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EURUSD Stays Positive Within the Key Level at 1.1130

EURUSD Price Analysis – January 13 EURUSD is trending in the usual range past the 1.1100 level, which is against the backdrop of a positive atmosphere around more risky assets at the beginning of the week. Its increase versus the US dollar during the European trading session, which gives hope that the main price could …

5 days

EURUSD Is Limited to the 1.1200 Level in the American Session

EURUSD Price Analysis – January 6 EURUSD continues to rise in both directions because the market is limited to the level of 1.1200. In short, the market is trying to break above its August 2019 highs while above its 5 and 13 daily moving averages. Key Levels Resistance Levels: 1.1450, 1.1412, 1.1280 Support Levels: 1.1178, …

1 week

Yen, Franc, and Oil Spiked Upwards Due to Middle East Political Impasse

The yen and Swiss franc strengthened strongly as the market gave up its solid risk appetite to avoid risks. Regardless of registered outings in US stocks, Asian markets have retreated due to the fresh political crisis in the Middle East. The price of oil increased in addition to gold, while Treasury yields fell. In the …

2 weeks

EURUSD Rallies Maintain Upside Momentum Close to the Price Level at 1.1200

EURUSD Price Analysis – December 30 The EURUSD pair spiked to the highest level since mid-August at the price level of 1.1211 and entered the consolidation phase. At the time of writing, the pair was ranging near the price level of 1.1200, adding 0.2% per day. Key Levels Resistance Levels: 1.1515, 1.1450, 1.1280 Support Levels: …

2 weeks

After the Trade War, What Happens Next With the Euro Against the Dollar

Back at 1.2537 in January 2018, the EUR / USD pair was at the bearish turn, which set a multi-year low of 1.0878 just two months before. The level can hardly be considered as a temporary bottom when you just think about the next price recovery, but this time attention is not on the technical …

3 weeks

EURUSD Attempts Rebound from Lows, Stays Beneath 1.1100 Level

EURUSD Price Analysis – December 23 The EURUSD pair rose in the US session and showed a new daily high at 1.1095, remaining below the level of 1.1100. It stays near the top on a quiet day ahead, while price movement is expected to remain low ahead of short holidays. Key Levels Resistance Levels: 1.1280, …

3 weeks

EURUSD Retreats After Slamming into Key Barrier

EURUSD Price Analysis – December 16 The EURUSD surge last week stopped at a fairly important resistance level. On the daily chart, the horizontal level at 1.1178 proved an obstacle again. The same level had kept the pair low in the last two months. Key Levels Resistance Levels: 1.1450, 1.1280, 1.1200 Support Levels: 1.1115, 1.1090, …

1 month

EURUSD Retrieve Some Friction Towards the Level at 1.1077 After an Earlier Crash

EURUSD Price Analysis – December 9 The euro is trying to build bullish momentum against the US dollar after the sellers failed to keep the pair below the support level 1.1053 with gain towards the level of 1.1077. The pair rose slightly during Monday’s trading session, showing signs of life. At this point, the market …

1 month

In an Aimless Position, EURUSD Is Stuck Within a Tight Trading Range

EURUSD Price Analysis – December 2 Based on the early price action and the current price on the level at 1.1026, the direction of the EURUSD exchange rate for the rest of Monday’s session is likely to be determined by the trader’s reaction to the downward trend scenario. Trading 21 pips lower after the open, …

1 month

EURUSD Slumps as Bears Take Charge of Its Momentum for the 4th Consecutive Day

EURUSD Price Analysis – November 25 The Euro slumped on Monday into early European trading, while unable to hold much of the recovery overnight, despite positive news, the dominant trend stays negative. At the same time, the bears face headwinds and may maintain prolonged consolidation, but should remain fully active while staying beneath the base …

1 month
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