempting a bearish cross. Also, the RSI is now trending well below the 50 levels.

BTCUSD, 15M Chart – November 21

For a break, the price may plummet straight to $8050 support as $8000 could follow if selling pressure becomes huge. On the other hand, a bounce off on the channel could allow Bitcoin to pace at $8170 and $8225 resistance. We can expect more buying if the price can break significantly above the channel pattern. From a technical perspective, the sellers have an upper hand in this market scenario.


Sell Entry: $8133
TP: $7988 / $7911
SL: 8207

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Can This Wedge Breakout Lead To Bullish Correction For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has found temporal support around $8000 over the last 24-hours, giving traders a little relief of the bearish pressure over the past few days. What BTC is likely to display now is a corrective gain before resuming bearish bias. Of course, it may lead to a reversal if Bitcoin can reclaim important resistances. If not, we should expect a fall back to the $8000 support zones or even below.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8300, $8400
Key support levels: $8000, $7800

On the hourly, a double-bottom pattern was spotted a few hours ago, which has brought Bitcoin’s price a bit up to $8170 at the moment. It may take BTC price to $8300 and $8400 resistance levels if the bullish formation plays out, although the market seems to be getting weary of the bearish moment. Meanwhile, the buyers have been recently responsive to price actions.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 20

A bearish bounce at the white descending resistance at $8400 could lead to another bearish shock as the market may sell to $8000 support again. More so, Bitcoin may find new support at $7800 if the supply becomes heavy. The recent rise on the relative strength index shows that BTC is recovering. Additionally, the MACD is now climbing back from the negative to show a bull sign.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 15M Chart – Bullish

On the 15-minutes time frame, Bitcoin slightly broke through the triangle pattern that has kept the market under bearish pressure for a while. As we can see, the buyers are stepping back on a short-term. It’s important to note that the bearish reaction is still significant in the market. Taking advantage of the bullish correction, Bitcoin may reclaim $8300 if we can close above $8200 today.

BTCUSD, 15M Chart – November 20.

Though, the technical indicators are now flying in the bullish zones. Bitcoin’s price is more likely to increase significantly in the next few hours. Considering the wedge breakout, Bitcoin’s price range is expected to add up by $200 from the break level, which is approximated at $8350. Currently, Bitcoin is gearing up for the next move as the buyers look for a progressive level of resistance.


Buy Entry: $8127
TP: $8300
SL: 7988

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Continues To Stay Under Bearish Radar As $8000 Shakes

Bitcoin is now priced at around $8140, following the last 24 days of bearishness which has made the BTC price to reach a weekly low of $8000. However, the bears are still present as more selling could be underway for this market if the $8000 support breaks. Currently, Bitcoin is down by 2.91% and at the same time trading under $150 billion market cap over the last 24-hours. This might be an indicator of more price drop in the market.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8300, $8500
Key support levels: $8000, $7800

Bitcoin’s trading is back in the descending channel as a result of the past few days of decline, making the market to now sit on $8000 support, near the red ascending trend line. Bouncing off the $8000 support might allow Bitcoin to rise back to near resistance at $8300 and $8500 on the upside.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 20

But considering the latest bearish reactions, Bitcoin may break-down $8000 to meet October low, although the September low ($7800) may hold BTC for a while. However, the RSI has dropped back near the 30 levels to show a sign of weakness in the market. The MACD has confirmed a bearish takeover as more declines can be expected.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Having broken supports, Bitcoin is now leaning on $8000 support which has been through bear target $9000 support breaks. The $7350 support might be on sight if Bitcoin further slips beneath the red diagonal support. However, the $7900 – $7800 support zones may further suppress selling pressure.


Meanwhile, the technical indicators are in the bearish territories which suggest that Bitcoin is under a lot of pressure. If the market can rely on the red diagonal support, we can expect BTC witness a strong bullish surge to $10400. But for now, near support lies at $8300, followed by $8400 which remains a breakout level for Bitcoin.


Sell Entry: $8051
TP: $7878
SL: 8213

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Can Bitcoin Retrace To $8300 Before Resuming Bearishness?

Yesterday, Bitcoin saw another major price shift to $8100 on the downside. The bearish reactions brought BTC price to the bottom of the descending channel on the hourly chart, although there’s still a small room for a sell-off to $8000. Bitcoin is currently down by 4% as further sell might become uglier if $8000 price zones break.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8300, $8500
Key support levels: $8100, $8000

The hourly chart is keeping Bitcoin’s price in a descending channel, although the market has reached the base of the channel after yesterday’s sell-off to $8100. Bitcoin is likely to recover a bit to $8300 and $8500 resistance if the price actions obey the channel formation. Otherwise, BTC may fall out of the channel.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 19

Taking a look at the technical RSI indicator, Bitcoin has seen a small bullish crossover, trying to leave the oversold region. More so, the MACD moving averages cross is playing out in the negative zone. This suggests that a small price recovery is likely. However, Bitcoin is still holding support at $8100 and $8000 for now.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 30M Chart – Bearish

Since the market saw a sudden surge to $81000 yesterday, Bitcoin’s volatility has been contacting, suggesting a lack of interest amongst traders due to fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in the market. However, a possible correction could play out to diagonal resistance at $8300 before the bears’ resume pressure on the 30-minutes chart. A further breach could also walk the bulls to $8500 resistance.

BTCUSD, 30-Minutes Chart – November 19

The RSI is now facing up after leaving the oversold region to reveal a potential retracement move. Similarly, the MACD is rising again, although Bitcoin is in the negative zone. If the MACD can produce a bullish crossover to confirm the RSI positive move, we can expect a strong price increase. Otherwise, bearish pressure may extend to $8100 and $8100 support in no time.


Buy Entry: $8178
TP: $8297
SL: 8035

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – BTC May Rebounds If $8400 Support Continues To Bolster

Yesterday, Bitcoin traded around the $8600 resistance before closing at $8578 on the day. Today, BTC short opening has made the price to drop as low as $8420 on Bitfinex, amounting to a current loss of 1.60% on the market cap. The entire crypto market is now holding an approximately $232 billion with BTC dominance at 66%. We can expect more decline if Bitcoin’s statistics continue to drop.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8500, $8600, $8800
Key support levels: $8300, $8200, $8100

Reclaiming $9000 resistance might be a little challenging for Bitcoin on the 4-hour time frame if the sellers continue to release selling pressure in the market. The selling has been causing a lot of bearish sentiment, especially the last 24-hours drop all the way from $8699 yesterday. Bitcoin is slightly trading above the $8400 support, although new weekly support is likely at $8100 if the yellow horizontal support breaks.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 18

As per the wedge pattern forming on the chart, Bitcoin’s volatility is seriously contracting to the angle of the wedge. As such, a big price explosion is around the corner. However, the RSI has found support for BTC at the oversold level which may cause the market to bounce to $8600 resistance if the RSI level holds. A break to $8800 resistance might return positive move in the market. All in all, Bitcoin remains bearish on the MACD.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 15M Chart – Bearish

The rejection at $8699 resistance has caused an outright $250 cut from Bitcoin’s price since yesterday. Currently, the market is moving in a descending wedge on the 15-minutes time frame. Bitcoin is likely to move out of the wedge soon. On the upside, the key resistance to watch out for is $8500 and $8600.

BTCUSD, 15M Chart – November 18

As we can see, the technical RSI is poised for a bullish move. Though, the MACD shows that the bears are still gaining control of the market. On the other hand, we may see more selling pressure towards the $8400 support. If BTC drops beneath the mentioned support, we can expect $8300, $8200 and $8100 to suppress selling pressure.


Buy Entry: $8447
TP: $8587
SL: 8375

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Looks Fragile, Can The Bulls Take-Over?

Bitcoin has extended its bearishness to a new week, although the market has been stable since the price fell to $8400 during last week trading. Currently, Bitcoin is leaning on the $8400 support. If this support can hold well, we should expect a positive move in the coming days. As of now, BTC is consolidating on the hourly chart.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8600, $8800, $9000,
Key support levels: $8300, $8200, $8100

Since Bitcoin broke out of the wedge in late October, the price has substantially decreased due to the selling pressure in the market. For the past three days now, the price of BTC has been trading around the $8500, keeping sellers on hold for a while. Similarly, the sellers seem to be weak at the moment. If the bulls can act upon this, Bitcoin’s price could regain strength.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 18

The nearest resistance to expect the price is $8800, followed by $9000 before we can see a nice growth. On the other hand, a drive beneath the $8400 may allow bearish extension to $8250 and $8100 support. Now, the RSI is well below the 50 levels to reveal that Bitcoin is losing strength, although the MACD is sustaining bulls’ hope as it stays positive.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Bitcoin’s volatility is subdued with choppy price actions on the 4-hour chart. The market is now trading in a tight area which suggests a potential surge lurking around the corner. Taking a look at the RSI indicator, we can see that Bitcoin has been supported by the RSI 30 level since November 8.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 18

If the RSI can continue to bolster, we can expect a bullish move to $8600, $8800 and $9000 resistance. But on the MACD, Bitcoin is still looking negative. Should $8400 support breaks, BTC may drop beneath the yellow horizontal support at $8300, $8200 and $8100. As of now, Bitcoin appeared fragile as big shock-wave is around the corner.


Sell Entry: $8507
TP: $8356
SL: 8657

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Records Daily Low At $8400, More Drop Is Expected!

Just as we predicted earlier today, Bitcoin has sharply dropped to the $8400 support zone, hitting take profits provided in our crypto trading signals. If the price can close well below the $8500, Bitcoin may close on a weekly low of $8000. As of now, Bitcoin is trading at $8496 under a lot of bearish pressure.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8600, $8880
Key support levels: $8300, $8100

On the daily chart, Bitcoin is now reaching another bullish defence line (8300), might be the close price for today if the price continues to drop. Bitcoin has lost about 6% from its initial weekly opening of $9100. Currently, the market is sitting on the $8400 support, although it’s uncertain that the support will hold as $8300 remains major support.

BTCUSD, Daily Chart – November 15

Heavy bearish pressure may cause the price to floor at $8100. Looking at the RSI indicator, Bitcoin is now trading well below the 50 levels. Meanwhile, the MACD is still showing a little sign of bullish which may play out if the zero levels stay solid. However, resistance to watch out for is $8600 and $8880.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

On the 4-hours chart, Bitcoin is revealed on a downward range. The market has been under a lot of bearish actions for the past two weeks. BTC has recorded a price cut of about $400 which has made the price to fall at $8400 today. It appeared that the bears are targeting $8300 support9 where the yellow horizontal line lies.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 15

Meanwhile, support may further hold at $8200 and $8100 if the yellow line fails to act as a rebound level for Bitcoin. On the upside, BTC held resistance at $8600 and $8700. Additionally, the technical indicators are currently showing a strong weakness in price due to the last few hours of decline. Bitcoin is likely to regain strength if the $8300 support can hold well.


Sell Entry: $8515
TP: $8356
SL: 8607

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Trades In a Tight Zone But Surge Is Underway

Bitcoin has been in a range-bound for about two days now and it appeared the bearish sentiment could continue shortly. This time, BTC trading may witness an ugly scenario if the supply remains heavy at $8880. However, if the price eventually falls, Bitcoin would possibly find a new bottom at $8500. Above all, the market has seen a loss of -0.21% overnight.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $8880, $9000, $9200
Key support levels: $8500, $8300, $8100

Looking at the current bearish setup, Bitcoin’s price could seriously collapse on the 4-hour chart. The BTC bears are gaining dominance and currently regrouping for lower prices. Meanwhile, the $8600 support is still bolstering well for the BTC/USD pair. Driving beneath this support could make the market to extend bearishness a bit to $8500 support. The $8300 and $8100 support may follow if BTC keeps supplying.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 14

However, the $8880 remains a tough resistance for now. A successful climb may allow the bulls to reclaim $9000, followed by $9200 and above. The RSI for Bitcoin is in a downward direction to show that sellers are still in the market. Also, the MACD has tested the zero level but now appeared that trading may resume bearish swing.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Hourly Chart – Bearish

Bitcoin has continued to stay quiet and calm for a while now, especially trading between the range of $8800 on the upside and $8600 on the downside. On top of that, the descending wedge is keeping BTC under bearish control. While waiting for the price to surge, a bullish rally may take us to $9000 after clearing the $8880 resistance.

BTCUSD, Hourly Chart – November 14

Once the $9000 resistance resurfaces, the $9125 would be the next buy target for Bitcoin. In the opposite direction, Bitcoin may roll back to the closest support at $8600. If this support breaks, $8500 and $8400 could further function as support for the market. At the moment, the technical indicators are suggesting a potential sell.


Sell Entry: $8703
TP: $8550
SL: 8942

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – Bitcoin Remains Under Bearish Control But RSI Suggests Bullish Divergence

Bitcoin’s volatility has continued to expand downward after losing the $9000 support (now resistance) again. Since the weekly opening, the price has been struggling below this support a bearish action continues. Yesterday, Bitcoin made a new weekly low at around the $8600 but has managed to recover back to $8760 – where BTC is currently changing hands. However, we may close the weekly trade at $8000 if the bears remain in the market. Nonetheless, $9000 is an important resistance for the next bullish impulsive.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Daily Chart – Bearish

Key resistance levels: $9000, $9995, $10350
Key support levels: $8600, $8300, $8000

On the daily chart, Bitcoin is still sitting on the grey horizontal support at $8600 which at the same time makes the market to retest the channel’s resistance. If this support can hold well, we should expect an insane price increase in not time, although the $9000, $9995 and $10350 resistances are likely to play out.


Interestingly, the RSI has suggested a bullish divergence for a while, now looking for a level on the yellow diagonal support. Also, the MACD has signalled a crossover but appears a bit weak at the moment. Should the $8600 fail to contain bearish pressure; Bitcoin may plunge to $8300 and $8000 within a blink of an eye.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: 4H Chart – Bearish

While the short-term market continues to show a sign of a bearish bias, Bitcoin is yet to find strong support for a bullish move. As appeared on the chart, BTC has extended its bearishness to $8600 over the last 24-hours of trading, following a quick price rejection at $8900. If the bearish pressure is sustained throughout this week, Bitcoin may further find a bottom at $8400, $8200 and $8000.

BTCUSD, 4H Chart – November 13

From all indication, the MACD revealed that the market remains under bearish control. Additionally, the RSI is showing a sign of weakness due to the recent price drop. We can expect a positive move if the buyers can regroup well. In view of that, the $9000, $9200 and $9400 resistance would be the next buying target for the bulls.


Buy Entry: $8757

TP: $8900

SL: 8570